Malawians ridicule their government for signing MoU with an uninhabited ‘country’ named Liberland

It has come to the attention of the public that Malawi signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a ‘country’ named Liberland — located in south-eastern Europe with a size that has been estimated to be like that of Area 18 in Lilongwe.

According to Wikipedia, Liberland — also known as the Free Republic of Liberland, is a ‘micronation’ found on an “uninhabited parcel of disputed land on the western bank of the Danube River between Croatia and Serbia (locally known as Gornja Siga)”.

It was proclaimed on April 13, 2015 by the Czech right-libertarian politician and activist Vit Jedlicka but Wikipedia says Liberland has no prior diplomatic recognition from any recognized nation — adding that the land lacks infrastructure and lies on the floodplain of the Danube.

The Liberland Secretary of State with officials representing Ministry of Agriculture

According to, the uninhabited country has scored its first diplomatic coup as Malawi has recognized it by formally signing an MoU with it — which has been described as a ‘Diplomatic Success’ on the ‘country’s official communication platform.

The report on says the micronation’s Secretary of State, Dr. Tariq Abbasi was in the country in October to sign the MoU following a “marathon of negotiations he initiated more than a year ago”.

The MoU has been facilitated through a special arm of the Liberland Aid Foundation and it “signifies the recognition of our country as a valid and worthy diplomatic and economic partner for the African State”.

The report further says the content of the MoU is “comprehensive — promising tighter economic relations between the countries”, adding that it also for “peaceful resolutions of disputes, should any occur between the parties, and a joint effort to attain mutually agreed upon development goals”.

Malawi’s Ministry of Agriculture is reported to have ratified the MoU and carries with it a picture of Wezi Ngalamila — former CEO of the now defunct United States Cannabis Association — who is apparently Malawi Consular to Liberland. further says “both Liberland and Malawi wish to start their cooperation through activities in agriculture sector,” emphasizing that “Malawi has the potential to become one of the breadbaskets of Africa and, perhaps, in time, of the entire world”.

“Given the current complicated situation regarding supply lines caused by the COVID crisis and the conflict in Ukraine, the time has come for Africa to step up to the international stage. The Ministry of Agriculture of Malawi recognizes this opportunity, and so does Liberland.

“To give practical effect to the stipulations in the Memorandum, Dr. Abbasi has also founded the Liberland Trade Mission and Aid Foundation, a new entity in Malawi, which will cooperate with the government of Malawi to fulfil the Memorandum’s purposes.

“We are happy to see this effort come to fruition and hope for a fruitful partnership between Liberland and Malawi,” reports

Following the revelation through social issue commentator, Onjezani Kenani’s Facebook post, the public likened it with the disbelief they had over a cooperation agreement the country had with BRIDGIN Foundation — which was deemed to be bogus.

Questions have been asked: “What is wrong with us? What will we do with a country the size of Area 18? Are we ever going to do things right?” — with Munthu Mulala reminding the commentators that previously, Malawi was “the first African country to declare interest to establish an embassy in highly contested city of Jerusalem — lero ndi izi (today, we experience this)”.

John Kachere opined that some decisions by the government Charles are “a serious cancer” and also was reminded that Malawi once  “recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel”, saying it was done “without thinking of any consequences”.

Horace Nyaka observed that the picture on the website was taken when Lobin Lowe was Minister of Agriculture, who was later fired after his involvement in a fertilizer deal worth billions with a bogus UK company.

Manuel Kaifa was in disbelief that as to why Malawi has made diplomatic relations with a country with no population — “meaning zero economy” and was prompted to ask if President Lazarus Chakwera is aware of this.

Kaifa indicated that Malawi may be heading towards another scam just like with BRIDGIN and the Fertilizer-gate but Ucizi Mughogho was of the opinion that Chakwera might not be “clueless” in his leadership “but he trusts his steering team too much”, giving an example that “BRIDGIN wasn’t supposed to be touted for that loud”.

Lawyer Khumbo Bonzoe Soko asked if there are “protocol in Government on the signing of an MOU”, adding: “Who can sign? And for what purpose? Is the advice of the Attorney General required? Kapena it’s the usual phwanyaphwanya way of doing things?”

Kumbukani Kadzamira gave a different dimension, saying: “Malawi has diplomatic ties with countries like USA and to the USA, “Malawi is very small even economically. I see nothing to worry about.”

Lawrence Katunga wondered where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is “in all this to provide technical advise as they are ‘expected’ to have experts who understand international relations”.

Koma ayi ndithu, aliyense chief wake wakunja akamutumizila message pa WhatsApp (whenever someone in government is contacted by someone they deem imports on WhatsApp), the next thing is some silly MoU between the Malawi Government and representatives of those other foreign groups. So pathetic.”

Wikipedia quotes Czech right-libertarian politician and activist Vit Jedlicka as saying the plot of land — a 7km2 (2.7 sq miles) in area west of the Danube — had not been claimed by either side during the Croatia-Serbia border dispute.

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