Kamlepo blames Malawians for being timid, passive          

Firebrand Peoples Party (PP) vice president Kamlepo Kalua has blamed Malawians themselves for the raw deal and poor public services they get from the government, saying they fail to rise up and use lawful means to protest.

Kamlepo:  Malawians should stand for their rights

Kamlepo: Malawians should stand for their rights

“Malawians are timid, very passive. They are able to rise up against abortion and same sex laws but not critical issues that affect them every day,” he said.

He said Malawians should have organised themselves for massive protests against poor public services, corruption and high maize prices in Admarc depots.

“We just blame failed leadership, we are just talking on failed leadership but this is just a talk, we cannot do any action and the leadership get away with that,” he said.

Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera last week dubbed the Peter Mutharika administration as a failed leadership which has failed Malawians in all aspects of life.

Kalua said high cost of life inluding government refusal to slash the price of maize in Admarc markets from K12500 to K6000, rampant corruption, blackouts, lack of running water in taps and failure to meet some electoral promises were reasons enough for Malawians to take it to the streets.

But speaking recently, presidential spokesperson Mgeme KalirLani urged the opposition to look at issues in Malawi with a positive eye.

He said there are several achievements worth mentioning made by Mutharika in the absence of direct budgetary support.

KaliLani said some of the opposition criticisms are driven by frustrations after Mutharika emerged winner during the 2014 presideential election, leaving Lazarus Chakwera, who vied for presidency on Malawi Congress Party ticket, bitter.

Experts say the Malawi economy is in turmoil forcing the cost of life to go up drastically for an ordinary person.

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My Fellow Malawians there is nothing much we can do about corruption because at the end of the day each and everyone of us is involved in some kind of corruption somehow and it is undeniable fact that corruption has become a part of our daily life, Malawians have come to accept corruption as long as only a few individuals benefit and the rest are hand clappers , boot lickers Good for nothing old politicians who pretend to be good and loving Christians, when in reality they are Super dangerous Satanists whose only mission is to finish off the poor… Read more »

The guy SANTANA is so BLUE that he masturbates BLUE semen


Fact is Kamlepo is more relevant now than anytime in the History of Malawi. If he could organise a demo i would join him. Hon Kamlepo, dont worry…people are slowly becoming aware and conscious. Longlivekamlepo

Cheyo the real northerner
Cheyo the real northerner

Kamlepo has a point

Malawian living in the USA
Malawian living in the USA

Malawians learn to express yourself. dont just oppose for the sake of opposing, as human beings know that all the problems the country is going through now your relatives are affected. i agree with Kalua, more fire kamlepo. we are proud of you

ukani amalawi
Its so sad to Read some comments which some people have written attacking a man who is saying the truth Kamlepo. He might not be Perfect but he is talking the truth. Poverty is the resultat of corruption but as soon as someone talk about it some Malawians attack him/her. Where are these people live? Dont they not see how they are poor compared to other African nations? Are they not ashamed to be the poorest people in the world? Are they happy with the way Malawi has become? What is wrong to Malawians? They can go on streets to… Read more »

Kamilepo kiluwa. You should be the last person to talk of protests. Malawians are not fools. We have never heard anything good coming from your mouth and you always consider yourself as a saint and at the same time an intelligent man. Watch out!. An empty tin always makes a lot of noise.


I think the man has a point demonstrating against abortion and gays is not the top priority right now!! We need a good life. However, I doubt his honesty on this one since it is his PP govt which took these IMF led policies wholesome while Bingu told IMF go burry their untested policies.

Kamlepo has a point. Malawians are known for suffering in silence. I think those of you attacking Kamlepo on this point are out right blue coloured, and that selfishness is what is killing this nation. Some of you should either be from the belt or benefiting directly or indirectly from the blue party. However, don’t take the silence to mean an endorsement of the failure by this government. Malawians will speak. Time will always come. Nobody will say we are happy with the blackouts, erratic water supply, increasing maize prices in ADMARC, shielding of corrupt ministers named in the cash… Read more »
Kamlepo don’t think everybody can look at things the same you look at them. We know you negatively look at things because of bitterness after being booted out from your accidental government. When you were in that govt for two years people were silent of your torture but they knew that there is time to act mandated by the constitution. Come 2014 they showed your amayi the exit door while in your sleep you thought every Malawian was at your side. Malawians are not stupid as you think. What benefits did they get in the famous 20th July murder? When… Read more »

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