Jappie hits at  Livingstonia Synod, says it should be enlisted as political party

Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jappie Mhango, who has been an   attack dog of the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in recent times, has his at Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Livingstonia Synod for attacking  some government policies.

Jappie Mhango:  Let the synod leaders join politics

Mhango, who is also national director of campaign for the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), said the Livingstonia Synod should be enlisted as a political party other than being a  church.

He also had a dig at synod’s general secretary the Reverend Levi Nyondo, saying he should freely come on the frontline politics  and fight with government.

Mhango was reacting to Nyondo’s criticism of  DPP led administration, accusing it of being nepotistic and that some of its policies are  marginalising people on ethnic and regional backgrounds.

The minister  said the church leaders at Livingstonia Synod have gone astray and need to repent to be grateful to Mutharika’s administration on what it is doing to the northern region, the base of the synod.

Speaking at Chintheche  in Nkhatabay, Mhango said government is constructing a road to the church’s old headquarters  in Rumphi District.

“And they cannot see that development. They ran away from Rumphi to Mzuzu where they transferred their headquarters due to that poor road. Can they come in the open and point out our failure?”

Mhango continued: “ Tizingowakhululukira a anthu a Mulunguwa chifukwa amayankhula mosefukila. Osangosiya kutumikirako bwanji tidzamenyere limodzi game ya ndaleyi? [We  should just forgive them because they talk too much, Let them resign and join frontline politics and we can challenge each other in the same platform.]

A fortnight ago, Mhango  courted controversy for  uttering racist and discriminatory remarks targeted at Malawi Congress Party (MCP) aspiring vice-president Muhammad Sidik Mia.  He described Mia as ‘mzungu’ and colonialist.

Nyondo, who is one of DPP-led government’s most acerbic critics,  said they will continue their role of proclaiming the truth.

He said the Synod  is against the  equitable selection of students into public universities and other institutions of higher learning as examples of policies framed to marginalise some sections of people based on their ethnic and regional backgrounds.

The policy, popularly known as the quota system, was introduced during the rule of former president Bingu wa Mutharika.

“The Livingstonia Synod of the CCAP maintains its stand on quota system policy. We say no to quota system. It is aimed at dividing this country; and, as such, we say away with quota system in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. We want merit in this country,” he said.

He asked legislators from the north to raise the issues in Parliament .

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Do you recall that Sidik Mia once said that joice Banda moves like a duck yet we all know that JB has leg problems and Sidik Mia made fan of her.


Jappie is a 62cm long, 15cm diameter political condom

kodi a Nyondo chimakuwawani pa quota system ndi chani? Quota system siyitengera ku university anthu akumwera okha kapena a pakati ayi, koma zigawo zonse mofanana. boma lililonse kumasankhidwa anthu 10 okha ku university iliyonse yaboma ( about 2%) ya osankhidwa onse, ndipo enawo about 90-98% are selected on merit. Nyondo you are very selfish. you are regionalistic, Nyondo you are a confused person. Quota system is meant to share national education cake equally before the most corrupt and nepotistic notherners greedly grab big share of the merit 90% in universities. it does not mean kuti atumbuka/northerners ndi anthu anzeru ayi.… Read more »
Mtimba Sonjo
You are right AWIZE. Before the crumble of Socialism in Russia (USSR) the Capitalists aka The West were very sensitive to cut AID to dictators fearing the dictators would go East for AID. Dictators too took advantage of the cold war by oppressing there opponents. In Malawi for example, Kamuzu Banda`s so called Zigawenga were mostly from Northern Region who were mostly members of LISOMA, a Karonga Based Socialist movement. The likes of Mwakasungulas, Kanyama Chiume, Manowa Chirwa. etc. This LISOMA movement had sent so many young people to Russia to prepare them for Socialism Govenment take over. The Mwakasungulas… Read more »
How I wish

A Mhango how much progress has been made on the road from NJakwa to Livingstonia..how many km have been tarred since it work commenced. My Malawi, Projects are vote baits, they remain work in progress for ever.

Where is Maurice Munthali now? When he was speaking and criticizing govt when he was at the northern synod people thought he was just doing so as a man of God. But we can now see that the man was speaking on behalf of MCP. The same with this idiot Nyondo. He has been fighting this government long time ago but unfortunately his masters in MCP are not achieving their goal. You started talking against quota system long back during Bingu’s time. The woman you supported assumed power and ruled for two years. Why didn’t you ask her to end… Read more »

DDP cadre,who doesn’t know you?


You will NEVER hear Dausi, Kaliati, Kasaila, Nanjhumwa, Mussa, Mwananveka, Chaponda speak rudely about their clergy; yet they are the real owners of DPP.


This Jeppie is a useless Minister all he knows is yes bwana.He is a puppet and a stupid for that matter.If he is attacking Livingstonia Synod of CCAP to be enlisted to a party,why can’t he first enlist MBC Radio’s and TV to a party?If he is going to do like that then Livingstonia Synod of CCAP shall do likewise.And tell this Mhango that politics of worshiping someone are gone long time ago.


a jappie mwayambawo ndi mwano musamalimbane ndi anthu amulungu musagwa chagada

Pan African

As a Northerner i feel ashamed to see the whole Minister blinded by greed & passive power. Our marginalized region continues to be degraded by nepotistic governments with political manipulation. The stooge ministers like Jappie & Goodwall are indeed condoms used for seifish gains. I second with Livingstonia synod if though it’s not a perfect institution, remains a fervent voice that’s cries for justice for our people. The only way to realize equity in our nation is to introspect federalism for the good of our people.

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