Kunkuyu tells Malawians to report, resist corrupt leaders

Leader of  Transformation Alliance (TA), political pressure group, Moses Kunkuyu has urged communities in Chikwawa district to report and resist corrupt leaders as they contribute heavily to the abject  poverty the people of Malawi are facing.

Kunkuyu : Reject corrupt leaders

He made the call when he addressed communities of the area of Senior Group Village Headman Gola in Chikwawa District where he also graced the launch of a Religious Community Based Organisation named LOFO.

Kunkuyu expressed excitement over his visit to Gola area but registered his disappointment with how issues of corruption are being handled from the district level where communities like Gola look up to for their social service delivery.

He described the high levels of corruption as devilish and expressed fear that with the current degree of corruption, it will be difficult for places like Gola to have proper schools, medical facilities and even a proper road connecting Chikwawa and Mwanza districts via Chapananga.

“Corruption is our enemy number one. We have no drugs in the hospitals because of corruption, we bought maize at K12.500 from Admarc not because it was imported but because in the process we had to feed some corrupt individuals.


“Our education and transport infrastructure is very poor not because we are unable but because of corruption and the danger that we find ourselves in is that there’s little being done by those in authority to root out this vice. Nonetheless, I urge you to keep reporting and exposing corrupt leaders as because a fact remains that cases don’t expire like political terms do. Someday they will face the long arm of the law,” said Kunkuyu.

He made the comments following the revelation by Chief Chiola who spoke on behalf of 38 chiefs who patronised the meeting that people in the area have been asked to pay K10,000 to be considered for the subsidised iron sheets and cement that the government is implementing.

“We have people right here who are crying for their money which they paid to be considered for the subsidised cement and iron roofing sheets but they have been queuing hopelessly. As chiefs we are worried because the objective of this programme is to benefit the poor but
what we see is the direct opposite since financially able people are benefiting. This defeats the good intentions that the Government has for this project, ” said Village Headman Chaola.

He also added that cement meant for the completion of a health facility in Gola was stolen and claimed the thieves are loitering scot free in the community owing to their allegiance to those in power.

Chaola fearlessly condemned the abuse of power by the DPP imposed Chairman of the Village Development Committee (VDC) a Mr Mpokonyola who he claimed is busy collecting K10,000 to qualify people for the malata and cement subsidy.

“How did it happen that a child got the materials and the next to recieve was that child’s mother? Are they really the poorest in the community ? We know them to be financially able people who can afford the iron sheets and cement on their own,” claimed the Chief in
reference to a previous incident.

Commenting on the remarks Kunkuyu said there’s need to report such cases although there’s great concern and fear that corruption is being tolerated from the top.

Senior Group Village Headman Gola hailed Kunkuyu for braving the poor road terrain to visit Gola and hear their concerns.

He promised to support the activities of LOFO for the betterment of his area.

Kunkuyu agreed with his Chaola that the levels of corruption from the VDC level are appalling.

He asked the communities to support LOFO and desist from any form of corruption to move the country forward.

Kunkuyu assured the chiefs that Transformation Alliance will source and donate the required bags of cement so that the hospital project can be completed. he also promised to personally take the concerns up with the Member of Parliament for the area who he described as “a friend”.

On his part, Clement Nteuka who is Director for LOFO whose objectives are environmental conservation, social economic empowerment and spiritual empowerment among the communities,  thanked Transformation Alliance for responding to their call in a bid to transform the area.

In attendance at the function , was a representative from UBALE a development partner and the District Forestry Officer for Chikhwawa.

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