Lighting the candle: Thank you Episcopal Conference of Malawi ad Evangelicals on pro-life

The Citizen’s March for Life and Family was a success.  I participated in the Lilongwe march.  Thanks to you the churches who led us throughout the country on this historic walk for our values. There is no denying that this was the biggest march in Malawi yet and also the most peaceful.  It was truly amazing to see citizens participating from other religions as well.  There is no denying that the citizen’s voice has been heard and that the imposers of immorality can no longer claim they have support from churches.

MP Lunguzi receivied the petition from Rev Fr Saindi 

I have never heard so many fallacies in my life more than these past few days concerning the match.  A few but sounding like many critics came up to criticize the match for various illogical reasons.  None of their arguments dealt with the stated reasons for the march.  None of them gave evidence against the fact that life begins at conception and must be protected.  None of them disputed that sex and marriage is meant for a man and a woman.  As far as I am concerned, the values we celebrated remain standing as true and foundational to our society.  The press releases, the tantrums, the non-sequitors and fallacies have failed to dislodge the stated reasons for the march.

Some even claimed that abortion and same-sex relationships are not urgent issues now.  Really?  What’s more confusing is that the people making those claims get paid, conduct workshops all over the place for religious leaders, chiefs, journalists, lawyers, MPs, and others, from money that comes to them in the name of such issues.

Show me the budget of CEDEP, CHRR and COPUA and I will show you what they consider urgent.  It’s unbelievable the amount of money that has been pumped in promoting anti-life and anti-family proposals.  Why do they spend all that money on non-urgent issues? “Oh, the church must march against black outs and water shortages,” they feign outrage.  Who was preparing a bill or a policy proposal to make it a law that we should have black outs and water shortages?  If they show me, I will go even alone to march against them.

It was wonderful that as a church, you did not attack government which might have been the case if we were matching for these other ills resulting from bad governance.  Though, I realize that the church has a right and duty to speak on any issue, I’m still glad that you spoke on issues that all citizens could support regardless of political affiliations.The bogus outrage continued in the accusations that you recruited pupils from their place of learning.

May be they should blame you for choosing a route that would pass by a school where kids would be who are not in class perse because they didn’t have end of term exams.  They joined in the procession not recruited.  May be the religious leaders should have stopped the march and demand the kids go back to play as they wait to close next week.  I doubt that you the churches would have sat down and planned to recruit pupils to make your point.  Besides, those idle kids have learnt something they may never learn in a hundred ‘life skills’ classes.

All in all, may God continue using the church in Malawi as a voice for truth.  There is no way that we can agree to killing innocent human beings deliberately.  There is no way we can change the reality that sex and marriage ought to be between man and woman.  There is certainly no way we must let the imposers of immorality get their way and criminalize all of us who disagree with their proposals.  Don’t let up the fight.

If these forces have their way then all of us will become guilty of speaking and propagating and operating by what would be considered hate, or discrimination, or suppression of women. Please may you use your vast base to mobilize resources like Mother Teresa, to assist women who have “unwanted” pregnancies so they can feel supported in holistic ways.  This can cut the number of abortions by over half because research shows that most abortions are “unwanted” abortions.

Lastly, thank you again ECM [Episcopal Conference of Malawi of the Catholic Church] and EAM [Evangelical Association of Malawi] for organizing a beautiful and peaceful march.  May the God of St. Basil the great, who led protests against abortion, infanticide, and baby dumping until Emperor Valentinian banned them in 374 AD continue with you.  I am forever inspired.

It’s time to light the candle by thanking ECM and EAM for standing up for righteousness and Truth in the face of a hugely funded campaign for “the killing of unborn children” [abortion] and legalization of homosexuality in Malawi. 

 “Light shines in darkness, and darkness did not overcome it” – John 1: 5

NOTE: The article “Thank You ECM and EAM” by our guest writer Rev. Nicky Chakwera was first published in Faith and Reason column in Malawi News of 10th December 2016 – a column which is featured every Saturday in Malawi News. As indicated in the introductory entry, once in every month Lighting the Candle column will be featuring a guest writer (or preacher or teacher) on a subject of his or her interest, of course within the scope of the column’s objectives.

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