Malawi govt releases Abortion Bill to the public

Malawi Government has finally released and gazetted the long awaited Termination of Pregnancy Bill to the general public ending speculation on the whereabouts of the bill.

Discussing abortion law reforms

The report and the Bill has this week been distributed to all 193 members of parliament, Speaker of parliament, libraries, universities, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice and the judiciary.

The Bill is expected ti be tabled in this session of parliament.

Members of Parliament, Civil Society Leaders faith community and general populous have been asking on the availability of the Bill.

Government  released a statement in December saying there is no such a bill at both Cabinet and Parliament.

It transpires that indeed the Report on Review of Abortion and Termination of Pregnancy Bill were going through printing at that time after the Special Law Commission finished its work.

Malawi Government released the statement after some religious bodies had taken to the street demanding that the Exceutice should reject calls of possible law reforms on abortion.

”Government wishes to dismiss categorically claims that there is Abortion Bill ready for debate in the National Assembly .The truth of the matter is that the Law Commission has developed a report and made recommendations to Government to adopt a new law on abortion,” government had said at that time.

Currently, government allows termination of any pregnancy only when the life of the mother is in danger.

This restrictive law is generally accepted by those opposing the Bill, conceding that some life may be terminated for the survival of another.

Section 3 of the Bill states: “Except as provided in this section, termination of pregnancy shall not be performed on demand or for any other reason.”

Speaking when opening a two day media orientation workshop in Salima, Coalition for the Prevention of Unsafe Abortion (COPUA) Acting Chairperson, Simon Sikwese, said the release and Gazetting of the bill will help Malawians to fully understand about the Bill.

“The report offers an opportunity for the public to appreciate content of the Bill and this will correct the misconception,” said Sikwese.

Sikwese said Malawi has one of the highest maternal mortality ratios in the world, with a significant percentage of those deaths due to unsafe abortion.

“Unsafe abortion is the second leading cause of pregnancy-related mortality in Malawi accounting to 18% of all maternal deaths and is the leading cause of obstetric complications,” said Sikwese.

Current report on abortion released by College of Medicine  indicates that in 2015 alone 141,000 abortion cases were registered. The report also indicated that there are 900,000 pregnancies yearly where 470,000 are unwanted translating into 2,500 pregnancies per day meaning 105 Malawians get pregnant per hour.

The proposed law to make termination of pregnancy legal and safe only adds further grounds for termination of pregnancy.

They include cases of rape, defilement, and incest; gross foetal malformations incompatible with extra-uterine life; cases where the continuation of the pregnancy may jeopardise the physical and mental health of the pregnant woman.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi govt releases Abortion Bill to the public”

  1. NDIWO says:

    The people who are speaking against abortion are mostly men – who have no idea what it means to be pregnant. In fact, who impregnate girls or women and run away – abandoning the life they have created and leaving the burden of looking after children to women. In other words, men who abandon children are in essence aborting them. It is very simple, bearing a child into a world of poverty is the same as killing that child. The child suffers from the day it is born and eventually dies prematurely. Therefore, women need the right to abortion. In countries where there is abortion, the population has not become extinct because women choose which pregnancy to keep and which one to abort.

    1. mawu mawu, I cant agree more!!!!!!!! very well argued, lady!!!!!!

  2. Achi says:

    This bill is evil and czn only attract the wrath of God to our land. MPs must reject it.

    Even if you ask Trump, president of one of the largest and greatest democracies, he will tell you its evil.

    Let not the outspoken evil voices kill our nation by turning it against our sovereign God.

    God save us!!!

  3. Makamuchiwo says:

    Ever noticed that those who advocate for abortions, have already been born?

  4. Malawian Thinker says:

    There is nothing like “Western Culture”. As usual, the only real thing is here is that the West is always fast-forward thinking and doesn’t care about some old shitty outdated cultures and values. This is why Africa doesn’t develop, they are always sticking to old stuff. If a bird has to fly high, then it must let go of its extra useless baggage. It’s the 21st century, women should make their own decisions concerning their bodies. If you are very religious and righteous, no one is going to come and force you and your wife to undergo abortions, its for women who are helpless.

  5. Mother Malawi says:

    It is better for all those women & men who want abortion to have their uteruses & scrotums removed so they can do what they please without fear of getting pregnant or impregnating a woman. Those innocent unborn babies have the right to life. Amapangiranji zisembwere akudzima zotsatira zake? Anzawo akusowa ana iwo akuwapha. If legalized, Malawi will be another Sodom & Gommorah & God’s wrath & will be upon the nation. God said ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Exodus 20:13.

  6. Papa says:

    A recent survey has shown religious women (Christians, Moslems etc) are resorting to abortion across Malawi. So, the religious and moral arguments are weak and stupid. Those using religion and sensationalising abortion as death are forgetting the simple truth and reality, abortion is rife in Malawi. And those affected by complications resulting from abortion are poor girls and women in villages. The rich get abortion at Banja la Mtsogolo and private clinics. The abortion bill is good for poor women.

  7. Abig says:

    As a man, I totally SUPPORT the Abortion Bill. Look at all the children suffering, ena opanda bambo. Why give birth you to children kuti azazunzike pa dziko lapansi?

    1. Jesus is Lord says:

      So instead you would rather murder children, so they have no chance of experiencing their mother’s love, or pleasure, or joy? “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” – stop measuring things in material terms.

  8. Nawo says:

    Abortion is already happening, government is not forcing women and girls to abort but giving them a safer option. Pitani m`midzimu muli asing`ang`a ochotsa mimba ndi zitsamba including kutokosa ndi mtengo. Mulakhala mtauni ndiye women and girls use all sort of medications. Women and girls are aborting right now. Also, women and girls will choose which pregnancy to keep and which one to abort. The abortion bill is what we need.

