Future weed smoker

In the recent past, the world has been bombarded with news on marijuana’s health and recreational benefits. This new information on the future weed smoker is difficult to absorb for many people for two reasons.

  1. The erroneous information we have consumed concerning marijuana up to now: – Weed has been criticized for ages and its positive attributes ignored. It was categorized among hard drugs everywhere on earth for a long time, and it is still considered so in many jurisdictions. This classification made it difficult for research to be conducted on marijuana since having it for any reason is illegal. The benefits could, therefore, not be fully known.
  2. The archetypical figure of a weed smoker: Almost everyone knows some weird, unhealthy, and altogether unhinged pothead. This is the figure that comes to mind when we think of a marijuana user, and it is difficult to think of weed as beneficial.

This Americanmarijuana.org survey can put whatever fears a person may have to rest. It gives us an image of the familiar pothead, which is in line with what we have been accustomed to while explaining why they turn out the way they do. The survey also shows us the possibility of reaping health benefits from the use of weed. This is achieved by giving us the physical profile of this person and explaining why they don’t turn out as badly as we have been conditioned to expect.

The Participants

This study doesn’t follow two individual smokers for ten years. It creates characters and then fills them up with information from other research studies on what weed does to people who behave in the same way around it.

These hypothetical individuals are referred to as Smoking Jason, who is the guy who smokes their weed in moderation while observing a healthy lifestyle. The other guy is referred to as Always-Toking Jason. This participant has allowed himself to be carried away by the fun of smoking marijuana, they smoke too much of it too often, and they don’t make an effort to live healthy lifestyles. We are going to compare outcomes in selected organs of these users.

Smoking Jason is healthy and well balanced. He has maintained his health, but he has also managed to reap the much-touted health benefits of marijuana. Always-Toking Jason, on the other hand, is unhealthy in every imaginable way. He isn’t only unhealthy because he has neglected himself in as far as health is concerned; his use of weed has contributed to his being unhealthy. The following is a breakdown of the health situation of both participants.

Eyes: – Smoking Jason’s eyes are healthy because he allows them to heal after he has exposed them to marijuana smoke. If he has glaucoma, THC in marijuana reduces the intraocular pressure, reducing glaucoma effects and therefore improving their peripheral vision.

Always-Toking Jason smokes long and hard. He doesn’t allow his eyes an opportunity to heal. They, therefore, have constantly bloodshot eyes whose blood supply is damaged, resulting in poor eyesight.

Skin: – Smoking Jason has a healthy, smooth skin that benefits from health benefits in marijuana. The other guy has skin with little elasticity owing to the loss of collagen associated with smoking. Marijuana smoke also inhibits the flow of blood in the skin, giving it a pale look.

Mouth: – Exposure to smoke in the mouth usually makes the user vulnerable to dental caries, which Smoking Jason manages through regular oral hygiene. Always-Toking Jason, on the other hand, neglects the management of his teeth, causing tooth decay and persistent mouth odor.

Lungs and throat: Long-term exposure to smoke reduces the lung’s elasticity and exposes them to carcinogens. This would be the fate of Always-Toking Jason’s lungs in ten years. His larynx would be permanently scarred, altering his voice permanently. On the other hand, smoking Jason allows his lungs time to recover; he doesn’t smoke too much weed, allowing his lungs time to recover. He breathes better because marijuana, when taken in moderation, opens the airways.

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