Madonna accused of ‘betraying’ adopted daughter’s family: ‘We did not donate daughter Mercy’

US pop diva Madonna left Malawi after a visit that included meetings with President Peter Mutharika and the biological father of one of her adopted children but has received bad headlines for ‘betraying’ the family of her adopted daughter Mercy – as they issued a desperate plea to be allowed to see her.

Laughs; Madonna could be seen joking with her young daughter Mercy James

Laughs; Madonna could be seen joking with her young daughter Mercy James

Regrets Saxon Maunde, Mercy James' grandfather, said he bitterly regrets agreeing to allow Madonna to adopt his granddaughter

Regrets Saxon Maunde, Mercy James’ grandfather, said he bitterly regrets agreeing to allow Madonna to adopt his granddaughter

A local newspaper, Daily Times and UK’s Daily Mail reported that the grandparents of Mercy James have accused Madonna  of cutting them out of her life and failing to meet a promise to keep her close to her roots. They also attacked ‘white foreigners’ for taking children away from Africa.

In a story posted on MailOnline by Malawian journalist Peter Jengwa, it reports that Saxon Maunde, grandfather of Mercy James who was adopted by Madonna in 2009, that he was not aware Mercy has visited the country.

“She has my blood flowing in her veins. It is preposterous that I am not made aware of anything regarding her development,” Maunde is quoted as saying.

The 69-year-old, who ekes out a living selling pots from a roadside stall, blasted Madonna , named by President Mutharika as Malawi’s Goodwill Ambassador on child welfare, saying “she has shown no humanity at all towards us.”

Maunde originally backed Madonna’s bid to adopt his granddaughter because he believed she would get a good education, and convinced his reluctant ex-wife to agree the adoption papers.

But  Maunde said he bitterly regrets his decision and accused Madonna of kidnapping a child of Africa.

He said: “White foreigners who decide to take our children away from Africa have no understanding of our culture. They don’t realise that in our African families each one has a responsibility to the others. If a half-brother or half-sister does well, they share their fortunes with all of the others.

“A child like my granddaughter Mercy, if she succeeds in her career, she is expected to share that success with all of us. That is how our extended family system works.”

Maunde’s ex-wife Lucy Chekechiwa, also 69, who fears she may never see her granddaughter again.

“I  am now old and sickly,” she said. “I don’t want to die before seeing my daughter.”

Maunde says he now bitterly regrets signing the papers that allowed the 56-year-old pop star to adopt Mercy, whose teenage mother Mwandida, died days after giving birth.

“We did not donate our child to Madonna. We let Madonna have our child because we were told she is a philanthropist who would help give her a good education.

“What is the point of us wanting Mercy to get a good education and a good life if in the end she does not help her relatives?”

In the Daily Times newspaper in Malawi, Peter Baneti who was party to Mercy’s adoption papers, said they agreed that Madonna would be bringing the daughter to parents.

“However, since 2009 , every time Madonna comes we never succeed to see Maercy,” Daily Times quoted Baneti.

On this visit, Madonna met Yohane Banda, father of her adopted son, 9-year-old David Banda and had a ground breaking  ceremony  for a new 50-bed pediatrics ward in the commercial capital, Blantyre, that she will help fund.

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ibrahim makwati
makolo amarcy ndi david muziwe kuti anawa sanayambe kupanga ndalama adakaliana moti panopa akufuna chithandizo chamakolo mwazifukwa zomwe mukunena palibendichimozichomwe chimene chingawathandize ana dikilani ana aphumzile MERCY AND DAVID there are still young jast wait for amoment time there will come back home this point intime let MERCY finish school then after start torlking what ever you want to say

What is adoption and what is foster care , the grandmother should understand these term before talking .Government should tell her what is adoption( a permenat termination of biology rights )


why would madonna allow david to see his father but she didnt allow mercy to see her grandparents,that woman is arrogant she doesnt give a shit about how other people feels.


ngakhale abwere nawo kwa inu, mungawadywtse chiani? All of us know kuti anawa kwao ndi kuno, even madona knows that. So there is no point trying to make claims that will end up killing the two children. Inu mwakalamba, the best you can do is to talk to relavant athaurities about your concern. Kuyankhula ndi atolankhani will only annoy madona and if the adoptions are cancelled, ana amenewa simungakhanitse kulera inu, trust me.

*macdonald mukwala

we are international recognized. lets learn to appriaiate thank where due. what maunde should know is madonna lives an english life,to her there was wrong. look at the procedure tygrin find himself dancing with the queen, time will come when she will come for your special trip. may be you want to go and see 4 yourself where your daughter are sleeping.?


umafuna mwana aphuzire kaye ufiti azikamnyamula madona mulichelo? msiye mwana aphuzile kaye uzasangalala uli ndi zaka 90 bola usagwe msanga mndege ya ufiti

naqeeb simunthu wamba Makomo

hahahaha so funny

sayimoni bayisikolo

Agogo akufuna chizukulu chibwere chizakwereko kabaza basi wayima pafupi pa khola kaya pa msika.Mercy aziponyako tima dollars patali patali timene amadyera kusukulu.Ku Malawi we believe in extended relations.Waliratu gogo pamepa.mwana akusemphana ndi culture ya chimalawi.

Omasulira maKomenti

Saxon Maunde regrets allowing Madona to adopt Mercy. Yet Mercy was in some poor orphanage at the time. What nonsense is this Bwana Maunde?


Kupusa a Malawi amenewa. The adopting parents have full rights over the adopted child thus no need to bother them about roots and origins.

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