MCP announce full NEC members with Lunguzi, Kandodo, Kunkuyu given posts: Mia says Chakwera assembled good team to lead Malawi

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President Sidik Mia says his boss President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has all the qualities to take Malawi to greater heights.

Mia and Chakwera in traditional Ngoni dance

Mzuzu University students supporting MCP attend rally

Wives of MCP top brass dancing at the rally

Crowds at MCP rally in Euthini

Mia was speaking Saturday  during the first post convention rally the party conducted at Ngazi ground,  Ekwendeni in Mzimba district.
The MCP second in command said Chakwera is a God fearing leader Malawians desperately need to fix the country.
“We have rampant corruption in government. The state vice president has even admitted that their government is riddled with corruption and that this evil has reached levels like it has never been seen before.
“I assure you that it is  only Chakwera who will fix this mess,” said Mia amid applause from the mammoth crowd.
Mia said it was sad to note that corruption has eaten the fabric of the nation such that people have now legitimized the culture of corruption  as a way of doing things in the country.
“To get something you need to bribe someone; we cannot continue doing things this way,” said Mia who told President Chakwera to be hard on corruption
On his part, Chakwera assured the crowd that he will not tolerate corruption arguing people are suffering in the country because a few people are stealing resources which would otherwise benefit a lot of Malawians in the  hospitals, in our universities and in  many other sectors.
Chakwera said Malawians should entrust him because  he is the only “real deal” for the country in 2019.
During the rally, Party Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka officially announced full National Executive Committee (NEC) members. The MCP convention gave powers to Chakwera to fill some vacant positions as the convention couldn’t do that due to time limitations during the convention.
The fully constituted MCP NEC is as follows:
1. Lazarus Chakwera
2. Sidik Mia
3. Harry Mkandawire
Secretary General
.  Eisenhower Mkaka
. Catherine Gotani Hara
.  Salim Bagus
Organizing Secretary
. Khumbize Chiponda
. Gift Daftar
. Aram  Beza
Treasure General
. Albert Mapondela Mbawala
. Rhino Chiphiko
. Halima Daud
Legal Advisors
. Titus Mvalo
. Larry Lita
. Maxwell Thyolera
Publicity Directorate
. Maurice Munthali
. Ezekiel Chingoma
. Kondie Msungama
Political Affairs
. Max Kalamula
. Chikumbutso Hiwa
. Owen Simwaka
Women Directorate
. Patricia Nkanda
.  Florence Kanyoni
. Ruth Chenda
Youth directorate
. Richard Chimwendo
. Blessings Chilembwe
. Mathias Mgemezulu
Elections Directorate
. Elias Chakwera
. Nodia manda
. Francis Chiwanga
. Moses Kunkuyu
. Loveness Gondwe
. George Zulu
. John Paul
. Omar Kaisi
. Hon. Karim
Economic Affairs
. Cornelius Mwalwanda
. Sosten Gwengwe
. Edward Governor
International Relations
. Thomas Bisika
. Edgar Chipalanjira
. Olivia Liwewe
. Maureen Bondo
. Lawrence Malemia
. Gerald Kazembe
Public Relations
. Alekeni Menyani
. Juliana Kaduya
. Elia Kamphinda Banda.
. Hellen Chabunya
. Peter Mazizi
. Wazamazama Katatu
Strategic Planning
. Zikhale Ng’oma
. Ken Kandodo
. Kelita Kanyandula
Religious Affairs
. Sheikh Muhammad.
. Maria Antonio
. Mkandawire Patrick
Committee members
. Mcdonald Lombola.
. Samuel Kawale.
. Chrissie Chigawa
. Bennex Mwamlima
. Horace Chipuwa.
. Anthony Mukumbwa
. Anthony Lwanda.
. Juliana Lunguzi
. Makowa Mwale
. Dorothy Chirambo
. Lingson Belekanyama
. Jean Sendeza
. Alfred Mwenifumbo
. Enock Kanyimbiri
. Yongo wa Yongo
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A Chakwerawa akuoneka ngati adzakhala ndi kabineti ya anthu 100, nanga abale NEC ya anthu onsewa.
Anangoganizira zawaponyera enawo mafupa ( u komiti Mambala). Ukhulukutu umeneo a Chakwera.

