Malawi newspaper giant assess Cabinet, says Mutharika let down by ministers: Tembenu scores poorly:

One of the titles for Malawi newspaper giant, Times Media, the Sunday Times has made a comprehensive assessment of President Peter Mutharika and his cabinet with most of the public officers including Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Samuel Tembenu, getting below average marks.

Tembenu: No justice at all

The newspaper, in the assessment, describes the Cabinet as “far from convicing”.

‘The reason for this under performance are many but two things dominate. Firstly, the ministers are too concerned with their political relevance, knowing pretty well that’s for them to maintain their ministerial positions, they must add value to the party. This has led to loss of focus  regarding their ministerial roles,” the paper said.

The paper gave an avarage score of 37 perecent to the Cabinet, saying it is not performing  and  President Mutharika has “some thinking to do and start making crucial decisions now.”

One of the key ministers who has been rated poorly is Samuel Tembenu at Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

Tembenu is largely blamed on  the way  he ensured Electoral Reforms Bills were frustrated  and defeated   at the expense of the national and common good.

”Perhaps for the first time in recent memory, a Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs brought bills to Parliament and led the House in blocking them,” the paper noted.

The assessment also pointed out that under Tenbenu, the Ministry of Justice was also “jumpy”  when it came to releasing a report from last year’s National Anti Corurotion Conference.

The paper further stated that under Tembenu, Ministry of Justife has been one of the most stingy government entities “when it comes to making information available to the public.”

Said the pape: Tembenu is such a young professional lawyer who ran a successful practice before joining politics. How  such a professional lawyer is lost in the wilderness of politics is beyond comprehension.”

Tembenu performed “below average” with one marks score out of ten.

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Omwe amamudziwa bwino munthuyu azaakuuzani kuti ndiwochezeka koma pansi pansi ndimunthu wamwano komaso wamnyozo. Ndiwokula mtima ndiye zoti akuchita zonsezi sizodabwisa kwenikweni

peter ceee

Always opposing destructively why

Listen and Love
In any competitive football club it is the duty of a coach to feature reliable players who play to win things. If players underperform, they get booted out from the team or the coach himself gets sacked. What more with government which is constitutionally mandated to give leadership in crucial matters of the state where people’s lives are at stake. If cabinet under performs in their ministerial functions reason demands their sacking. If they don’t get the chop, SIMPLY KNOW THAT THE COACH HIMSELF IS A DEADWOOD UNFIT TO LEAD ANY GROUPING OF PEOPLE ON EARTH AND RIGHTLY DESERVES A… Read more »

Do you really, in your heart of hearts, trust that Kasakula and Times group can come up with an objective assessment the DPP administration when you pretty know who they sympathize with? At least I would spare some time to have some serious reading if it were Nations Publications Ltd.


Bootlickers have that mentality! Are you trying to say Kasakula doesn’t say good about this government? Nde u bbolicker wo umenewo. Some of us have head Daily Times team praising government several times! Odya nao samasowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa After all if they do a few good and more bad things the key record will be bad!

Kununkha kwa mchimbudzi ndi chifukwa cha kuchuluka kwa mpweya oonongeka osati kuti mulibe mpweya wabwino


Even giving him a one out of ten marks is even too much! Tembenu deserves a zero! Why did he waste our resources coordinating formulation of a bill he knew was irrelevant? He is insane and not worthy to be a Minister.

We all know that Times media is a mouth piece of MCP. I am eager to see how the same media is going to assess the leader of opposition following an objective write up by Suzgo Khunga of the National Publication LTD. Hon Tembenu, you have performed beyond able minded Malawians’ expectation. The elector Regorm bill was defeated by MCP through its unprecedented record absentism on that crucial and decisive day. Can Times media demand an explanation from the leader of opposition why his MPs deserted parliament in such a large number on that day. Was that his hypocritical strategies… Read more »

Assessment is completely flawed. What is cabinet really? How do you assess the president in relation to his cabinet. Chilima visits ntandire but the other ministries come in. Who funds these visits and what role does APM play. We need a neutral criteria one that makes sense. Si strongly refuse to be told that playing golf is part of the job. Ordering councils to demolish structures built in wrong areas without an alternative to me is a sign of immaturity and serious failure to understand how government really works. Daily times seems to fall for populism and not substance.

kaka ni dada

Mmesa a che Tembenu akusangalatsa che Muthalika, inu mukufuna atani kupatula kupakula ndi kunenepetsa mimba zawo, runing a government is not a miracle, but they got into it as a miracle, shame!

The ministers are deployees of DPP party, led by Professor Dr Mutharika, who also happens to be the head of state. As deployees of the party all ministers are mandated to follow party line and resolutions. Under this system of governance, a cabinet minister has no flexibility in the formulation and delivery of government policies (it the party that has the mandate). These minister cannot formulate government policies that are inconsistent with party resolutions. It is therefore clear that all ministers operate under the guidance of the DPP party and party leader (the head of state). Therefore any failure of… Read more »

this expected from a newspaper that does not see anything positive in the DPP government, they have two cartoonist every morning castigating the DPP. i dont see any sense in what they do, writing newspapers and analysing it themselves.


Yes! you cannot c sense in newspapers but MBC that uses our taxes working for DPP castigating opposition.

I choose to differ with the newspaper. Our opposition is much weaker and Chakwera is the one to blame. JZU Tembo’s 2004-2009 opposition was very strong, that’s why Bingu performed extremely well in that period because Hon JZU Tembo focused on politics of substance osati zimene tikuona lero za a Chakwera. Times Group serves the MCP nothing else. You are much worse than MBC itself. Our interest on you is eroding like soil being washed away by running rainwater. Kasakula and others, please help Malawians by writing and giving Malawians constructive stories to read NOT these half-baked and fake news.… Read more »

Give us a detailed report

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