Malawi Catholic MPs asked to protect life, reject Termination of Pregnancy Bill

Malawi Catholic legislators have been asked to be defenders of life which is now facing threat particularly from legislations that are proposing termination of life for unborn babies.

Mass for MPs by Fr Chimkanda

Mass for MPs by Fr Chimkanda

During the Holy Mass with Catholic Parliamentarians, Catholic Parliament Liaison Officer, Fr. Henry Chimkanda, emphasised that this is a very time that Catholic legislators must be “ambassadors of life in Parliament.”

Themed his homily; Perceiving Realities of Life through Jesus Lens, he reminded the legislators importance of continuing with what the Church asked them to do during the just ended Year of Mercy saying “The Year of Mercy relevance still stands today” and emphasised that “we are all called to be merciful as God is Merciful.”

Fr. Chimkanda then told them that as representatives of people and Christians, they have work to do on defending life of unborn child which is in danger.

Connecting this to the theme, he called them to begin to see things through the lens of Christ to ably make good decisions in the Parliament that respect sanctity of life.
“Human life must be defended right from its inception” he said “It is the gift from God.”

He indicated that, life and family are under direct attack mainly because of termination bill [or abortion bill] and also those pushing for homosexuality. He then told them that “there is no other person” who would come to defend the life “but you members present here.”

Fr. Chimkanda warned that some of the decisions being made by people today put human life in self-destruction mode and observed with sadness that such self-destruction mode is being extended to unborn babies.

“Now do we want to fight the vulnerable, unborn babies?” he asked them and reminded them; “The Church is calling upon us to stand up for life…Say yes to life.”

He assured them that once leaders begin seeing things through the lens of Christ, the world will be a better place and things will change for better.

Dwelling on this, Fr. Chimkanda observed that “All these wars in the world are started by you the leaders” then reiterated calling them to make right decisions.

He also spoke at length the need for the country to seek divine intervention from Christ Jesus to liberate people from shackles of sin which are preventing many from seeing things through Jesus lens.

Fr. Chimkanda also thanked the Catholic legislators for carrying out number of works of caritas during the Year of Mercy which he said their support has helped alleviating suffering of the most vulnerable in some parts of the country.

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Women are really victims. If they fall pregnant even if it threatens their lives, they must not abort. If they use contraceptives like condoms, it’s still unwelcome to the Catholics. If they give birth to the child out of wedlock, the child is unwelcome for child baptism in CCAP etc.
Ndiye apange bwanji poti ngakhale ukwati umene sakuupeza kwa ena azimaiwa.


MPs SHOULD support and vote for the abortion bill! The same Catholic Church prohibits women and girls from taking contraceptives!


The issue at hand its not about unsafe or safe abortion. It’s about killing innocent human beings. And the church has right to defend life. Whether its safe or unsafe its killing. The fact that the church have failed to stop abortion which is already happening . It can not be a reason for government legalizing kills. sitikonza cholakwika ndicholakwikanso. The baby did not choose to exist.

Uncover Malawi

Persisting with a situation that leads to >30,000 maternal deaths annually doesn’t seem very Christ-like. Promoting education and contraceptive availability / use would be a preferable way to reduce abortions.

Unmarried men giving advice on an issue they barely understand. Silly and bigoted advice: women and girls are already aborting pregnancies in the absence of the bill, why has the church failed to stop them? In fact, women and girls from well-to-do backgrounds access abortion easily in Malawi whilst poor women and girls who depend on alms (money) from men are the ones who cannot access abortion and continue to die. The bill will provide access to abortion to women and girls without looking at their social-economic background. By the way, what has the church done to stop all the… Read more »

Year of Mercy ended on 20th Nov 2016 just in case youve forgotten .. you sound Catholic that’s why I’m reminding you. NO TO LEGALISING ABORTION.

dabwani zoona

Banda I think you do not understand what you are saying. Thou shall not kill. This is a commandment from God. Abortion is killing. So it is better not to conceive if one is not ready. Promote Education anf prevent pregnancy through use of all available family planning methods. Means are there do why stick on abortion.

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