Thank you Mesimadzi. Whenever I warn these People, they choose to ignore my advice and start hurling insults. May be the comments come from the exposed ones not the real MCP members. Just to concur with you, look at the line up. The two Vice Presidents are ex PP, the two vice secretary generals are ex PP, the publicity secretary is ex PP formally masquerading as a man of God, the head of strategy to ensure that Mia’s strategy to take over MCP works is ex PP. This will be swiftly publicized by their sympathizer heading publicity. I am happy… Read more »
winston msowoya
Iam equivocally maintain what I had expressed on Malawi Confusionist Party (MCP) and will remain on that trend until my last day on earth.First and foremost,I still regard Mia and his wife as Arabs and if you believe they are Malawians,what tribe are they? One of the commentators took me as a supporter of AFORD AND DPP.i vehemently disagree with the narration,Iam neither a supporter of one and please write the truth to shame the devil.I wonder whether you rogues you went to school to brush your brains,SHAME!!!!! Since when Arabs are Malawians or Africans? One commentator said and I… Read more »
Bodza la N'nanu

Sickening commentary!


The MCP team is just not up to standard : recycled politicians and scones given to the real MCP members like Lunguzi.

Wanyazikhipi Kahamba

Yes, that is NEC, what we need is action on ground, go flat out to the southern region campain heavily bcoz is where there multitude of people. Don’t take for granted that there Mia. You will cry foul.MCP BOMA!!!!


mstsibweni msowoya ndiwe bakha wamva mbuzi ya munthu ukukhuza za chipembedzo bwanji? mia ndi mmalawi tu wamva iwe buluzi msowoya chisiru cha munthu mapazi ako wamva tikupondatu


If you have followed Winston Msowoya’s comments you’ll realize that he is neither of MCP nor DPP. He is a moron who supports AFORD! So please my beloved MCP members, i know you love your party as much as i love my DPP party, don’t brand moron Msowoya as of DPP. I don’t like him and his comments as well when DPP is concern!

Lookout màsuku

@pathfinder,you are 100℅ correct Msowoya is simply a brute..Rumphi must be missing one of its idiot..

Eish, MIA,Wife then her relative Halima Daudi, Chakwera and also another chakwera ,Ken kandodo and khumbi Chiponda relations again koma ndale za pa Malawi.Kunkuyu benefited when he was information minister by featuring relative to MRA Jane Jere mukufuna aziyike anthu enanso mma office.Ken Zikhale Ng’oma, Harry Mkandawire , Catherine Gotani Hara,Sosten Gwengwe .The the same old recycled politicians .Dont think things will change alot of NEC members are Side B or C of UDF , DPP or PP opportunity seekers eyeing for ministerial post. Chakwera you cant refuse your relations on this kupanga za chilendoko ku Malawi zayambika kale apa.A… Read more »
DPP yawukirana

Kkkkkkkk iyinso ndi ignorance. Who said pipo of same surnames are not needed in a party? Who said your relatives aren’t supposed to hold positions in your party?


@Zabura: You may have a point, a big point, here; about nepotism by oChakwera and in MCP in general. Just like when Kamuzu was running this country like it was a personal farm, and every body who was not from Kasungu was a Ganyu “employee”.
But you think MCP supporters will agree with any of your points or the general arc of your argument? NO!


