MCP not yet out of the woods: Kabwila questions Chakwera’s olive branch

Marginalized Malawi Congress Party (MCP) parliamentarian, Jessie Kabwila has questioned the party’s extension of an olive branch to rebelling factions, arguing they should stop cheating the nation.

Kabwila: Turns up the heat for Chakwera

MCP president Lazarus Chakwera a week ago met National Executive Committee (NEC) in Lilongwe where among other things they agreed to call for the convention next year and welcome back those that were fired and have opposing views as one way of bringing sanity into the party.

But in an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times, while welcoming the extended olive branch, Kabwila, who was fired as party’s publicity secretary- though was reinstated by the court – questioned the manner it was done and demanded the two camps to first resolve their differences.

“It was different from other NEC meetings where the president would singlehandedly decide to fire members anyhow without objections. Its good news now that he is extending the olive branch,” argued Kabwila.

“Whatever trouble we have had in the party has not been good and healthy for our supporters. If Malawians have hope, it’s MCP; so when it is in trouble, people are not happy. I am one of the people who wish MCP good; I will never join any other party. Now the call for peace is good sign that we will win the next elections.”

Kabwila has since demanded Chakwera’s camp to remove court injunctions against the fired members and the convention- set for this month- if the extended olive branch is to be regarded as genuine.

“First remove the court injunctions before calling us back. Honorable Chakwera needs to understand this; he can’t expect people to retreat while at same time he is obtaining court injunctions. If he wants us back, he should remove the injunctions first.

“What about the injunction against the convention, how will that case be resolved? Because what we want is convention. And what about those people who were fired, have they been reinstated?”

She then accused Chakwera of using illegal NEC and branded its decisions not legal, adding that he has been running the affairs of the party without following the constitution.

“We need to be honest with ourselves. We first resolve what caused internal squabbles because some of us want the convention. If they want to resolve our differences, they should remove the court injunctions first. Let’s not cheat the nation; the convention can’t be called in six months, time has run out, by then there will be no party.”

Meanwhile, Kabwila has asked politician Sidik Mia to join MCP  first before vying for any position.

She added: “He can’t just impose himself, MCP is not an orphanage. He needs to first join the party and start from the grassroots. We already have a vice-president.”

Kabwila then dismissed reports that the ‘rebels’ were influenced by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying “Don’t cheat people we have been bought by DPP because we are opposing how the party is being run, that’s wrong. We are against firing old members, firing convention elected members; it is wrong.

“We are against how issues of Mia are being handled, seriously if we are not careful, this party will turn into Mia Congress Party. We can’t sell the party due to love of money. In six months this party won’t be there in the way issues are being handled now.”

She also dismissed suggestions that they were planning of ousting Chakwera, arguing they have no vendetta to remove Chakwera who was duly elected by convention.

“Those afraid of convention know they are guilty otherwise they won’t be afraid to face the convention. Remember the constitution of Malawi Congress Party is only constitution that gives power to the people. Those calling for the convention are backed by the constitution. People who are calling for the convention are very same people who refused to be bought. Mr. Kaliwo is legally right to call for the convention as he is acting based on calls by district chairpersons.”

Some weeks ago Chakwera obtained court injunction stopping Kaliwo from proceeding with an emergency convention set for 7th to 9th July in the eastern region.

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Am typing


What is it that you people are failing to understand? Chakwera should rightly know that you can’t extend an olive branch with one hand when you are holding a knife in the other hand. How do you justify that you are in suport of dialogue when you have asked the courts to intervene on the same problem. Are you kidding? Chakwera is demonstrating that he himself is not giving a chance to the dialogue. He’s demonstrating that he is not believing in the dialogue itself. As a leader you don’t test run options of trust..

I thought so too, but i came across that its me and you who are failing to understand who Chakwera is, what Chakwera did was 100% good by taking injunction from the Court which yourself thought it was not, how can you solve internal problems on public? shupiti! the problem of we Malawians are the same since we got independent 1960s we always see a stick the other hand of your father ukachita zofooila pa nyumba, cant you see that it is the same picture these so called rebels have on Chakwera? Chakwera called them to come and settle their… Read more »
Nst Matale

Kodi a Vice President a MCP Alipo? Kapena ndiomwe akuwatuma a Kabwira kuti awamenyere nkhondo?


While someone is trying to rebuild the temple,another folks is demolishing it!!!! Shame

chatonda Mvula
Jesse Kabwila, Is it wrong for Dr Chakwera to give an olive branch to people like you and others who are short sighted like you? What exactly do you want now? Do you think all the issues you have raised here can be resolved through Nysatimes? Are you Sure Dr? Don’t you think you would have taken such issues to your president for discussions and come to a solution silently? Has he died you an appointment? Do you have personal issues against the president or you are there just to bring confusion??? I am very sorry for you and I… Read more »

First facts first,MCP is not by leaders but by people with unique values ie even if any unknown and unpopular person from any region MCP will remain intact.. Fighting the leadership of MCP. is almost fighting the genuine MCP and its supporter..Very few if none have survived fighting MCP leadership.Therefore,all MPs making noise against the MCP leadership will not be MPs again. Mark my work


I have read all the comments above, they seem to have been posted by a committe of people sitting in one room united in one action, that is to outdo each other in calling Ms Kabwila all the vile names that are not hers .
If Mr Chakwera was indeed offering an olive branch, you don,’t give a press statement , you sit down with the people you have differences , let each party empty their chests then kiss and make up.
If I understand Ms Kabwila, that is what she is asking for !

Ndango Dusamo

Mia for MCP presidency kaya wina afune olo asafune. If I were Jessie Kabwira I would have persuaded Kaliwo, the chairmen, Njovuyalema, Jumbe and company to make a public apology to Chakwera and start right away to campaign for Chakwera-Mia 2019 winning Ticket

Gerald Mapanga Phiri

Since I was born I never saw MCP not having power hungry people even some regionalizing positions and always they have infightings that resulted losing election. So I’m not surprised for that. That is their weaknesses


May AKULU akoma akagonela. Lero ndi izoo mukumva , kuziwerenga ndikuzichita komwe. Dr . h.k. Banda anati ” mati pate ndi nkhondo” uli mmanyumba, kusukulu, mumakukamu, nanga kutchalichi tiyiwalenso my zipanimu? Kaya tingathandizane bwanji m’dziko lathu lokomali? Chonsechi malilime aenafe ndi okunthwa zedi, tsiku ndi tsiku akufuna kuchekacheka. Bisani lilimelo muona kusintha koyenela. Zkmo ngati mwamva.

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