Malawi academics for federalism debate, strategic planning – Fond

Think-tank Forum for New Direction (Fond) has mobilised Malawi academics to a debate on federal system of government to be held on October 12 in Mzuzu.

Among those lined up to the federalism debate includes Malawi’s internationally respected scholars Professor Thandeka Mkandawire, Prof Mphalive Msiska, Dr Victor Mugomezulu, Dr Bina Shawa and Dr Bofomo Nyirenda.

Prof Mpalive Msika

Prof Mpalive Msika

Prog Thandika Mkadawire;  Invited for the debate

Prof Thandika Mkadawire; Invited for the debate

Others are Prof. Kingsley Phiri, Dr Lezi Zeleza Manda, Dr Yohane Nyasulu, and Victor Mapesi Gondwe, lawyer and historian Phillip Banda, trade unionist Ken Williams Mhango. The list include senior and retired citizens such Prof David Rubadiri and Prof Felix Munthali.

Also taking part in the debate will be the religious leader, political party representative, government officials, chiefs and other ‘movers and shakers’.

Fond chairperson Prof. Godwin Mkamanga. said after the debate , the delegates will be part of development of a Strategic Plan that will oversee a set up of new committee to drive the process of negotiating with government, donor community,  Public Affairs Committee,  media groups and other stakeholders to bring down to one voice .

Mkamanga said Fond wants open and free debate so that people understand the system of governance to be adopted.

“There must be room for free, open and frank discussion on the merits and setbacks of federalism to educate the general populace, who would then be able to make informed choices,” he said.

Fond said intimidations, harassment and attempts at silencing people with different views from the established one, should have no place in a democracy worthy of its name.

The grouping said it wants people to appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of federalism.

They argue that the call for federalism is being considered as an alternative governance modality for an independent country, where four political regions already exist, rather than being viewed as dividing the country and its citizens into tribal zones.

Meanwhile, CCAP Synod of Livingstonia, one of the powerful churches in Malawi, has said no one should be threatened for supporting on-going calls for federal system of government in the country.

The Synod also told the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government that time for oppression was over, warning it against suppressing calls for federalism.

Synod Spiritual Father, Rev Douglas Chirambo said Malawi is not a dictatorship, as such people should be allowed to debate federalism.

“People should not be threatened for voicing their concerns. If proponents of federalism are pushing for federal government, it means something is wrong,” said Chirambo.

He cited the recent quota system of selecting to students to conventional secondary schools and public universities as a justification for federalism calls.

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Victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi
Victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi

No need to develop blood pressure over this. Ask ourselves, why now and never in the long past?

Kakha Erutu

Za atumbuka izi. Tichedwapo apa, tiyeni tingogawanapo zikoli basi.

The federation idea is good but the timing is bad.It appears the Tumbukas are frustrated by the fact that most of the loop holes in the system hav bin filled up thereby exposing one of their major weaknesses which is nepotism and regionalism.Why do they hate quorta system when it cleary states that it wants equal distribution of selection,Why do they envisage that a Northerner wl never test the mantle of presidency when they themselves refuses to blend with the rest of the population,Why should they claim that the Northern is the least developed when all statistic shows to the… Read more »

A frog does not jump during the day for nothing, the issue under debate is beyond what we can see and discuss here but mind you something is hidden within the minds of my brothers from the north. We are watching you munena chasisa dzaye kuti njobvu ithyoke nyanga, mwinatu kufuna utsogoleri. Pitani muzikalamulilana kutchire kwanuko, anthu ofuna madindo inu. MUSOVA MUONA.

Real Malawian

Is it Malawi academics or Northern academics, those lined up for debate are northerners only and not representative of Malawi. why not include people from other regions kudzikonda kohka kokha.


You are the most stupid person, there are so many forums and meetings where participants have all come from the south and yet they say they are representing views of all Malawians. This include the current cabinet where the centre has only one minister 95% representation is from the south. why not call the Kuzikonda amenewonso. People from the south you think Malawi its you. this is an open debate if you anything of substance go there and urge with them rather than displaying uchitsiru pa net.


Northerner wake up if you think by fighting for federal system will help you forget but look for a bigger thing than that. “STANDALONE” with federal the mlopwana’s administration will come in and say it should be a national referandum. But mind you Northern Region is the one looking for peace no qouta system

Ngoma, Thomas, London
Ngoma, Thomas, London
Federalism will be good for Malawi. I have no problem but never allow any cessation!! Having said that my stand is that Malawi needs economic growth break though better than this federalism! Another social political issues to add to the resume of national accomplishments and yet on the economic axis no one has a clue how this country can grow. That is the debate we should be having not this social political nonsense. Malawians need an economic growth strategic brainwave not the easy path of another social political quandary to add to 1) breaking the federation, 2) achieving national independence,… Read more »

Abweretsa ndani zimezi? Alomwe. Mwawonga dziko. Bakili analitso wabwino……..eya


Just look at the composition of those lined up for the federalism talk and make your own conclusions…I am for federalism but this kind of line up stinks

paul kwezo

I am tempted to stereotypically say that the main problem with most Africans/Black people is thinking short term (and mostly local). Federation and possibly en-route to secession has no long term benefit basis. Quota system is barely a principle… jack-up and advance arguments on grounded principles and reasons for the federation. Will there be double taxation or rather donor-begging by the Federal and States?


tiyeni nawo awa! wakuwinira unandi, mumutu no mahara! fedulo yeneyiyo mbwenu!

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