Malawi Police arbitrarily shot and kill two in Lilongwe

Malawi Police Service has continued to apply a ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy with the latest victims being Luke Lumbani Msonda and Lawrance Kawonga, who were arbitrarily shot and killed in Lilongwe as thy were coming from Area 25 together with a friend.

Shoot to kill

Shoot to kill

Police attacked the three and snatched cash which they had. Apparentl, Msonda has gone to collect money from his debtors in Area 25.

They were reportedly shot at a forest in what relations are calling “murder”.

Police then took the two men’s bodies to Kamuzu Central Hospital’s mortuary alleging they were robbers.

However, Kawonga regained consciousness and was rushed to the hospital’s ICU where he’s reported to have narrated the whole ordeal.

A relation to Lumbani Msonda, Ken Msonda, who is Publicity Secretary for the People’s Party, said police action is unacceptable.

“As a family, we are shocked, saddened and confused. If this isn’t the Shoot to Kill policy at work, then it’s a case of mistaken identity,” said Msonda.

The opposition politician claimed Police were after him to apply ‘shoot-to-kill’.

Msonda said Police have taken the life of “innocent brother, who in his entire life never wronged them.”

He added: “ Our lives are in danger [Under DPP regime].”

Malawi Law Society recently called dthe the so-called ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy as unlawful

The society’s secretary Khumbo Soko and president John Suzi Banda said the society had noted with concern that several people suspected of criminal activities have been shot dead by police officers.

The society further said instead of killing suspects, police should provide public safety and protect rights of all Malawians regardless of their status.

According to MLS, although use of lethal force by MPS is regulated by law, firearms should only be used to arrest anyone who attempts to evade lawful arrest or tries to escape from lawful custody.

On the other hand, Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) is on record as saying it is documenting incidences where criminals have been killed by police.

But National Police Headquarters spokesperson Rhoda Manjolo says there is no policy of ‘shoot-to-kill’.

Manjolo said ”where robbers aim at killing innocent civilians and police officers, police officers aim at protecting civilians by disabling the armed robbers.”

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ngwazi ya ufa

In countries like South Africa a shoot to kill is implemented when criminals have fire arm pointed at police officer, but in countries like Malawi, shoot to kill is for what?

myamiko matapa

Koma akapha wapolice ndiye mumakondwa

A Micky

We are living in fear because of thieves and armed robbers. If what people are saying is true, then we should not politicise issues here.l Policemen are at work


chonde asiyeni apolisi agwire ntchito yothana ndi mbava, luka ndi kawongayo zinali mbavazoospya musanyoze apolisi musalowese ndale pa nkhani zambava, tafusani pa vinthukutu zambava zimenezi kuchilumba

First offender

Ngati uli mbava sulimba ngongole yokatenga usiku yamtundu wanji and moreover mukudusanso kumandanso mbava ndi zomwezo it’s not a mistaken identify.

First offender

Ken msonda ngati nawenso uli mbava tasala pang’ono kukushuta wamva?


MHRC,also document the killings of Police Officers & Innocent Civilians by these SAME CRUEL ROBERS.

Rejoice Kachana

Iwe Ken Msonda shut up


Ndikuyamika ntchito yabwino yomwe a Police mukugwira yokupha anthu osakonedza dziko. Komanso musamanyang musamayang’ane nkhope ayi chifukwa enawo ndi abale anunso.A cash gatenso aphedwe mosayang’anira nkhope

Rejoice Kachana

Inu anthu musavutike an amenewa ndi mbava zoopsa ask anybody wa ku chilumba akuuzani za ana amenewa achi Kawonga mbava wina amwabera uncle ake a mwenelupembe Kawonga mbava yoopsa.tapitani ku Chilumba pafupi ndi galison mukafunse za ana amenewa.Peolpe are rejoicing …kaya winayo watsitsimukiranji ….ma nurse ndi ma doctors tachitani naye ameneyo

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