Malawi CSOs maintan Goodall, Nankhumwa must go over ‘illegal’ K4bn payout

Three civil society organisations (CSOs) on Friday met Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe on the controversial K4 billion payout to legislators, and have stuck to their guns they that the transaction was fraudulent therefore the fiscal chief must resign together with accomplice  Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa.

CSOs leaders: Our position remains solid

The CSOs—Youth and Society (YAS), Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) and Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR)— have accused Gondwe of “executive incompetence.”

Speaking at a news conference  on Friday activists Gift Trapence, Timothy Mtambo, Happy Mhango, Billy Mayaya and Charles Kajoloweka described the whole affair as an insult to Malawians.

According to the statement, read by Billy Mayaya, the CSOS described the phenomenon as a “state sponsored money laundering scheme.”

The K4 billion issue—that initially saw 86 legislators mostly affiliated to the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its working partners getting about K40 million each—came to the fore during the Mid-Year Budget Review Meeting of Parliament in February after the Malawi News first exposed it.

Capital Hill has argued that the money, described as Quick Grant Project, is meant for rural development, but the CSOs feel Gondwe’s conduct on the matter is not only beneath his resume, but a huge betrayal to citizens’ trust in him as the country’s purse keeper.

During the presser, Mtambo said they thought they would get a “proper clarification” from the minister on the whole affair.

But Mtambo said they were shocked that the two ministers—Gondwe and Nankhumwa—were equally clueless.

“We’ve entrusted the leadership of this country to people who do not know what they are doing,” said Mtambo.

According to Mtambo, the proposed K40 million funding   should have been credibly given if proposals were submitted.

“But the minister acknowledged there was no proposal,” said Mtambo.

And, in his comment, Trapence said they were not impressed with the ministers.

Kajoloweka and Mhango unanimously said they were “disappointed” with the manner in which the whole thing was done.

The CSOs have said the onus is now on  the two ministers to resign or President Peter Mutharika to fire them, threatening  that they will compelled to take Nankhumwa and Gondwe to court and that if nothing is done they will take to the streets for mass protests.

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Go go go go go to court CSOs!!

These are thieves and dangerous to our nation!!

Sincerely while taking to the streets for mass protests is also another better means, going to court may give best outcome!! Go go go go go go CSOs

Mzanga Dausi

Now Malawi is waking up. Mr Chakwera, I hope you have your eyes peeled open and able to see what you should have been doing right in parliament.


CSO tilipambuyo panu mbava zose tithane nazo tipite pa nsewu ti matche ndalamazo zibwezedwe mbava izi


This is what Malawi need strong checks on the corrupt government. Bravo CSOs. As usual The Crows at MBC will make noise against you don’t be discouraged


CSO,s leave Gondwe but protest to get rid of Nankhumwa, he is a useless piece is of shit and a big thief. Am sure he is the one who persuaded the old man to go for this rotten deal.


Our CSOs are useless. There is no issue here. Angofuna apatsidwe za m’manja.


CSOs please explain clearly what went wrong? To some of us the whole transaction sounds a normal budgeting process whereby the minister comes up with a proposed expenditure to parliament for approval. Once approved it becomes part of the budget.
I would have agreed with the CSOs had they proved that part of the K4 billion was used before parliamently approval. So far no such evidence has been provided.
Be specific with your accusations. Tell the nation where is the offence that warrants ones resignation. These calls are based on nothing but jealousy.

The whole sage is a blatant abuse of parliamentary process to legitimize illegal allocation of public funds to a few individuals in a country struggling to meet its basic needs. The Finance Minister charged to be the gate keeper erred by not challenging the (fraudulent) allocations. If this is normal to you Hattingh, then I rest my case. This is why Malawians are taken advantage of; we are cognitively shallow and lack critical thinking skills. Probably we need to improve our nutrition from childhood to awaken our minds as we get older. Malawi is the poorest country in the world… Read more »

Shooooo tola gwilani anyamata ndiye Malawi democracy imeneyo osati a church awa ndi aboza a PAC atha ntchito anangodana ndi Kamuzu.

Wa Mwale

First time this term of APM we must give credit to our CSOs for the work welcome some of us from the beginning we even disagreed with our own party because of their counterpart in government.


Mass protests are hardly effective in Malawi. There’s so much apathy so likey turnout will be dismal. Mass protests will not be the right approach to get the Gondwe and Nankhumwa to resign or get them fired. Recast your strategy to include mobilising the youth to vote correctly come 2019. There are over 73% people below the age of 30 years……probably over 60% young voters. Spend your energy educating the youth on the benefits of voting to shape the world they want see. Likely the youth will vote for leaders they believe will take the country forward.

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