‘Guilty conscious’ forces Malawi soldier to shoot self to death in DRC- Suicide notes

A Malawi Defense Force (MDF) soldier who has committed suicide by shooting himself while on a peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) says he has done so largely because of guilty conscious about his activities in the DRC.

Ngwira: Malawi army man shot himself to death with his service weapon while on duty in DRC

In his suicide note seen by Nyasa Times private soldier sergeant Moses Ngwira from Chirumba Garrison in Karonga says he decided to take his own life because he got tired of killing and torturing innocent people.

According to information gathered Ngwira was assigned to leave for one of the war-torn areas in Lake Edward where rebels are killing people.

In fear of this, according to the information, Ngwira was afraid to take a front role and he thought of escaping the role by killing himself.

Moses in the note wrote:

 Okondedwa makolo anga ndithokoze kamba kondiphuzitsa sukulu. Koma chisankho changa komwe ndidasankha kukhara msilikali ndichomwe chawononga moyo wanga. Chibwerereni kuno ndikungokhalira kupha anthu osalakwa, kuzuza anthu osalakwa.

Mtima wanga mtendere ndilibe mkana ndaganiza zoti ndikutsazikeni.

Mkazi wanga okondedwa chonde samala mwanayo tidzawonana moyo winawo. Abale ndi azanga nonse miyoyo yanu pakuti Mulungu sakondwera ndi imfa ya anthu ochimwa. – Signed  Sgt Moses Ngwira.

It is believed that Sgt Ngwira shot himself through the mouth.

The 26 year-old who joined MDF in 2012 was deployed to the DRC in May this year and was part of  Force Intervention Brigade (FIB), which has a mandate to conduct offensive operations.

MDF public relations officer Lieutenant Paul Chiphwanya said Ngwira did not even complain to anybody on the matter.

Ngwira who hailed from Matete village in the area of Traditional Authority Wansambo in Karonga is survived by a wife.

Malawi is part of the three-nation FIB mandated by the UN to engage in direct fighting against the numerous armed groups—notably, the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), the Ugandan Alliance of Democratic Forces (ADF) and other smaller groups—that have been destabilizing eastern DRC for over 15 years.

Besides Malawi, other members of the FIB are South Africa and Tanzania.

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Hlabezulu Ngonoonda

An image of the letter written by the deceased on this article would dispel some of the doubts posted here. In absence of such an image, doubts will prevail. Even results of the coroner will point in that direction.


Munthyo ndi mtumbuka sangalembe chichewa chomveka choncho you are cheating us

Bakuli Maluzi

One of my relations died in the Mozambican war and we only knew how he actually early this year. He died in combat but the official version we were given at the time was that he had died due to malaria. Why they lied I’ve no idea and I can smell something fishy in this so-called suicide. Ikufanana ndi ya Robert Chasowa.


Sad story


Please politicians we want our soldiers back. why fighting in foreign land? Malawi is at peace so let our soldiers enjoy peace please.


clearly a fake note


The article doesn’t make any sense for me, was he there to protect? Or to kill?


Then you were not supposed to be a soldier. You chose a job not befitting u. You could be a farmer, fisherman,builder, plumber,
businessperson etc

Gerald mapanga phiri

It shows Malawi Army don’t counsel there people. When you are in war you meet with complicated decisions. Whether you like or not your part of it. They know but they are not serious in counseling them even after war those things stays with you. That’s why they say when you are a soldier you stay close to the 😈 devil. Its work Malawi Army save them


Too bad too early

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