As a catholic am sceptical with people from other religions .
It is easy to appease their donors.
Last week people wete beheaded in PEA

winston msowoya
What can Mia tell Malawians?After reading the names of NEC members,I was given to comprehend that the lot is treacherously and disappointingly,composed of frayed and opportunistic morons who are there for their own selfish ends.For instance,H.Mkandawire who sometime ago was regarded as a politician of forceful political commitments,has joined a list of a political dorks controlled by an Arab backstabber Mia and his crooked wife turning Chakwera a useless junk and sell-out.Malawians,wakeup,Mia and his wife are now controlling the former dreaded MCP not for the benefit of our people but,rather for the benefit of Islamic ideology of the Middle East.If… Read more »
Who is the Mayor of London? Was he chosen by Moslems only? Please don’t mislead people. I do fully understand where you are coming from but please don’t put your believes on other people, keep it to yourself. Bakili Muluzi was a president of Malawi and a Moslem. Who voted him in power? Was it only Moslems who put him to that position? Differences are there, they were there and they will still be there but people will make friends regardless of colour, gender, religion, tribe. In your comment, you are even refering Chakwera “a dog” that tells me you… Read more »

Kkkkkkkkk. Disappointed u look. Kuba kumene mukuba Inu no difference.

Fake President Pita

Mwakhumudwa. Mwachita naye mantha Mia. Unfortunately for you he is loved by majority. They have been with him for many years. U can’t change that. He is Malawian. We can’t allow you continue exploiting us. DPP umbava.
DPP mupenga simunati. Wait for more divisions now n after ur convention.

The Patriot

Calm down Mr Msowoya… appears you are so biased based on religion! Where is your common sense that you have consistently shown on this forum? Bigotry will not take Malawi anywhere but common sense will. Judge someone on merit not their religion or race. The so called Arabs you are referring to have shops where many Malawians are employed and have charities supporting many Malawians. Of course there can be a few bad apples among them but we black Malawians have our own bad fish as well.


Stupid moron Tunguska msowoya, with untrimmed little dick. That’s all what you deserve. Little educated illiterate

tatopa ndi jefry

kkkkkkkk koma guys anthu mwatopa


@Bajajonayi: Extreme, crude and irrelevant comment. Not substantial, and not even worth a rebuttal.

Mario pei

Your way of thinking has no space in our modern world.. Mufela moyenda madala..The biggest oldest moron is you,what stops you from returning home,still afraid of Kamuzu?or is it the fear of returning home to nothing since you didn’t invest and have nothing to return to.. MCP was in your village yesterday and people like what was on the table,they accepted what was presented to them…islamaphobic assholes like you have no space in Malawi better stay where you are you miserable old git with a faul mouth…

Usher B
You have just publicized your stupidity. So all the studies you have undergone are useless after all, you idle worshiper? That’s why you are busy worshipping human beings instead of God. How could you associate a tribe with religion? Don’t you think you are just showing how empty your head is? If you have issues, bring issue-based arguments here & stop attacking people along religion. By now, if you are learned as you try to convince us to be, you should have known by now that all the nonsense you are talking about is nothing but cheap propaganda from the… Read more »

In the first place,you are not Msowoya ,that shows you don’t know where you are coming from.Secondly,lets talk the real facts here not what you are saying about race.It sees everyone from DPP has run out of senses you don’t have real points.Even your stupid Mchacha and Wa Jeff are talking nonsense


Kodi umbuli udzatha liti nanuso a Winston Msowaya? School siimachotsadi uchisiru eti? Where are you by the way? You are one of the people am ene mukunyozetsa DPP chifukwa chopanda nzeru . Until when will you not know that Mia is a Malawian?
This it’s what we call stupid by nature.

DPP yotsala.

Kaya DPP yotsala yapenga ndi chiyani Kaya. Very angry pipo who have lost reasoning. Confused. Even if u call Chakwera dog, we are going to support him and remove you. Simunati. Mugawanikana into Chapota DPP, Nankhumwa DPP, Chilima DPP, APM DPP, Kaliati DPP. Wait and see. Your president is going to be one term president whether u want it or not.


I agree with you Winston msowoya these people disagreeing with you they will realise one day that they are still under slavery mentality kupembedza khungu loyela. Mbuzi za anthu

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