Malawi told to stop inquiry on homosexuals: ‘Human rights are not for public opinion’

The Aids and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (Arasa) has written the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) to stop the idea of holding a public inquiry that is aimed to get the national views on whether or not Malawi should continue criminalizing same sex marriages.

Gay couple: “A person’s homosexuality shouldn’t be a big deal “

Arasa is a regional network of civil society organization (CSOs) working with 115 CSOs in 18 countries in southern and eastern Africa to promote a human rights-based response to HIV and TB.

In the letter Arasa Director Michaela Clayton observes that while the network appreciates the objectives of the inquiry, it would discourage the use of a public inquiry to achieve these objective.

“Human rights are inalienable and their protection should not be determined by the vote of a majority,” she says.

The MHRC has suggested a public inquiry into the issue, a thing which some civil society organizations oppose.

Clayton suggests that while Arasa appreciate MHRC efforts in making life better for LGBTI people, the body would rather want to see the commission investigate abuses of key populations’ rights.

The letter was delivered to MHRC last week amidst tussling between the commission and several human rights defenders with some calling the inquiry to be stopped.

Clayton expresses fears that holding such an inquiry would only result in making life even harder for the key populations.

“It is hard for them, since access to healthcare is difficult for them as they fear to come up in the open fearing arrests. The right to health should be for all,” said Clayton.

In an interview, Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) director Gift Transpence said human rights are not about public opinion.

“No matter how few people may be, we all have rights. We can’t subject the human rights of the minority in the hands of the majority,” he said.

MHRC could not immediately comment on the letter.

South Africa is currently hosting a conference in Johannesburg on key populations-sex workers, prisoners, people who use drugs and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people.

During her opening of the conference, Clayton said while most southern and eastern African countries continue criminalizing same sex marriages, this is not working and much remains to be done in the area as abuses for people who sleep with people of the same sex, like other key populations like sex workers, prisoners, (and) people who use drugs.

“Criminalization does not help in bringing down the numbers of the people. Otherwise, this negatively affects them as they go underground and cannot access healthcare,” said Clayton.

Most studies have disclosed that there is high correlation between HIV, Aids and human rights, especially for key populations.

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If you don’t know gay rights are satanic a genders. At first you told us circumcision will reduce the spread of AIDS now all men have gone for the way of Abraham, but HIV infection is worse. What is the reason behind this? Satan does not offer things for free are you taking our foreskins for satanic rituals or what? I am telling you the devil has confused western countries if you can do the research you will find in the US army some peope are transgender meaning at first there were men they changed into women they changed their… Read more »

Ine ndikuti: Tandiphunzitseni the right definition of a “Right”, What is it really????????

Jesus is LORD

There is a reason God put Leviticus 20:13 in the Bible. Legalise this crime against humanity and Malawi will be gone. And shame on this website for promoting this abomination!

Mopiya Mulupare

You in same sex marriage industry why cant you respect our beliefs as well. We believe it is evil and you want us to think its normal. It is sinful and one of the most gravest sins. Those who practise it will burn in the hottest part of hell. Why cant you respect these beliefs of ours. It seems its only your beliefs that matter and that’s being selfish. You cant stop us discussing and seeking views on such great sins. LEV18:22; Lev20:13


Can u please educate me: What is a “Right” Actually? Would u pliz come up with ur comprehensive and tactful Answers for me to understand the term?????


we have many issues and I wonder why this Gay issue is given much attention……. pena pake aaaaaah

Jesus is LORD
If Malawi ever legalises it – and I know there is huge pressure from overseas – kiss your country goodbye. Go look at the abominations in Europe and America and South Africa. They recruit our children by rape and molestation. Do not believe their lie of “equality”, their goal is to destroy families (man, woman, children, marriage). In Europe and USA they have mostly achieved this. Just today in England a school banned girls from wearing skirts because it discriminates against transgender freaks – CHILDREN who don’t even know if they are boys or girls. Do you want this for… Read more »

Homosexuality is not a human rights in the first place, its a human disease like AIDS, Cancer etc.
or it can be defined as a human disorder or disability with such things you don’t ask for rights but medication or rehabilitation once again no need for public enquiry on useless things.

Bristone Mabichi
Leave Malawi alone, we know how to sort our problems and we have more work to do than bringing in this gay agenda again and again. Tell your paymasters, Aids and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (Arasa), to go to hell. It is still a crime in Malawi. I like it that way, so whoever you are, stop fooling us around. Find another place where you can enjoy your blood money. Do not tell us what to do, we can equally live with gay people and show them the truth as we continue to live with those with HIV &… Read more »
Cheyo Muyata

In Malawi clinics patients are never asked if they are gay or not therefore the issue of failing to access healthcare services does not exist. I think the ARSA boss is lying in trying to make a case. ARSA does not even respect authorities in Malawi by posing as if Malawi is answerable to it (ARSA). My advice to ARSA they should redirect their ego and lies to somewhere else.

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