Malawians should take stock of development and thank God for Mutharika’s presidency — Chiumia

As the countdown to next year’s Tripartite elections draw near, it would be appropriate to focus on the state of the nation and judge the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) based on its performance, Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development Grace Chiumia has said.

Chiumia: Malawians should thank God for giving us President Mutharika, he has delivered

The DPP  has come under increasing public criticism and the political narrative has turned against it that it has failed to fulfil its electoral pledge it made with Malawians in 2014.

Most domestic political discourse is centred on delivery of development and services to the public.

But speaking in Parliament,  Chiumia said: “As Malawians, need to take stock and audit ourselves all the time when we are doing things. Have we taken time to see which way Malawi is developing? We have not. All we say is that there is no development. Seriously, let us go back and see.

“There are so many areas. Have we checked on the issues of road infrastructure, water, education and try to analyse and see which way Malawi is developing? If we do that then we can realise that indeed there is development in this country.”

She queried opposition legislators for saying that there is no development when they keep passing budgets in the House .

“We are being given up to K23 million to develop our constituencies, what have we done with the money? We should start assessing our constituencies. Let’s look at what development has taken place since we became Members of Parliament. Let us start from our constituencies and see which way we have taken our constituencies to since we took over the leadership. It is from there that we can really assess if we have developed our areas or not,” Chiumia said.

Chiumia applauded President Mutharika   for the developmental projects he has done in since he became Head of State in 2014 after  defeating Joyce Banda  when the country had a broken economy, stagnated projects and smashed hopes.

She said Mutharika “has done a lot” in his first five-year term despite not being supported by donors.

“ I am sure that as Malawians we need to thank God for giving us such a leader,” said Chiumia.

 She echoed Mutharika’s statement in his state of the nation address (Sona), saying:  “The question is not whether Malawi is developing or not, the question is; which way is Malawi developing?”

The minister said the Mutharika administration has indeed  proven that it can transform this country and  make Malawi a prosperous nation.

“I think this culture of keeping on pointing fingers at each other will not take us anywhere. Seriously, it is high time people saw what we really have done,” said Chiumia.

She continued: “God is watching us. He has given us the talents and unless we utilise those talents we will not achieve anything but all in all we need to love each other and unite for the benefit of the people of this country.”

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21 Comments on "Malawians should take stock of development and thank God for Mutharika’s presidency — Chiumia"

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What development is she talking about?This is one of those the YES BWANA YES BWANA


We deserve something better than this…. I wonder our Ministers behave as if they do not travel what other people/countries are doing.. actually we Malawi is in reverse gear… Yes it is still moving bt backward.

winston msowoya
Chiumia,Iam convinced you are either deranged or you are up for favour from your President.You have gone even to thank God on behalf of an inept leader who has brought the nation’s economy to its knees.SHAME ON YOU!!!!!! What stock of development are Malawians experiencing today? You mean lack of medicines in our hospitals? How about power outages? Corruption has reached its zenith that will take years to control,starvation among millions of our people is alarmingly futile,unemployment at 85% is the highest in Southern Africa,crimes at unbelievably dangerous trend just to name a few failures of the Muthalika regime.As a… Read more »

I think 2019 ikuchedwa, mbuzi ngati izi zidzipita zikapume. Ziphuphu zazikuluzikulu zija zikamerenso kunkhope konyansako!


Well said Chiume. Mutharika has achieved a lot: roads, community colleges, building houses – malate project, macro economy (fundamentals such as inflation and stable currency etc.

Mas ter

Exactly but because of money hungry
Opposition says there is no development so that some Malawian who not.wise. should vote for them
I remind those cheated especially from south and east THEY will cry


The only development that has taken place is buying secondhand generators

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

They were not bought (the government lied). The generators have been rented out to Malawi, RENTED!

Here we go again. DPP cabinet ministers are just an embarrassment to the humankind in general and to Malawians in particular. It is so sad to listen to these so called cabinet ministers, who I am sure are intelligent and smart, but are now reduced to noisy windbags. Peter has managed to paralyse all of them to the extent that they can’t think and operate independently. They are certainly under some strong spell. I wonder whether they even listen to what they mumble in public. If a whole minister calls the few roads, schools and health centres, that have been… Read more »

I think for your family and your villagers


With the stupid kind of politics we have in malawi I doubt if there will be any leader or gvt that will ever be appreciated for any little development he/ it has done while in power. Timaziwa kuyamikila munthu akchoka pampando basi. For what I know, palibe gvt lingalamule 5 yr opanda choloza kuti lachita chinachake. Vuto ndiloti we love our parties more than the country. U don’t expect the opposition to ever apriciate anything good the gvt has done & vis-vesa. Kuopa kupepuka. They call that politics Ku Malawi.

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