Malawi Police arrest Malunga, cop’s ex-hubby in bank robbery

The Malawi Police have arrested renowned notorious criminal Pelekani Malunga believed to be one of thesuspects in the recent robbery that happened at the country’s First Merchant Bank ( FMB) Livingstone Towers Branch in Blantyre where the criminals went away with money amounting almost MK100 million.arrest

The robbers who were in FMB dress code shot dead one police officer in the process and injured two others.

Malunga was identified by the CCTV footage from the bank and one of the police officers who was shot during the robbery but survived.

He is a well known criminal by the Malawi Police has in the past masterminded several fatal armed robberies including the time of late Clive Macholowe and Kwacha Ghambi.

Malunga once married a Blantyre Police Commandant Supretendent Blandina Chanika and some sources reveal that the two still see each other although Chanika distances herself from Malunga.

Facts are still fuzzy as to the involvement of Malunga ‘ s ex -wife but unconfirmed reports indicates
the guns used in the robbery are from the Malawi Police Service.

FMB head of retail banking Ewen Hiwa said when the robbers entered the bank, staff on duty were ordered to lie down as the suspects made their way into the room where there was cash .

This is the second Bank to robbed in the space of three months as the first one was Mzuzu Standard Bank in the Northern City of Mzuzu where robbers went away with money amounting to MK 0.5 billion .

Hours late the two Malawi Revenue Authority ( MRA ) officers managed to rescue the money from the thugs but no one was arrested.

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dandire wa dandire
He is a well known criminal in Blantyre who has masterminded armed robberies in the past during the macholowes and the kwachas so goes the sentence and yet he is left to roam free to commit his sinister moves.Why don’t you lock him up and throw away the keys in Mudi River?The scum needs to rot in jail.Why do you thieves like heroes kumazungulira ndimagalimoto opezera makobili okuswa ma bank ndi nyumba za anthu?These are the scum that needs a firing squad like they used to do in Nigeria in 80s.Even the youngsters are emulating this dirty lifestyle of getting… Read more »
sayin it like it is

don’t get your panties in a twist guys…anyone is still a suspect just like the malunga guy is…if not careful aboma amulipila ndalamatu ameneyu..oho

Nchiyani a Nganya!
Tuvitwana 68 and Lebralist 64 seem to be in dreams. You think it is easy to de-thrown a legitimately elected government. Most of the Tumbukas being used as condoms for ages without any breakthru. We went to polls and you thought your mandas idiot would carry the day. Similar to the rantings of one party of “death and darkness”. Keep on dreaming whether in feadalism or cessasion way, but DPP is the one at the helm till 2019 and beyond. Just wait for the next polls. You will be amazed with the outcome. Some Life Leaders of Opposition think they… Read more »
kamuzu wakale

Ngati anali well known criminal, bwanji samamugwira. Don’t fool us.


anye manyi agalu amenewa….mxiii


Mr Lawyer really knew about this matter in advance? Up to stopping him ABWANA ABWANA NDIKUYIMBIRANI. Ah!!! very sorry kodi Ma Lawyer are Rich in this way?


At a time when more and more people think they have the discretion to arbitrarily kill whoever they will, just on their whim and for unlawful gain, what is the wisdom of abolishing the death penalty? Have we become wiser than God?

Concerned citizen
Dear Leader of our beloved country and Lilongwe City, I am a very concerned and indirectly affected citizen of the recent wave of crime. There is a big vacant plot of land in Area 3 below Bishop Makenzie, near Lilongwe river which is in the name of a Malawian of Asian origin, which according to the original city plans was meant to be split into many smaller plots and was to have separate access roads. This plot has not been developed for over thirty years despite the heavy demand for land in the said area. As far as I am… Read more »

Malawians, let’s do the Burkina Gasoline way, let’s demo n REMOVE this govt. Wr being governed by THUGS

Pierre kamoza mvalo

These people who are doing this and caught pliz handle them properly in jail for life ….thus why kamuzu hated to keep such notorious bad guys. secure his people thou is interpreted bad leader he knew rebels keeps bloodshed in nation other live in fear. …Small cases are dealt fast in judgement even without bail but these ones eee early in the morning bail is for bwana…God help our nation malawi

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