Forum appeals for  Malawi leadership responsibility based on Biblical principles

Dynamic Leaders and Gatekeepers Forum (DLGF) has emphasized on the need for leaders to take responsibility by reflecting on issues that they can do as leaders in order to shape the political and socio-economic landscape of the country in a faith perspective that is based on Biblical principles.

Rev Kawalala: Malawi needs leadership that fears God

The meeting which drew leaders of various sectors from across the country was held in Lilongwe over the weekend under the theme ‘Leadership and Faith in our World.’

One of the facilitators at the meeting, Rev. Dr Zacc Kawalala told journalists that leaders need to identify what they are going to do and impart the same to their subjects in order to build a strong network of leaders and those leaders the society is raising.

He said such principles would go a long way in shaping the country in a way that all would benefit.

“I believe that if we are going to have any development; any change, any transformation whether it is socio-economic transformation, requires leadership that fears God,” he said.

Kawalala, who is General Overseer of Word Alive Ministries International, said time has come that leaders from all sectors should not only be God fearing but also leaders of integrity saying those attributes are ideal for a better future of the leaders as well as their subjects and those who are raised to become leaders.

DLGF has been in existence since 2015 as an all sector network of executive leadership and society influencers. It has since then been organizing such meetings.

Rev. Kawalala said since 2015 one of the things which has kept the forum intact are the regional meetings which provoked a debate on what needs to be done as a country hence this national meeting.

“One of the things which I’m encouraged with and has kept us to have the momentum, and even to have a national forum like this, is that in the small groups in the regions we started seeing a coming together of the individual gates discussing what is wrong with us as a people and what needs to be done,” he said.

He said if the country moves that way people would stop blaming one grouping of people saying they have done blame games for a long time and time has come for taking action.

The Republic of South Africa Chief Justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng who was the keynote speaker concurred with Kawalala on leadership responsibility saying one cannot assume leadership because he or she likes it but must learn to lead.

He said capacity building for leaders is critical if the world is to raise vibrant leaders.

Another facilitator at the forum, Justice Dr Chifundo Kachale who sits as a judge in the High Court of Malawi observed that leadership is not pointing the right way but becoming the right way saying leadership is about what the leader is and not about the people the leader is leading.

Since its inception, DLGF has worked towards creating circles called Gates through which professionals with relevant skills identify issues, discuss them and find solutions with the involvement of respective stakeholders.

The Gates are Church, Government, Family & Education, Media & Communication, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, Business & Economics and Health, Science & Technology.

In recognition of 2019 being an election year, DLGF thought of providing a platform for an in-depth look at leadership in Malawi and how to move forward with a newly elected government and the existing leaders in all spheres of influence.

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Holly Tit
1 year ago

Za chani izi? DEMO MAWA!!!!

1 year ago

“…leaders need to identify what they are going to do and impart the same to their subjects.” True, but this is where religious people get things wrong. Company managers, political leaders, church pastors are simply not going to steal cash because of their religious conviction. Religious preachers think that if you proclaim that you are a God fearing person, then everything should be good. In the business of running government or running companies, God does not exist. What exists are internal controls that should detect, or prevent an improper activity. What exists are strategies to make profits, or sustainability plans.… Read more »

1 year ago

Izinso nde zakumidimatu izi!! which business and government can operate without God? Which definition of the word business are you using? A business and or entrepreneurship is a creative act that brings higher levels of satisfaction to people, results in more order, and finds ways to create greater value than existed before and the Bible gives a lot of examples of entrepreneurs not your distorted understanding! Some of them are as follows: Abraham We know from Genesis 13 that Abram was very wealthy in livestock, gold, and silver. By the time he had to rescue Lot in Genesis 14, he… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Central

The good book, The Bible, is not meant to be interpreted literally as some uninformed or uneducated individuals would have us believe. Literal interpretations are results of lazy minds! Many peoples, including Africans, have been caught up or captured in this trap of literal interpretation, possibly accidentally, by the modern Evangelical movement. Bad business!
Advanced thinkers use the teachings from the bible as parables, or guidelines to living the lives of good citizenry. Nothing more nothing less.

1 year ago
Reply to  Central

You need to understand issues and not distort them. What I am saying is God is religious, business is strategic.This has nothing to do with how religious someone is. In biblical times people run business successfully and unsuccessfully. You can see that Jesus encouraged people to run businesses profitably while not ripping off the poor. Moslems run businesses as well both successfully and unsuccessfully, likewise Hindus, and Buddhists. Millions of people from whom Malawians are importing their stuff from, the Chinese who do not believe in deities run businesses some are profitable and others not. So “central” you can start… Read more »

Smart Aunt Sally
1 year ago

Where is the use of tippex in all this leadership talk? ‘A Criminal History of Mankind’ by Colin Wilson. My time to go and make money……….

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