Kamlepo claims cabinet moles giving him ‘top secrets’

Outspoken opposition legislator Kamlepo Kalua has said he is getting tips from cabinet contacts on top secrets that he speaks about in public and parliament.

Kalua: Claims to have evidence

Kalua: Claims to have evidence

Kalua, who is Member of Parliament for the Rumphi East Constituency, said a Cabinet minister confided in him that government acquired a special vehicle on presidential convoy called motor home at a cost of K150 million.

A motor home is a vehicle fitted with recreational facilities such as a kitchenette, washroom, sitting room and beds.

Kalua said the timing of buying a motor when the country is facing economic challenges is bad.

“I don’t have issues with the President purchasing the motor home, but considering the economic challenges this country is facing, it is bad timing as we don’t have maize in Admarc, electricity [tariffs] will [go up] in the coming year. That money could have been used to help Escom to boost power generation,” Kalua told Times TV’s Point Blank Programme.

According to Presidential Press Secretary, Gerald Viola, the vehicle was bought in July 2014 at a cost of K65 million after the recommendation was made by the Director of State Residences, Peter Mukhito .

But Kalua insists he has evidence of abuse of the purchase of the motor home, relying on cabinet sources.

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We are suffering and u are not concerned. Honestly, buying the vehicle when sick people in the hospitals have no food? No medicines? No water?…… And u expect us to mourn when u die? Never We will feast. Very soon God will love u more!!!!!


like seriously! your failling to empoy us saying the government has no money to pay us yet your planning on purchasing such an expensive vehicle? what are you PETER? your far more evil than the devil himself.


Long live Kamlepo!

Dr Haswel P. Bandawe
Mr Kamlepo may or may not have his facts correct. Where he is wrong he should be corrected. But let us not throw the baby together with the bath water. Let us get the essence of what is being said. 1. When the times are tough, budget spending priorities need to be adjusted so that matters that affect people’s daily lives are given priority instead of luxuries by the Head of State or anybody for that matter. 2. Government spends public funds collected from tax payers. Spending should be transparently shown. Similarly, the budgeting should be transparent. If this is… Read more »
chizamsoka munthali

Kodi karonga southwest kuli MP??????? Mwe ubulu mwe!!!!!!

selfish decision

That’s typical of African readers they always think of themselves. Kumeneko chala m’mwamba , chala m’mwamba.
We will pee because we had no vision


Kalua ndi dhilu


This was approved in 2014 just like those vehicles for your buddies in opposition. It’s no news at all. This motor home is critical on the Presidential convoys. If mr lunatic Kalua thought this was secret news, then he got it all wrong. We knew about it long time ago because the purchase of this home was never meant to be a secrete and is legal. Find something to say mr mentally disturbed Kalua.

George Kamanga

Agalu onse osatira chipani cha DPP sazatheka chifukwa onse ndi mbava ndiponso zitsiru zotheratu. ziwanda zomwe zinali mwa Galu wakufa uja (bingu) zimalowa onse olowa DPP chifukwa ndi kagulu ka satanism background. even any Pastor or Prophet who dares to support this party becomes baptized in the demonic and satanic system.

choka phiri

Peter came to Malawi to enjoy life on poor Malawians sweating. The man dont care abort Malawians. Hej was doing that when he was in historia brottets cabinet. Hej used to travel in helcopte like a president White other minister did not do that. He hade eskort like a president. I think Malawians are deadline brainstorming. White cancer that happen? APM expect donors to release money a joke. He knows azungu salig nationella wantu akunda. They use their tax parets money proper. Muntharikas are like Idi Amin.

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