Lawyer Madise calls on councils to ban deafening public address advertising in residential areas

Lawyer Sunduzwayo Madise has been joined by other members of the public asking if City Councils should ban deafening advertising style used through public address systems in residential areas, describing it as unnecessary noise pollution.

Madise: Ban blasting voice advertising 

Madise, who resides in Zomba City where he is working as Dean of Law  at the Chancellor College (Chanco) posted on Facebook of his concerns, saying he felt aggrieved having to be woken up on Thursday night around 10pm to “some loud music and a blasting voice advertising some dubious school”.

A fellow Chanco law lecturer, Edge Kanyongolo chipped in to say Wednesday night was particularly bad.

“I checked the time and that mobile advertising was doing its business around our area at 10:45pm!” Kanyongolo said.

In response, Blantyre-based Dannie Grant Phiri is of the opinion that this is noise pollution that need to be banned in all towns and cities while Silvester Kasambara Felix Tembo said Mzuzu is also becoming very notorious of the same system.

Mzondi Chirambo chipped in to say City Council bylaws prohibit such public nuisances — “therefore, it is simply a question of enforcement”.

Thyolani Jumbe Catherine said this noise pollution makes her sick sick while Robert Neba observed that the sales persons use the same deep-voiced advertiser all the time and the din is a monotonous crooning — which is extremely annoying.

Hastings Chatsika observed that this is a “reflection of deterioration of standards in Malawi”.

However, Blantyre City Council public relations officer, Anthony Kasunda, said they attempted to enforce the law by issuing a public notice to abate nuisance (noise pollution) by following Section 49 of Two and Country Planning Act and Section 49 of the Public Health Act and paragraph 4 of the Second Schedule of the Local Government Act.

This was done when some residents complained of noise in residential areas through garden events such as engagements and weddings.

But, Kasunda said, the garden events organisers went to court, which gave directions and the Council is following the steps as directed by the Court.

Blantyre City Council’s public notice addressed to all city residents said it had noted with great concern the increase in the number of houses being turned into arenas for public ceremonies such as weddings, engagements and bridal showers in residential areas contrary of zoning of the same as residential areas under the Urban Structure Plan of the City of Blantyre.

“It is further deplorable that this is happening without getting development permission to change use of the said premises from residential to commercial,” says the notice.

“The Council, therefore, hereby notifies members of the general public and Blantyre residents in particular, that holding of weddings, engagements and bridal showers and other public ceremonies in residential areas is prohibited.

The Council has the legal mandate to take action against those providing venues to such events which may include prosecution.”

The notice also reminded all residents that it was important to maintain peace and avoid disturbing others.

“A lot of residents have complained against the increased noise pollution in our City and it is the mandate of the Council to ensure that all the residents live in a peaceful and orderly manner.

“The Council is, therefore, hereby banning holding of public ceremonies such as weddings, engagements, bridal showers and other public functions of a similar nature in residential areas with immediate effect.”

The Council management further warned that if any person would fail to comply with this notice, it shall confiscate the instruments being used to cause the said noise nuisance and, where the Council would do so, it may recover as a civil debt, in any court of competent jurisdiction, from that person or persons, the expenses necessarily incurred by the Council in enforcing the Notice and they may be prosecuted.

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1 year ago

This is indeed very disturbing and should be addressed, I mean the law must be enforced. Other biggest noise makers are politicians, they make noise and have polluted our clean air. They need to be serious and only talk when its necessary to do so. Ndakutoperani, e.g. Kaliati, Mkandawire, Gospel Kazako, Mtambo, etc…Much as the DPP is out of govt., things must change for good, not zimene mukuchitazi.

1 year ago

This problem of noise pollution is all over the country. I spent some time in Nkhata at the Chintheche Turn-Off and that area is very bad and many residents are uncomfortable. I understand some have complained to the District Commissioner but his Office has not acted. The law must be enforced in this area because what I saw was an area suffering from noise pollution of the worst kind

1 year ago

Ndipo inu it’s either some zealot advertising salvation or itel phones, then schools then herbal medicine. Akabwera a anti rabies campaign sitimva, which is not good

1 year ago

Can you also ban the loud noise coming from some religious institutions? They don’t have to stop their prayers, but the amplified prayers disturb the peace. Allah hears even unsaid prayers!

1 year ago
Reply to  Munthu

Very true, why loud speaker as if their Allah can not hear them

William Chirwa
1 year ago

For how long shall we keep on being reassured of this scourge Mr Kasunda and other cities etc. You have the by laws so what are vendors the only group which you can act on? City patrol vehicles to clear vendors in running battles but these garden party venues are there and never demolished she on you guys. The music you telling us is now pjaroahs tales act now. In Chilomoni there is this guy who can play his music 24/7 and nothing happens. Useless PROs defensing no sense in this age and era

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