Let us scrutinise all candidates for Malawi Presidency- Columnist

[highlight style=’pear-green’] A newspaper columnist for Weekend Nation, George Kasakula writing in his’ My Diary’ on Saturday has called on opposition political parties to bring on table their electoral pledges in form of blue prints.  The article below is reproduced. [/highlight]

There is no question that the twin issues of our day—Cashgate and Jetgate—will have a huge bearing in the way Malawians will vote come May 20.

The ultimate decision will be whether the majority of Malawians have bought the explanations of the Joyce Banda administration as regards the two issues despite the outright PR fiasco and lies around or they would have none of it but inflict the ultimate punishment on the ruling party at the ballot.

Malawi 2014 presidential candidates: Joyce Banda, Peter Mutharika, Atupele Muluzi and Lazarus Chakwela
Malawi 2014 presidential candidates: Joyce Banda, Peter Mutharika, Atupele Muluzi and Lazarus Chakwela

The President has a record to defend and these two issues have happened on her watch and so it is only right and proper that she accounts fully for them to the Malawian people.

That said, my worry is that it is only the President that is getting scrutiny coming through the veil of Cashgate and Jetgate while the other candidates, Lazarus Chakwera, Atupele Muluzi and Peter Mutharika who are our potential presidents, are having a free ride.

Just imagine, two months before the elections, MCP, UDF and PP have not released their manifestos but all they are doing is talk about the Cashgate on daily basis. Voters do not know a thing about that is central to their thinking.

Even on Cashgate, they are not coming out clean on how they will keep the national kitty under lock and key to shut out vultures.

Their spokespersons are still fumbling and fidgeting when asked what is it they are promising Malawians in return for power they all so much desire to have.

Make no mistake, as a taxpayer, I am angry that I was paying tax so that somebody could steal it and build villas to bequeath to his children when he or she dies when the money was supposed to buy Panado for my very old grandmother back home in Kasungu.

I am angry as a Malawian at the les that the PP government peddled on the sale of the presidential jet instead of just being straight that it was bartered and produce receipts on how the proceeds from the money that was saved in the Malawi Defence Force vote, for example was used.

But I am saying despite all this, I am still hungry for information and pact from the other candidates on what they have to offer. I do not want to hear about Cashgate and Jetgate from them because I know it already.

What I want to hear from them is their own tangible and clear plan on how to curb corruption.

I need to hear from the presidential candidates talk about cost-cutting measures starting with their own presidential expenditures at State House. I don’t want to hear about a lean Cabinet only but extended to their own extravagance that would come in huge convoys with too many luxurious vehicles, too many state houses and endless travel.

Some of them already go to America frequently as a lavatory visit. Will this frequency increase with taxpayers’ money picking the tab this time around?

I want to know how many presidential advisers they would have if they won the State House and how such advisers would add value to the presidency as opposed to mere politicking.

What about the economy and general development? How do they intend to take Malawians to the promised land of milk and honey which has eluded them for the past 50 years due to humiliating poverty?

The thing is MCP, UDF and DPP (very corrupt and murderers themselves) cannot define their campaigns using Cashgate and deliberately delay their promises to Malawians in form of manifestos.

It is cheating in broad daylight meant to hoodwink Malawians into giving them power on a cheap. It is being clever and running away from scrutiny.

It should not be allowed at all costs.

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