Mutharika tells ‘blood sucking victims’ to be calm: Ngolongoliwa promises  ‘a miracle’ in two  weeks

President Peter Mutharika has assured people in the Lhomwe-belt  – Phalombe,  Thyolo, Mulanje, and Chiradzulu districts that his government has intensified security  and is to get tp the bottom of the  suspected  “bloodsuckers” saga in the area, appealing ti the people to be calm.

Mutharika vivists ‘bloodsuckers’ hotsports and hear testimonies of the victims in Phalombe

Speaking at Phalombe Secondary School ground on Monday where he engaged people that have fallen victim of the alleged blood suckers, Mutharika said he was deeply saddened that people have to leave their homes and sleep outside, beaten up and property destroyed because of these rumors.

He made the remarks after hearing testimonies from seven people who either claimed to have been attacked by irate mobs or alleged vampires.

“I know that some of you are living in fear but I would like to assure you that government has deployed police officers, both plain and uniformed men and women to make sure that the whole community is protected. Let me ask you to return to the safety of your homes and be assured that my government will offer protection from these alleged blood suckers,” said President Mutharika.

Those who gave testimonies included  chiefs who told the President that  Group Village headman Degadenga’s house was destroyed  on allegations that he was harboring blood suckers in his house.

Communities in Phalombe also destroyed an ambulance following suspicions that it was used to transport blood from the district to unknown places.

During the interface meeting, it was discovered that people working on developmental issues as well as national registration exercise have pulled out of the exercise after they were attacked for being suspected of using tools for blood sucking.

Dickson Liwonde who shared an incident suspected to be related to blood sucking said his daughter fainted after smelling some unidentified scent from the house.

President Mutharika said he was personally  concerned with the confusion of bloodcuking rumors that is cuasing unrest among people in some communities.

Mutharika then said his government is working with various stakeholders including the religious community and traditional leaders to end the malpractice and he urged people in the district not to destroy property or beat up people alleged to be involved in the issue of blood sucking but rather report them to the police.

“We will get to the bottom of it and we will deal with it,” he said.

Mutharika  said government has deployed both civilian and uniformed police officers  t beef up security in the affected areas.

He appealed to communities to take suspects to police to do their work and not mob justice.

Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa assured President Mutharika that traditional leaders will work together with government in ending the rumors by getting to the bottom of the issue, saying within two weeks , something miraculous will happen.

Sangachoke uko ndimasenga kubwera kuno. Ife tilibe masenga? Sitingalole ena kuzatiulukila kuno. Bwana mumva uku two weeks kuti ndege zagwa. [We will deal wih them, Within two weeks, you will learn that the bloodsuckers ‘planes’ have been shot down.].

Traditional Authority Kaduya of Phalombe also echoed the same assurance and thanked the President for visiting them saying this has brought hope to the people of Phalombe.

President Mutharika is expected to visit the people of Chiradzulu on Tuesday where he will have an interface meeting with people affected by rumored blood sucking saga.



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Please murderes are not victims. The 6/7 innocent lives that were mercilessly taken away by barbaric foolish pple are the genuine victioms of this blood sucking nosense.

Apm should refrain from endorsing their stupidity

Charlie Hebdo
I have a problem with the reporting demonstrated here. What is the president’s position on the blood sucking saga? Is he taking it as real or mere rumours? Somewhere in the article the president is concerned with bloodsucking rumours and the next sentence says government will work with religious and traditional leaders to end the malpractice. Which malpractice? The spreading of bloodsucking rumours and the eventual killing and destruction of property of innocent people or the bloodsucking itself. If the president believes these are mere rumours, his chief seems to contradict him judging from his statement that he is going… Read more »

And ndegezo zikazagwa, you will say ndege za MCP


Tinva kuti ndege za Chakwera zagwa, you know why he is saying this? because Chakwera has been going this side, hahahahaahahahahahaahaha!! and the whoel Pulezidenti is there listening and waiting the miracle of Ndege zigwe in 14 days!! kikkkkkkk


hahahahahahaha I like hearing such poor minded remarks like of the Paramount Ngolongoliwa


Mpaka president kukhulupilira ufiti? Koma ndiye zakuvutanitu a president. Pano abwana ndi Ngolongoliwa eti. Watching keenly.


This is skin deep faith. How can you combine mapemphero and asing’anga to work together ? All the testimonies showed kuti anthuwa akungolota. Kulibe anampopa and yet innocent lives have gone. There is need for civic education, not asing’anga nor mapemphero


Kikkkkkkkkk Ngolongoliwa hahahahaha Ndege zigwa? munakumanazo kuti Ngege zomwe zuchoka kwina kudzauluka kwanuko wawa? zimenezi sizanu zomwe Ndege zimenezi koma? hahahahahahahahaaha!!

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