Malawi VP Chilima snubs CSOs on demos: OPC to designate official to receive petition

State Vice President Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima has taken the same stand by President Prof Peter Mutharika  snubbing the civil society organisations (CSOs) planning the April 27 demonstrations over the K4 billion allocation to legislators and other issues to expect him to personally receive their petition.

Chilima: OPC will designate the person to receive petition

In a letter to CSOs, Secretary to the Vice President  Clement Chinthu Banda  said their request has been  referred to Office of the President and Cabinet “to determine and designate a government official to receive the petition on behalf of the Malawi government.”

The letter further advises the CSOs: “You may, therefore, pursue the matter through the Chief Secretary to the Government.”

Human Rights Defenders Forum chairperson Timothy Mtambo, who is leading CSOs organising the protests, said they have received the response  and that they will make a decision on Tuesday.

Mtambo said the organisers of the demos wanted their petition to go straight to the presidency through Mutharika or Chilima as they have previously delivered many petitions through other channels, but they have not seen any change; hence, the decision to deliver the petition direct to the Presidency.

But the CSOs maintained ythat the protests are a March of No Confidence and will go ahead on Friday April 27, saying their decision to stage protests follows inconsistencies, illegality and suspicions that characterised the K4 billion ‘miracle money’ pay-out that raises governance and accountability questions.

Through the demonstrations, which the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and others are supporting, the CSOs are demanding cancellation of disbursement of the K4 billion fund and the resignation of Cabinet ministers Goodall Gondwe (Finance, Economic Planning and Development) and Kondwani Nankhumwa (Local Government and Rural Development) over their roles in the scam.

The demonstrations are set to be held under the theme For How Long Shall Malawians Continue To Be Taken for Granted? Loss of Public Trust in the Current Administration: Time to Reclaim Our Destiny.

The CSOs argue that the K4 billion allocation is illegal and not in the best interest of Malawians; hence, the need to immediately cancel it.

The groups also want the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate allegations that government bribed some MPs from opposition parties to frustrate the Electoral Reforms Bills through rejection, abstaining or absenteeism during last November sitting of Parliament.

Besides, the protests will also be held over continued blackouts and government’s K45.2 billion bailout to State produce trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) without seeking parliamentary approval in 2017.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration has also been challenged to free taxpayer-funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and act on all proposed reforms by PAC and the Law Commission’s report on the review of electoral laws (2017).

The K4 billion issue—that initially saw 86 legislators mostly affiliated to the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its working partners getting about K40 million each—came to the fore during the Mid-Year Budget Review Meeting in Parliament in February.

But Nankhumwa clarified that both sides of the House decided to distribute the money equally, meaning that each of the 193 legislators would now receive K20.7 million.

However, the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) later made a U-turn, saying it does not want to be party to the fund.

On the protests day, protesters in Lilongwe will march from the Lilongwe Community Centre ground through Mchesi and Kamuzu Central Hospital roundabout via Lingadzi roundabout and Parliament Building to Kamuzu Palace, the official residence of the President.

Commentarors say demonstrations are really not about who should receive the petition whose contents everybody is aware of but most important is that whoever receives the petition should ensure it gets to the President.


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Inetu ndikanakuuzani dzana lija – Mtambo, Nhlane, Munthali ndi atumbuka opusa. So awa apepera…..kikikiki


Join the discussion zazii za ma Demo Mungotengeka Zilizonse basi achina Mtambo Akapanga Ndalama Inu Kungoti Ndwii Ngati Mbuzi Kapangeni Anthu Ongotengeka Ngati Madzi Akhwawa

Apao Kugola
How can Chilima be different from his master when he is part of a corrupt government. Those people who thought Chilima would stab the back of APM by receiving the CSO’s petition think like chicken – kuthamangitsa dziwala. Those who are supporting the Chilima snubbing of the CSOs don’t love him and don’t wish him well. This is the time the guy Chilima must sell fast if what Mayi Callister said carries any weight. Otherwise, we need a sign of maturity in this baby Mama for the nation to trust him. By snubbing CSOs Chilima has lost an opportunity to… Read more »

Koma guys zinazi kumayamba mwaziona bwino..mfundo za ma demo nzimenezo kodi? Shatapu zawo..kodi a mtambo ndi anzawowo anatifunsa ife a kumudzi eni dzikoli zimenezo? Awa amaziimilira okhatu pofuna ndalama..kodi ngati 4bn ili illigal bwanji osakasuna ku court? Nanga a mtambo ndi abtrapence wo za mathanyula zija zakukanimani kuyendetsa nde mwangoganiza zolowa chiwewe cha ma demo? Zikutinyasagu zimeneI iyaaaa.


Chilima motomoto! When CSO’s organise demonstration, they actually get paid. In fact, they use the demonstration to get more money from donors. So, they exploit the people to walk with them but at the end it is the people who are losers.


CSOs do not speak for us. They speak for themselves. Good the VP has snubbed them properly.


Mwagwa nayo. You thought Chilima is foolish. Just shut up now.

Mawa Muona

Thanks Bwana VP Chilima for refusing to receive the petition of these CSO confusionists. We are fed up with their noise and unwarranted criticism of APM’s government. These people are nasty and are being sent. They want to divide you and the president and weaken the DPP 2019 ticket.

What can you expect of a “baby”? Bon Kalindo waonatu mantha munthu wako! Nanga izi zikugwirizana ndi zija umebwenthabwentha zija ubvekere ife lathu gulu komanso mtsogoleri wathu ndife “akadziotche”!! Kadzotche wamanthaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Mngoni wa fake……………………………………………. kikikikikikiki mngoni weniweni sangapange zopepera chonchiiiiiiiiiiii! Abale kungopanga ngati a “robbot tu”!! More less like its switch is with APM…………………. kikikikikikikikikikiki So based his actions, his acts I strongly feel, obwenthanu mukhoza kumati he is hope for DPP and not for Malawi!! Zoonatu wapana mchira komanso walenga kutali “baby” uyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Chakwera oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee So the key message he has sent is that in the absence of Peter,… Read more »
Honourable Salulos Chilima, in the absence of Mutharika, you are the father of the nation. As a father please hear your people even if its via a demo. Let’s not hide under protocol or security as Malawi is so so peaceful a country. If it not secure or safe to meet them at a state house, then why is it that you can address them in very insecure venues all over Malawi, in the name of campaigning. It works both ways Honourable Saulos Chilima. Give Malawians some respect and they will respect you back. Humour them (CSOs). This is your… Read more »

A opposition mwaonatu kuti DPP ndi Crocodile Party ndi zosiyana. DPP is a Movement while Crocodile Party is a Religion.

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