Malawi issues and matters: Natasha, K16 bn plus, and others

Malawi just like any other African state, I presume, shall remain interesting. A good guinea pig for historical reference for all the unnecessary and so too important jazz.

Madiba my hero!

For starters, my hero – the African icon for liberation and democracy, Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela is not in the best of his health, and this, for me and many Malawian and African across the continent, is a recipe for great worry.

The global community also is kept on its ears, ready to hear either that the great man that fought the stinking apartheid and brought sanity in the great rainbow nation, has recapitulated or, otherwise as his health pus advanced age may well somehow, point out – kicked the bucket.

It is very un-African to talk death; no matter the gravity of one’s illness and so too ones advanced age. It is taboo in many tribes and cultures and ways of life. Even the most diabolical of traditions, some which openly devour their dead for spiritual or mere cannibalistic believes, at least may respect death till the unfortunate occurs.

So for, it’s always Get Well Soon Madiba. Of course I know, those closest to realty and some may call madness – will hold me to check and say, hey Patricia girl, this man is old and older than expected. His health is failing his age and vice versa – let the man go or die and rest. God will be with him all the same.

I may agree, but being a Malawian and one that was somewhat raised on cultural and traditional values, coupled with rich moral and spiritual up growing, I will keep to my Get Well Soon Madiba. You can do your own wishes, pro-Madiba life or death.

Well, as Madiba lies in hopeless pain in hospital, and as the medical team toils day in and out, I am also moved that in the same rainbow nation one of Africa’s great sons, ruling the world through the United States of America, yes Barak Obama and lovely wife Michelle, are visiting not only Pretoria, or is it Cape Town, or is it Johannesburg – will also visit old Madiba and wish him the greatest of health.

Besides all that, rumours also contend that we might have already lost the great continental icon, but as it is, we as Malawians still pray to God to keep the old gentleman well. You may argue.

Great tidings, Madiba!

Natasha the Great

Perhaps this is all what may have given us as Malawians the good luck. Look at how Natasha Tonthola, our Mama Africa in the Big Brother Africa – The Chase game has kept on. That lady was nobody’s favourite when she walked into the house and gobbled at anything edible she could lay her sight and hands on in the house. She really acted the litter bag, that mouthing!

But that has helped keep her in the house, including the dildo she replaced for any ‘beef’, Natasha is also playing the house maker. And that is what every true African loves of every true African woman. And she is a true African Malawian woman, at that.

She can dance with that toy and romp it all over under her sheets, giggle to its pleasure like she wants, at least, that is commendable as she may not be putting her life to risks of straight sex. Talk of HIV and its bad-boy AIDS and gonorrhoea and syphilis and what have you. Yes, some people still get chindoko and mabomu this era. Talk also of unwanted pregnancies courtesy of The Chase and probably abortions time after.

That Natasha girl is more real than over hair-done Fatima who for all the little play she is doing in the house, may be coming home first time she hits the eviction list. Natasha on her part survived four or all eviction attempts on her stay in the house. Will Fatima last? I only pray she will stay, but she needs to put in some action in her stay in the mad house!

MK16 billion, Callista and Bro Peter

You will never walk alone is not only the battle song for that European team you may so much support, it is also Peter Mutharika’s chatty promise to his sister-in-law, Callista. He said those words not just for the fun of it, but new exactly what he was purporting to. And now that Callista is not seen on that Will list brother late Bingu wa Mutharika left, bro Pierre may be doing his maths as to how to bring the Queen of Sheets (money digger) Callista onto that milky wagon.

Look, Callista is not on that Will. Zip. And look, Bingu ‘stole’ those billions. Another big zip, so whether she joins the struggle for the cash or not may not make any sense at all.

Bingu ‘stole’ that money? Well, there are people the late ‘dictator’ owes money, and in small amounts for that matter. For starter, rumour has it that he still has unpaid bills for beer he enjoyed at Bwandilo during his presidential day-dreaming days. It is only rumour, after all?

And yes, he also owes a certain journalist some petty K3, 000 from way back. Again, rumour adds he also owes a bottle store in Area 23 some moneys. And if a man of his calibre could fail to pay for such small debts, where the hell did he get those billions from before the presidency?

And that claim about having millions when the man was driving an old Bineth minibus himself on the Likuni roads beats every sense of human imagination and brain power.

Issue is some serious auditing needs to take place to ascertain he truly owned that lot and earned it the right way. But from how I see it, I now can put two and two together and remember how he used to lambast Indians (who said Asians of Malawian origin? As if we have Malawians of Asian origin in India?) for alleged externalising of dollars.

We all are aware a lot of Indians trading in Malawi do that, but when overnight we learn Bingu had all that cash we quickly add-up that he must be some sort of Malawian of Asian origin who has been not only externalising over K60 billion but has also been keeping it in and under his mattress both at State House and Ndata Farm.

It becomes difficult to explain such riches. Paladin and Mota Engil kickbacks alone are not enough to investigate; it is worthwhile to consider investigating his side kicks as well. Malawians need that money to fuel its economy and mend up where it was denied by one old greedy man. May He Rest in Peace!

JB ‘probe’ challenges

This woman better just shut up for all I care. She thinks Malawians are the same old quiet and perhaps ignorant foolish fools of the Kamuzu Banda or worse slavery era. How can she challenge she has not earned, the wrong way, any penny from government coffers to make her stinky rich?

The way she all of a sudden has her Joyce Banda Foundation dishing stuff around reminds me of the way the Bingu wa Mutharika charity wagons under the names Bingu Silver Grey Foundation and Callista’s Safe Motherhood Initiative screwed moneys from poor Malawians.

Now that Malawi has no serious instruments to check her fattening purse should not be reason enough for her to challenge that her personal ‘economics’ are clean.

That is the same stupid haunting song we used to hear from old Mutharika. “I was already this rich when I came to Malawian and became president” kind of bulls….t! Will she please wait and let Malawians do their own soul-searching and analysing and auditing to see if she really has her little nice fingers dip in public coffers or not. Otherwise just close that chapter.

Save us the noise, madam. We know how you and your sidekicks are amassing millions. I only wished you could draw a leaf from the way Bingu’s wealth has been ‘revealed’ dirty!Masinga HA  HA HA

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