Like Xmas, Mohammad’s birthday should be holiday – Malawi Muslims

Malawi Muslims  have   started a campaign to make, the birthday of the Prophet Mohammad, a national holiday like  Christmass day, the birth of Jesus Christ for Christians.

Presidential special aide Ben Phiri, a Christian in Islmic regalia during the Ziyala parade

Presidential special aide Ben Phiri, a Christian in Islmic regalia during the Ziyala parade

Aboo:  Muhammed's day should be national holiday

Aboo: Muhammed’s day should be national holiday

Part of the Muslims conducting Ziyalah Parade in Lilongwe - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Part of the Muslims conducting Ziyalah Parade in Lilongwe – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Executive director for Al-Traq Qadeia Sunni Association Faizal Aboo said having a national celebration for the prophet’s birthday would enable the  Muslims  in Malawi to have an annual celebration and would foster a spirit of cooperation with those of other faiths.

Aboo made the remarks during this year’s Ziyarah Parade which marks the birthday of Prophet Muhammad held in Blantyre attended by Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Atupele Muluzi , who represented President Peter Mutharika.

“We are asking you our brother Atupele Muluzi to take this request to the President to consider declaring this day a national public holiday for the sake of about five million Muslims in Malawi,” Aboo said.

“Malawi as a democratic country needs to consider us, Muslims, to celebrate this birthday while at home and that those working should be given a full day of celebrations,”  he added.

Muslim scholars disagree over the legality of celebrating this holiday. Those who oppose celebrating the Prophet’s birthday argue that there are no accounts of the Prophet Muhammad or his early companions celebrating his birthday.

Despite the disagreement, one thing that all Muslims agree on is the importance of the Prophet Muhammad in the Islamic worldview. He is considered to be the example that all Muslims strive to emulate and for this reason his life is remembered and commemorated in some way by all his followers, whether they celebrate his birthday or not.

Muluzi, a Mosque going Moslem, said Prophet Muhammed described the birthday is “very important” and assured that he would extend the request to the Head of State for consideration.

He was, however, quick to urge all Muslims in the country to work together and be united.

Government figures suggest that Muslims account for 12 percent of Malawi’s 14 million-strong population, while Muslims puts the number at 36 percent.

Islam is the second largest religion in the country after Christianity.

The parade—which started at 10 am from Kanjedza Muslim Jamaat to Mpingwe Sports Club—had many guests including some from Mozambique.

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The thief cometh not but to kill steal and destroy. What religion thrives on stealing killing and destruction. Islam killings beheading tapings. All the terrorist organizations are Moslems.

Faizal aboo

Learn ISLAM – embrace ISLAM


Faisel : you are challenging us to learn islam ; you think we will embrace islam by reading the books — I take up your challenge

Mark chikweni


Political Analyst

Whether one likes it or not Malawi is a very good Christian state which accomodates all people regardless of their colour,ethnicity,politics or religion including Islam.Our Constitution and even the National Anthem testify to this fact.But due to jealousy, politics and the upcoming diverse foreign lifestyles some people prefer it secular for their own hidden agendas/benefit


Hallo mukundimva,,,,,, Ambuye mukundimva!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mirella K{1.2} is right,Islam came before christianity.So did slave trade,ivory trade,women abuse etc.Only when missionaries came did we see aborition,schools,women empowerment,government.I do not want to shame you,so i stop


But there is no xmas in Saudi Arabia and other islamic states.They must first go there and call for xmas recognition before doing a Muhammad celebration here


why is this Taliban speaking on behalf of Malawian moslems?


You are foolish Aluyah inu don’t take Malawi as Boko Halaam state. Go to Iraq or Egypt with your foolish ideas.


Mkuwona ngat xmas yinayamba ndi a u think birth day ya mhamd can t b acceptd international.

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