Malawi’s ruling DPP accused of ‘buying’ opposition members: Mwalwanda refuses cash

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is being accused of using taxpayers money to buy opposition members to join the party, Nyasa Times has established , but  the political migration is not new.

Mwalwanda sticks with MCP

With the polls  due in 2019 the election mood is already sweeping through the country as a strategic political realignment takes place.

DPP officials in the northern region say the party injected a lot of money  to buy opposition members recently in the n region, when President Peter Mutharika visited.

The purchasing of opposition members is being led by DPP Secretary General Gridezer Jeffrey wa Jeffrey and the party’s national campaign director who is also minister of transport Jappie Mhango.

Jeffrey wa Jeffrey and Mhango approached a number of opposition members to join the party before the coming of President dangling cash to lure them.

“Some, especially councilors were  receiving K1.5 million and above while K4 to 5 million to MPs as well as renowned politicians,” he said.

Adding “they wanted to paint a picture that DPP is strong in the region to the nation and President Mutharika.”

However, most of approached politicians in the region vehemently rejected the cash and they include  former deputy minister of finance Dr Cornelius Mwalwanda and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Karonga district chairperson Emmanuel Nkhoma.

Confirming the development, Mwalwanda and Nkhoma said they denied the cash because they are not cheap politicians and that they can’t join DPP because the party is an enemy to the north.

Speaking to Karonga residents on Saturday during the political rally held at Lupembe, Mwalwanda who is one of the MCP National Executive Committee member cleared out rumours that he received the cash.

“They indeed came to me with a bag of cash but I vehemently refused to be bought like a goat. What they wanted is that I should be welcomed by the President in Karonga after launching Chitipa water project but I rejected. So, what you should know is that I am still MCP senior member and I will remain there,” said Mwalwanda.

Karonga district chairperson Ernest Mwaghali who dumped Peoples Party to AFORD also confirmed that he was approached by some senior DPP members a few days before the coming of the President.

But DPP Secretary General Wa Jeffrey dismissed the claims as “false and baseless”.

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Malawians will always be taken as dunderheads by these so called reporters. The story if looked closely clearly shows that it is written by an opposition die-hard who hates Jeffrey and Jappie for doing their job well in the DPP. Just by looking at the name of the writer everybody can get the position of this man in politics. The reporter has never gone into a class of journalism that is why his story is a trash. T his is not the work of a true journalist. He knew by writing this trash that only opposition dunderheads will easily believe… Read more »

That’s human trafficking

Tenzi Mzungu

Who has done more harm to the northerners btwn mcp and DPP.? What happened to Mkwapatira Mhango, Yatuta Chisiza, teachers based in other regions? What development did mcp bring to northern region? Mwalwanda was old enough then to remember this.Otherwise don’t behave as fools

Natty Prince

I think Santana akukombeza mphika wa thelere akuti limakoma amayi ku phiri anali njagilira bwino!!!!


Shaaaaa buying or selling?????????


Mapeto a DPP ndamenewa anthu tatayanu hope. Azanu apezerapo mwai, ine sindikuonaso mukuwina come 2019. Pepani


Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma kumeneko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wasusa nthuli alinchifukwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. How many people are going to buy?


Shame on you DPP Supporters. Mwatha ma plan okopera anthu. Where is Santana, the DPP die-hard?


The end of DPP is fast approaching. After fighting hard to destabilize MCP, now God is destabilising them. You will face the wrath of God for fighting His child

mathews malata

kkkkk Nawoni a DPP, musawalole kukugulani ngati nkhumba yachigodola,, musawasiye muwaulule ndithu kuti akugwilitsa ntchito ndalama za mtsonkho wathu ndi kumagulila anthu kuti alowe chipani chozuza ngati chimenechi.. Boma lachinyengo ili,,,,mukalephela kugula anthu mungogula ziwetozonse zilimMalawimuno popeza zilibe zipani kuti zidzakuvoteleni coz ife sitingataye nthawi ndikukavotela inu a DPP

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