Dzuka Malawi: Greed, blows everywhere, from Mosques via MCP to DPP

I always grew up being told “iwe usamasowe ngati ndeu ya mtchalichi”. True then, the saying meant literally that it was almost incomprehensible that a fight would occur at a holy place of prayer, forgiveness, love, righteousness and worship.  Today, the opposite is true- fights are very common and everywhere in places related to religion than anything.Dzuka Malawi

Even mosques it seems they have now been caught too with the fighting bonanza ravaging their Christian cousins. We have heard of fights at Kaggwa Parish of Catholic in Area 49, we have heard of fights at Seventh Day Adventists. CCAP’s fighting synod to synod (Nkhoma vs Livingstonia) then Livingstonia versus its own congregation in Area 25, Blantyre Synod elections modelled on UDF young democrat’s model, Anglicans blocking priests.

Literally the devil has literally taken over, and money, yes money, ooh really money as the Holy Bible describes it always if the root of evil. This  evil today has engraved the hearts of all pretender believers and now wish to control Church groups, Mosques or Associations- not out of calling, but to STEAL MONEY.

Yes, theft, free sex and free lifestyles is what we see in Church and other religious groupings. Very few care about the Kingdom of heaven and literally nobody gives a damn of salvation of the soul or the love to the poor which Jesus Christ preached about. Pentecostals have just worsened the situation- they preach earthly riches and happiness- when the Bible talks of a tough world and a better heaven for his Kingdom. We really read different books of holiness.

This weekend as I attended the Kulamba ceremony at Mkaika in Chipata, I remembered even the fights among ourselves for chieftainships. Yes, because it is now a paid up position, everybody suddenly claims their father was the rightful Chief or some bullshit of distorted history. It is greed.

Look at Army officer found with guns along with Prison guards. Look at Traffic officer, look at our politicians. Today I wanted to avoid these greedy cartoons who have no known morals when it comes to demand free loans and better conditions for themselves while the rest of us wallow in poverty.

They don’t give a damn, they don’t simply care if we survive or die. They only fight to eat, fill their pot bellies and make their concubines happy. Their gluttony is too deep to comprehend and nothing you can say to them makes sense save that they want to eat, and eat, and eat always.

Since our pretending religious, traditional and political leaders are all greedy and evil. I always pray that the choke and die for every man and woman they cause misery with their greediness. I ask the most high of justice, mercy and truth to bring his judgement to these people who have no regard for the lives of the poor.

Look at DPP today, the evil ones are fighting. The money and greed is making them choke and choke and choke. Today they write about each other’s hidden wealth and we the plebeians are struck with amount of wealth, deals they have. We will continue that the “banzi” you have exchanged with our sweat and taxes for your personal greed, continues to choke you, choke you until you reveal to the public your evil ways.

Look at MCP, the Reverend Lazarus Chakwera who believes controlling a political party is like a Church where nobody should ask you anything or they will be fired. Political parties in multiparty democracy are supposed to be democratic. They are owned by members. If MCP leadership feels others don’t serve the party, call for a convention and your members will dump those that they feel don’t help the party. Unilateral firing, suspensions and use of thugs to bar others- mean one thing, you are not a democratic leader to rule a democratic nation. Greed is killing MCP, I know the rentals and Parliamentary funding is more attractive.

I am happy when the evil men and women are fighting, be it politicians, i-phone and fake religious leaders, chiefs or any sector of society. We hear things, we benefit from the information.

When the poor keep hearing of MWK6 billion terrastone contract, K100 billion HTD contract, thousands of dollars at Macra, more millions and vehicles at State House, MRA and other places- they start examining their poverty.

Dzuka Malawi, when you wake up and read the billions people are looting, parties are fighting for, remember its your taxes, yes, it is your money. We pay tax when we board a minibus, we contribute to taxes when we buy bread or newspaper or even buy soap, cooking oil etc.

Now we say keep fighting, the more you fight, the more we learn of your hidden wealth and thieving attitudes. Then one day, we will really wake up. We will get tired of these stories and blows. We will get tired on an ineffective Parliament, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Courts or any other structures.

Look at our Courts of Justice- only the poor cases are speeded up, the rich buy time, bribe judges and get meagre sentences. If you  steal a bicycle your get 8 years. Someone stole MWK100 million got either 3, 4 or 6 years, they claim they refunded. Iwe njingayo unabwenzanso akuti ukaphinzile.

Where is justice, where is compassion for the poor, where is my country going?

Dzuka Malawi, we cant keep crying for 52 years- our tears will turn blood. The blows will land everywhere, yes from the Mosques to Churches, From MCP to DPP, from Fake Prophets to Fake witchdoctors. The Youth are still poor and getting tired and angry. Address corruption and greed now!

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5 years ago

So everytime there is a disagreement call a convention. Kikikiki

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