Kaliati denies mending fences with DPP, says Team Chilima rejects to endorse Mutharika ‘by force’

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmaker for Mulanje South Patricia Kaliati has said the party leadership summoned three lawmakers who are proponents of Vice-President Saulos Chilima’s presidential candidature for the party in 2019 for talks at Sanjika Palace on Tuesday but they failed to agree to mend fences.

Kaliati:We refused to endorse Mutharika by force

Kaliati in a leaked audio which Nyasa Times has independently verified dismissed rumours that the meeting had ended by two factions agreeing a cease fire and rally behind President Peter Mutharika as the torchbearer.

She blamed social media users posting such allegations as peddling on lies and propaganda.

Team Chilima was represented by legislators Patrica Kaliati, Noel Masangwi and Lewis Ngalande.

The President team had among others Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa of the Lhomwe tribe and business tycoon Leston Mulli, who is also chairman of the Mulhakho wa Alhomwe heritage group and Ben Phiri.

The  President attended the meeting but the vice president was not there, said our source.

“We didn’t agree to whatever people are talking about. I think it is just a propaganda,” Kaliati is heard said in the clip.

“They forced us to go and do a press conference, they forced us to agree that we are going to do issues of Peter not Chilima. We did refuse that we cannot do that. If you want to kill us, you can,” said Kaliati defiantly.

She said the trio snubbed Mulli, who according to her, had initially been part of the Chilima-for president crusade.

“We have our own intelligence and conscious,” said Kaliati.

Kaliati said they cannot be stampeded to endorse Mutharika as other lawmakers are being forced to do.

“We cannot do that, we cannot do that,” she stressed vociferously.

Kondwani Nankhumwa, who is Minister of Local Government and Community Development, is heard in another leaked audio telling the party’s secretary general (SG) Gressielder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey that Masangwi was contacted that he might be appointed into Cabinet alongside Kaliati, but Masangwi is said to have responded that he was not interested as the appointment may not last.

Jeffrey said they should advise Mutharika to call for an NGC [National Governing Council] meeting to talk about those issues.

Kaliati, who is the party’s national director of women, was a fortnight ago blocked by the DPP youth cadets from entering the National Assembly where President Mutharika was delivering his State Opening Address of the 3rd Meeting in the 47th Session of Parliament and 2018/2019 Budget Meeting.

The cadets also intimidated Masangwi and another lawmaker in support of Chilima, Bon Kalindo.

Kaliati insist that the number one supporter of Chilima is the President himself who picked him in 2014 to be his running mate.

She said: “In fact the number one supporter of Saulosi Chilima is the President himself who picked him in 2014 to be his running mate. Why should I be insulted and attacked for supporting the Presidents own choice.

Ngalande said ijn an interview that some senior members of DPP  – including those endorsing Mutharika now – will soon come out and express their views on the leadership issue, disclosing that meetings have been taking place and that Chilima would even be approached.

DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila could also not be reached at the time of compiling this story on his mobile phone on several attempts.

The former first lady Callista Mutharika, wife to the late president Bingu wa Mutharika, was the first person to openly support Chilima’s presidential candidacy, arguing her in-law, the current President, was too old to run for the presidency in May next year and that DPP cannot win with him.

Callista said  Chilima was “the only hope for a better Malawi”.

She said DPP cannot win with Peter Mutharika as a presidential candidate.

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Gold Ruyondo

That is African politics ,thugery.

kinanasi 1
I am not surprised to see the Demonised Pathetic Party,DPP using chiefs to advance its political agenda.Most, if not all of their chiefs in the muhlakho belt ndi mbuli zotheratu,people who have never been to school and hence easily cheated,abused and manipulated.It is so degrading and a mockery to our democracy for political parties to use chiefs for political gain,koma kwa munthu wosaphunzira,sangamvetse.That is why they cant even instill moral values to their subjects.Do a research in child marriages,you will find that Phalombe,Thyolo are leading in kukwatiwitsa ana achichepere simply because their community leaders are so illeterate that they cant… Read more »

Amàlawi kugwirigtsidwa ntchito ndi Kalista.Nkhani za m’banja .Paja ànayamba ndi kunena zachipongwe osati sa msinkhu wa a president.Mungozerezeka Nazi izi.Taonàni gulu likulimbikitsa zimenezi ndilotani. GwiraNtchito,osakusokonezeni.


dpp itha ngati makatani mcp 2019 boma moto kuti buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


Palibe muyao mtumbuka chewa ngoni kapena lhomwe.
President ankatero, not this no sense.
Malawi today is too much into tribalism because of DPP. Am not tumbuka but lets say atumbuka ayambitsa ..mmene anthu akadatukwanilamo……
Let’s Be honest DPP has to go no matter what. Nxt yr ndi caos kale nobody wants DPP.. anthu opanda mzeru koma ma professor, no vision nde bolaso DR amakhala nd vision . WOSADZASANKHASO PROFESSOR



Watematema Mutu

OF THE PRESIDENT DINING WITH STUDENTS AND THE K20,000 SPLASHES- There is a document trending on social media purportedly authored by the youth after the blood fucking party with APM. Part of the letter the youth declares their disassociation with Chilima. This is pathetic and cheap propaganda. Just wait and see how Chilima hurricane will sweep the DPP the way PP was swept away. You so called Braveheart see the storm coming!!!!!!


Ha ha ha ha ha ha! U think Chilima can win?on social media yes. Is he DPP vice president?No! Is he a founding member of DPP?No! Is he in DPP national executive? No! So where does if fit him to represent DPP?..DPP has people who fit all the above..so let him form his party.No one ll protest that!


Painful but true. DPP has always been a family business.


Chilima should form his party with the rest of those guys who R supporting him..why do they want to involve DPP? after all he is not a DPP member just vice president…where does DPP fit in??


Mabungwe awawa aChikhalidwe amasankhe anthu a Ndale kukhala Chairman sionse Omwe ali mu Mulakho ndie kuti ndi a DPP.Angolongoliwa tiziwamvesa in 2008(Census Report). The following were the TAs and STAs in Thyolo :Nsabwe,Thukuta,Mbawela,Changata,Mphuka,Kwethemule,Kapichi,Nchilamwela,Chimaliro,Bvumbwe,Thomas.Ndie iwowo ayenera kutumikira Chipani chinawasankha.


Tulukani mu the Demonic Pathetic Party

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