‘Get up, speak out’: Youths say enough for party body painting

Some youths in Chikhwawa have taken an unusual swipe at the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which they accuse of forcing them to paint in party colours, saying enough is enough.

Some of the DPP youth painted

Speaking during an interface ‘Get up, speak out’ meeting at Ngabu on Saturday, the youths say instead, the party should provide them with loans so that they start up businesses instead of being used, misused and abused by the party.

One of the youths, Moses Giradzio said the youth should stop to be used as hand-clappers for those in power.

“Let the ruling party have good policies and programs for us, the youth, instead of using us for their political agenda. We need education, we need money for businesses so that we can employ ourselves and employ others too,” said Giradzio.

The Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) runs the ‘Get up, speak out’ program to address issue affecting the youth.

A DPP ward councilor for Mikalango ward at Ngabu, Betterson Tito said the party does not force anyone, including the youths, to paint in party colours.

“Those who paint themselves in party colours do so out of their own will, they are not forced, they will never be forced. They do so to express their love for the party,” said the councilor.
The DPP youths usually paint themselves in blue colours when there is a presidential function.

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I don’t think these days a pltcal party can force any youth to paint his or her body.This is not kamuzu’s era.u paint yourself u get cash


What do you gain after being painted,zautsiru basi,osapita ku school bwanji?

adul karim mussa

that’s the DPP we usually know mbuli zenizeni munya 2019

kaka ni dada

Ndiye a president a DPP akawona achinyamata odzipenta okhawo pa msonkhano wao amasangalala, kumasekelera, bwanji osawamvera chisoni ndikuwalangiza ngati tate wa fuko la Malawi kuti kudzipaka paint mkosayenela pa umoyo wa munthu.


It’s true that no one forces the youth to paint their bodies in various party colours, but the same political parties have socio-enginneered these kids not to function as normal youth. They have now become like zombies who act out their stupidity without them even knowing. Political parties have single-handedly created dysfunctional kids who one day will rise against the very same system that disfranchised them. Political parties should then take hid of what these kids are saying. I think they’re waking up slowly from their slumber. You ignore the warnings at your own peril.


These youths painted in color will die earlier than the destined time. Paint elements can be poisonous. Poison is slowly getting into the blood stream. Watchout!

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