Dzalanyama in reafforestaion drive:  Mkondiwa to lead in Malawi tree planting

Appalled by the rate people are attacking Forest Reserves in the country, the Malawi will through its Chief Secretary to government George Mkondiwa lead the nation in a tree planting exercise at the Dzalanyama Forest Reserve, in Lilongwe, this Saturday.

Mkondiwa: To lead in tree planting

Mkondiwa: To lead in tree planting

Official statistics show that trees lost in a year at the Dzalanyama Forest Reserve is almost 10-percent of the total stock implying that the forest could completely be depleted in the next 10 years if nothing is done to reverse the situation.

A veteran civil servant attributed the depletion of most Malawi’s forest reserves to the way the country does its politics blaming government’s administrations that came in when the country adopted multi-party system in 1994.

He said during the reign of Kamuzu Banda forests were jealously protected.

“It is for this reason that the Government of Malawi through the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) and in cooperation with many other local stakeholders has organized a tree planting exercise.

“The exercise is part of the initiatives Government of Malawi is making aimed at addressing the massive deforestation and forest degradation taking place countrywide, and hereby invites all interested organizations, companies and the general public to participate in the exercise,” reads a statement in part by the organizers.

Dzalanyama Forest Reserve has suffered a massive forest loss due to the serious deforestation and degradation taking place due to illegal charcoal production, and about 70 percent of charcoal consumed in Lilongwe, Dedza and Mchinji is being produced in the Reserve.

“All participants will convene at Lilongwe Water Board Head office at 8 O’clock in the morning ready for the Tree planting Exercise at Dzalanyama Forest Reserve at 9.30,” explains the organizers.

Dzalanyama Forest Reserve is the catchment area where the Capital City Lilongwe derives its water and the rate the deforestation is taking place it is most likely that the city will face water problems in future.

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cimanga mfiti

ma allowance? ciani? a forestry olo mafumu aku dzalanyama ali kutiko.
ku mpoto kuli mitengo kaamba abwenumbwenu ose ali pakati ndi kummwera.
awa asatipusisepo apa ali ndi ma gas cooker.
kale timatha kugula electric coil kuika pa mafuwa magetsi ali mma location ife kumakazinga bwinobwino.
lelo nde cinyapu -mabwana okha ngati awa ali pamamwamba pa nkhaniyi pose pali kampani -bizimizi yao anakhomerera kale magetsi sazima. takanani

cimanga mfiti

mafumu ndi a nkhalango ali kuti? asiyeni anthu- mukucita kuwawedzela ? leave them to fish for their land. kufuna ma allowance????
kale timagula electric coil kuika pa mafuwa nkumakazinga. inu muli ndi ma gas stove nde muzitinamiza apa. palipose muli ndi ma bizimesi magetsi sakufa munakhomerera kale.vuto la magetsi lidzatha liti??????????? nanji anti anu aja kupoangana ndi mwana wao kuocha eskom kuganiza kwa unyama.

Dr. Mango

A total waste of resources. Replanting in a forest reserve? Why don’t you protect the remaining trees against charcoal production? Why don’t you let natural regeneration take its course? You mean Forestry Department could not advise the SPC and Lilongwe Water Board about this? Who is the Director of Forestry??SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!


Dont blame others Mr Mkondiwa, 10 year rule of DPP there has not been any improvement in Electricity supply, blackouts have become worse. What do you want people to use for cooking then, what about bathing water? you want them to use toilet tissue for fire. Another thing is even during MCP very few Malawians could afford an electric stove etc, the problem started way back but now it just gone worse because more people are building houses as well using stone age method of burning bricks right in the cities

it is not about replanting, it is about protecting the forest. With the available resources for the exercise cant we have another MAFCO at the site and probably Chikangawa?? It seems the Forestry guys have failed completely

Mzika ya Lilongwe

Alomwe aja awononga Mwanza-Neno abweranso kudzawononga kuno. Next will be the North.


Nanga iwe Mchewa opaka phulusa pa lisani nzeru zako ndi ziti popeza nkhalango ikutha mitengoyi iri mkhonde mwako?


Achewa ambiri ndiosaphuzira so chochita Chao ndikutha mite go pako adachita kutsegula nditimashabini konko uku viwachewa vikutha makuni mukhaulenge use tili kutchimbilani tili kuno Ku kumpoto pheee musova anthu anyau inu


Commendable leadership by the spc. Symbolically powerful. But results are questionable. As the people will be going to dzalanyama they will meet hundreds of bicycles carrying dzalanyama charcoal. There is need for decisive action with consistent enforcement. Forestry dept has failed. Send the army to camp there to deal with the illegal charcoal dealers. Soon there will be no water in LL.

Ghandi said plan a tree and look after it fove five year to ensure it survives. Sounds like common sense but the survival rate od the tees we plant every year is very low. have said it before. I will say it again. Look at the root causes. Lilongwe rresidents use charcoal because they can’t use geysers and cookers because these equipment are expensive and electricity is not available to them. Dzalanyama people cut trees because that’s they need money, they don’t have jobs. It’s a question of demand and supply. Work on both sides, but more on the demand… Read more »

For Dzalanyama, you do not need replanting but allow for regeneration with max security. Management system for this Reserve needs to be exclusive. Government should introduce a small levy to water. users in Lilongwe City for protection and livelihood issues for locals in the vicinity of the Reserve.

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