MCP supporters impound Kamangira’s vehicle in foiled electoral fraud

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters in Bangula have in the wee hours of Tuesday intercepted two vehicles suspected to be in electoral fraud mission that were reportedly distributing campaign material and that it was in an operation for electoral fraud.

The white Toyota Hilux without a number plate belonging to ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Nsanje South Parliamentarian Thom Kamangira was intercepted together with another sky-blue Toyota Hilux also without a number plate bearing address of Step Up Construction of Soche in Blantyre.

Concerned and vigilant supporters had deflated tyres of the sky-blue Hilux .

Apparently the deflated vehicle was throughout Monday  spotted moving  from one polling centre  to another of the 13 designated polling centres within the constituency and mainly between Phokera and Chilimba.

After deflating the tyres near a police check point, there was a heavy presence of the police officer  who arrived to guard the vehicles as irate mob wanted to torch it.

However, MCP officials rushed  to calm down the situation by addressing the supporters to remain calm.

They commended them for doing a good surveillance job and advised them to demonstrate their anger through the  ballot .

“Let’s vent our anger by voting for our candidate,” said an MCP official.

Police had however to drive away Kamangira’s w Hilux to the police compound of Chiromo police amid loud protests  from the angry supporters.

By the time the vehicles were being intercepted, MP Kamangira was reportedly sitting at the gate of Simbeko lodge within Bangula together with other DPP officials.

The deflated Hilux remained there at the check point and was being guarded by police.

In the past two weeks, there have been strong rumours of possible rigging by the DPP and because of this the MCP camp has been extra vigilant against any possible mischief day and night.

Apparenlty, Kamangira is facing challenges in his constituency to return the seat in 2019  as communities accuse him for failure to address people’s social and economic challenges.

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People in nsanje don’t give a shit about the party , they treasure more personality,and that’s what has made them what they are’s have to learn that.

Keen Observer

So is it wrong for the stakeholders to go around & check? Did they get already marked ballot papers? Then what will happen when the goons for DPP retaliate? People why you put yourself in situations that will not help you?????? What is the difference between DPP & MCP? Monkeys just sitting on opposite mountains.


Anamapopa mwayalukatu lo!

I for one would want my Dpp to lose these elections. Why? It will be a wake up call . Indeed at times we have taken the nation for granted. We have failed to defend the Mighty Dpp from lies made by the opposition. Some decisions have left us embarrassed. Like the choice of some candidates in this by election. People ought to be consulted. Never ever impose . This party is loved by so many people who are now losing hope. We need to change. We need to bring new brand of politics..We need to balance up. Let us… Read more »
Ghetto Kingkong

This is what I call shity jonalism …. why is that kuti independent online news what what pick sides when reporting…. kodi iwe nyasatimes a Chakwera anakudyesa chan….


Imbecility at its best,being a DPP member it means they must walk on foot yet they have got cars. Did they found ballot papers inside the cars? MCP is a useless party with idiot followers.

Kanthiti Mzandu

Zamanyazi a D P P mwayaluka Dr Chakwera and Mia woooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeee wina alira

Pathfinder, lets base our arguments on whats reported. if what has been reported is true then DPP only creates a bad name for themselves and confirms what the opposition claims that they are a rigging party and indeed robbed the national leadership thru rigging. If you have contacts for the people mentioned in the report the best is for you to confirm with them about the report. If its true, then MCP has the right to sing the song “Akuba! kuba! Akuba! Why on earth should a sane public figure drive a well and duly registered vehicle with reg numbers… Read more »

DPP chipani cha mbava. Akuopa kuyaluka. kkkkkkk

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