Kell Kay goes ‘M’botolo‘ with a new-hot hit-single

He has the good looks and the best singing voice; sexy, silky and soft.

Malawi’s multi-award winning Afro-pop and RnB crooner, Kell Kay
Kell Kay in M’botolo touches the raw nerves of the new phenomenon on love portioning

But that’s not all he’s got, he, also, has the insane ability and a great knack to create ear-pleasing and heart-warming romantic chart-bursting dance-floor-filling bangers that conquers many a heart in the country.

What the Finca songster doesn’t do is but write lyrics for his songs – not because he can’t write the song words but because he sings direct from his heart of hearts.

This may sound fictitious and somewhat strange and too good to be true but that is what separates him from average musicians and wannabes.

This Ndidzakukonda mpaka kale singer has a gift only Jimmy Hendrix had.

Malawi’s multi-award winning Afro-pop and RnB crooner, Kell Kay, real name Kelly Kambwiri is back on the music scene with a big tune ‘Mundiyike M’botolo,’ a hit-song that is tipped to take the Malawian airwaves by a whirlwind.

In the new thought-provoking but soul-massaging love song, the Mwano hit-maker, features two of the country’s most trending music outfits, top-of-the-range music prodigy, Che Wikise, real name Frank Chawinga – him of the Chibomba Chikamphulikire fame and the now singing sensation duo, the Nyembanyemba boys, Symon and Kendall.

The Kawale born-and-bred Mr. Yesu music loyalty, composer, singer and songwriter  said: “I am excited for the new song which is due to be released soon and I hope Malawians and music lovers will enjoy listening to it.

“Collaborating with Che Wikise and Symon and Kendall in the song has given the tune, which was produced by Lilongwe based fast-rising producer Henwood, a different dimension in terms of depth, style and fluidity as we have fused in it a variety of varied and cross-cutting music genres blended together into a special taste.”

Kell Kay, who has so far collaborated with Martse, Phyzix, Taygrin, Malceba, Gwamba, Nepman, Janta, Piksy, Lulu and Lucius Banda among others, said the video of song and promises his fans  he will be dropping ‘some good music’ after the Coronavirus pandemic has eased out.

“I will continue making good music for my beloved fans across the country and beyond the borders after the Coronavirus. It hasn’t been a good time to go through as an artist but every adversity there are opportunities.

This time, I have dedicated myself in creating new material,” said the Seventh Day Adventist University bachelor of Business administration graduate.

‘Bewitching love’

In the new song, M’botolo, which touches the raw nerves of the new phenomenon on love portioning, the “You already know” signatured trademark Juju hit creator, is asking his begotten lover to bewitch him by putting him in a bottle so he can only love her.

The opening verse is punchy and inviting as Kell Kay sings soulfully: “Sindingathe kukhala opanda iwe, I’ve, never met someone like iweyo, you make my every dream come true; umandikonda osayang’ana kanthu….

Chonde ndikupemphe, chonde usakane, just understand, Kunja kwaopsya uku; chonde undiyike m’botolo, chonde undiponye, iwe tandiyike M’botolomo, sadzakunzunze ine…“

A twist to the tale in the story-line is that men are now happy to be witched for love and that they don’t care that their women remote control them which in vernacular streetwise lingua means kuyikidwa m’botolo.

And after Kell Kay’s verse Che Wikise rejoins with his trademark and distinct but voice and sings: “Akati aphode amwaliwa; akati athinitse, ine mutu zwee, kuyiwala za iwe….”

Che Wikise said: “It has been great working with these great musicians. It is an honour for me to have been part of this big song and I believe that Malawians will love it just as we do.”

The musical beat arrangement of the song is danceable with high-pitched vocal chords running through the instruments  among the three highflying music acts.

Symon and Kendall who are famous for their strong chewa rhythmic melodies that are equidistant between Gulewamkulu and Kazukuta dances.

This is a beautiful song with a hot-potato issues currently etched on many people as regards love and loving.

Symon and Kendall brought a fresh twist to their song with a dramatic touch and throwing some Zambian flavour to it.

Kell Kay who recently released an EP titled ‘Love after 24’ said:” I would to say thank to my fans and music lovers across the globe for their unflinching support.

“Without each one of them, I would not have made it this far. Their support and love gives me encouragement and they fuel my desires to achieve more.”

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4 years ago

Some women never knew about putting men in bottles, now they know. What lesson are you teaching our ladies ?

This is bad.

4 years ago

Mupusa nadzotu. Mbotolo mbotolo nde kut chani

4 years ago

Kawale born, raised in Malawi, appealing to Malawian customers and the hands holding him up are white hands in the promotional pictures. Whose hands are these and why these ones instead of the hands of the many models we have in Malawi. I think this is copy and paste and clever editing. Even so…It could not have been that hard to find hands that look like those of the people that support your music.

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