    1. Jesus is Lord says:

      Safer option = save a few murdering women by mass-murdering babies. Abortion is murder and there is ZERO justification for it. So some women die when killing their kids? Good, they won’t do it again. Plus just look at abortion in other countries. In USA 94% of abortion is for no other reason than that women are doing it because they opened their legs for strange men and don’t want the consequences. Plus abortion butchers target black people, that’s a fact. Right from the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who said blacks are human weeds. They always have clinics in areas with mostly black people and poor areas but never advertise in rich areas. Abortion is modern day child sacrifice, and may God destroy every single abortion “doctor”, their assistants and the ground they defile!!!

  9. Jesus is Lord says:

    Legalise abortion and Malawi SHALL become another Sodom and Gomorrah, under God’s wrath. Next up they will legalise sodomy to make the filthy West happy. You want to see what Malawi will look like, look at South Africa. A bit more wealth yes, but mass unemployment, people who hate each other, completely evil and totally self obsessed, where God and Christians are hated. A cursed nation with no hope of redemption. Throughout the Bible and history, every regime which did child murder and sodomy got destroyed. Heed the warning Malawi, you still have some hope while the West and SA is doomed.

  10. Chilungamo says:

    Kodi mesa mukuti Malawi ndi dziko la chi Khristu nde mfundo imeneyi ikugwizana ndi khristu a Malawi tisalole maganizo a u satana tisapute dala mkwiyo wa Mulungu ife zochotsa pakati takana.

  11. Rita Joseph says:

    So called “safe abortions” are 100% unsafe for the little daughters and sons who are targeted for extermination
    in their mothers’ wombs. Genuine health care provides for the safe delivery of both the mother and her little daughter
    or son. Both mother and child are entitled to good health care and legal protection to come safely through pregnancy.
    Every human being has a right to be treated with equal respect and care.
    It was agreed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that every child is entitled to “special safeguards and care
    including appropriate legal protection before as well as after birth” (See UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child; also
    UN Convention on the Rights of the Child).

    Lethal violence against children in their mothers’ wombs is never ‘necessary’. All violence against children is preventable.

    Before as well as after birth, children should never receive less protection than adults.

    Their mothers’ personal and social needs can and should be met by non-violent means.

    1. Jesus is Lord says:

      I agree. But the UN is promoting abortion-genocide. And I am very sure the government is under huge pressure from the UN, USAid and overseas regimes to legalise sodomy and abortion.

  12. john says:

    I write to ask all our honorable members of the house to categorically rejects this inhuman bill. The bill is targeting to kill the voiceless and innocent unborn babies. Every life begins at conception including those who are blindly advancing this retrogressive Bill. As a country I feel we have better things to discuss to improve our well being. Once again, I urge all our MPs to join hands and shoot down this Bill.

  13. zebede says:

    thanks government foe this,nyasi zimenezi kuno ayi,mayi anu adakakti akupangeni abort bwezi mulikuti pano,think about it.this should be done only to save one life when it is in danger.Pokhapa mwakhonza.

  14. Rhonald Phiri .Mchinji district says:

    Kkkk Malawian People wre r u going now instead to introduce Other methods that can helps young people to prevent early pregances And unwonted pregant now ur telling us to kill unborn baby shame on you

    Now my point iz Malawi iz nt let ready for dat bill dis iz sin God can nt allow dis to happen

    Let us find ways dat can help to to prevant unwated pregant

    I can allow it to happen unless if woman wz raped and she iz too small to derliver.

  15. Mahera says:

    Where is Malawi heading? Do we nèed to legalize sin to fit in the socks of sinners? Do we need to throw away our cultural values at the expense of western culture? Why should we legalize termination of innocent lives? I wonder seeing Reverends in their white collars sitting in such forums discussing abortion, gay rights and all nonsense issues pushed on us by western. MY MOTHER MALAWI…. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?

  16. C Banda says:

    “Simon Sikwese, said the release and Gazetting of the bill will help Malawians to fully understand about the Bill.”


    How are we supposed to have access to the contents of the bill when its release is so severely limited. As stated in the second paragraph:

    ” … the Bill has this week been distributed to all 193 members of parliament, Speaker of parliament, libraries, universities, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice and the judiciary”

    Does Simon Sikwese, think that we villagers are going to find out by seeking out our MP (if we can remember who the never-seen individual is) or going to a library? Anyone know where the libraries are in Malawi?

  17. Banda says:

    Thanks to government for putting this bill to the public because abortion is already happening – girls and women continue to abort pregnancies everyday in the backstreet. What government is doing is to provide SAFE abortion so that the bill of treating complications arising rom UNSAFE abortion is lowered and lives are saved. Let our MPs support this bill so that girls and women can have the right to terminate pregnancies. The whole burden including risk to life falls on women and it is just right that at the time when our population is so high such a bill should be enacted. We all need to support the bill because apart from personal and medical reasons why women need to terminate pregnancy, government is spending a lot of money to treat complications resulting from unsafe abortion., thus, apart from the fact that our population is too high and therefore government, using a small public purse, cannot afford to fund health, education, etc. and in the end most people who are born die needlessly. In other words, the argument that women and girls should keep pregnancies and people need to be born anyway is stupid because so many people are born just to suffer and die prematurely.

    1. kikolo says:

      Very useless comment. If you are already killing unborn babies, zisatikhudze ife.

      1. Jesus is Lord says:

        So, kill thousands of babies to prevent a few murderous women from dying as a result of their murder? With evil logic like this you must work for UN

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