Let’s honour our presidents while they are alive, advises MP Kaliati

Mulanje Pasani member of the Parliament Angie Kaliati has said it is better that great leaders such as President Peter Mutharika  are recognised and given their dues respect while alive.

MP Angie Kaliati: Malawians have a tendency of praising a leader when he is dead

Kaliati said in Parliament that it is not right for members to accuse Mutharika that he  has “miserably failed” to deliver on its socio-economic promises to Malawians.

He said Mutharika delivers his manifesto but no leader can fulfil everything promised to the electorate.

“Everybody in this House made promises to the electorate in his or her manifesto before we joined this House. I want to know how many of us have delivered everything that we promised our constituents,” said Kaliati, adding “are we not the same people who want more time in order to deliver the promises in our manifestos? We always forget that when we are pointing a finger at someone, the rest of the fingers point at us. “

Kaliati said  coming up with a manifesto does not mean one can deliver within a very short period of time.

“Even the first President of our country, the late Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda, may his soul rest in peace, had his own manifesto. He managed to deliver what he could but he left some gaps. This is why we are here in this august House today,” he said.

Kaliati the said  Presidents who are delivering like Mutharika should be honoured while they are alive other than posthumously.

 “Malawians have a tendency of praising a leader when he is dead. I suggest that this must stop. Time has come that we should start recognising the President’s achievements while he is still alive,” he said.

Kaliati said “it is very shameful” that some people do not know, up to now, what is happening in the country in terms of development infrastructure

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18 Comments on "Let’s honour our presidents while they are alive, advises MP Kaliati"

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Thus true but in these five years which development can be cerebrated in Mzimba north done by this government. There are people who everyday do pay tax through various means but not even enjoy a single pointed development done by the so called government. What injustice is that? But tell me if the presidents and cabinet ministers do pay tax? A car which avery struggliing Mzimba north individual can struggle to buy, a minister or a president has a chance of buying even three not paying any tax. Nkhovgira banthu nthena.

pachalo gondwe

i agree with Mr kaliati. we need to appreaciate achievements and points out where we feel thier is a need. it seems every leader has success stories and weaknesses. for me ifeel the president has done recommendable job but needs to improve on other areas like electricity athough i know past leaders did little to solve the problem. it is over 15yrs problem as we did not plan as a counry on increased demand. we are ripping the fruits of poor planning.


What development?A President is even failing to build a Wenera Bus Station.Please we must be ashamed of ourselves.Blantyre is a big city and a well known for that matter but look at the state of the Bus Depot,how would you show someone who has just come to pay you a visit from another country that this our Depot?Shame!!!!


I totally agree with honourable kaliati, while accepting that we r moving @ a snail’s pace we also have to admit& recognize the little developments that each president has contributed. We should learn to first appreciate what a leader has done whether big or small den we remind him of what he has failed to do. To conclude that a leader has done completely nothing its an insult to every malawiani including the one attering thoz words becoz it means he doesn’t know what nothing means. Even a little something is not nothing. Mind ur language, maka osusa inu.


policy of appeasement from mr kaliati zazii mavuto onse ali mudziko muno mkumanena kuti lets honuor mukuopa kugwilidwa jekete ndi ma cadets mwasowa chokamba

Mr Kaliati is just afraid of DPP thugs that dealt with his wife at parliament. He is trying to buy sympathy from APM. But deep down he knows he is not being sincere and doesn’t believe what is coming out of his miuth. Of course it’s obviously unrealistic to expect 100% implementation of MANIFESTO promises. And if Mr Kaliati could honesty evaluate APM’s manifesto using an OBJECTIVE TOOL (scorecards) as opposed to RHETORIC he will realise why ‘miserably failed’ is actually in order. In fact the out of plan road constructions that have just sprung up is a another DPP… Read more »

Great contribution from Mr Kaliati. Mutharika has achieved a lot in the past 4 years. Wosayamika aphulike.

William Yasini

This is total rubbish. With all the suffering around, there are far much better things to talk about in Parliament. We employ leaders through the ballot to work and deliver. Not to be honoured or praised.

Listen and Love

..and let the government honour emeritus Bishop Allan CHAMGWERA while he is alive for his gallant fight that initiated THE MULTI PARTY DEMOCRACY in Malawi


I don’t think anyone will miss Mr Ibu when he dies. He has no legacy to leave behind other than blackouts and a crumbling country

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