Mia tells DPP to ‘start packing’: Jappie hits back at MCP

Business mogul and politician Mohammad Sidik Mia  has warned the  governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to “start packing”, saying Malawi will have a new government  led by Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  after May 2019 election.

Mia: It’s MCP’s time come 2019

Mia, who recently declared his intention to contest as vice-president for the MCP, was speaking Hewe, Rumphi when he accompanied leader of opposition and MCP president Lazarus Chakwera at the ground-breaking ceremony of Catholic Parish.

He accused DPP of  campaign gimmicks with plans of  infrastructure projects , saying the analysis of the fours year in power is that the ruling party has dismally failed.

“This country is rotten. The DPP policies have not helped the Malawian people.  They have not helped get jobs, they have not helped raise incomes and they’ve added more billions to the national debt,”  said Mia.

Mia said Malawians are “suffering in silence” and only waiting for next year’s elections to voice out with the ballot.

“Well, start packing. That’s what I’d like to say to DPP because they are moving out come 2019 elections. Malawians are tired and their hope is in MCP with Lazarous Chakwera,” he said.

Mia insists DPP’s time is over .

“I believe its MCP’s time. I believe Malawi needs the kind of leadership Chakwera is going to offer,” he said.

Mia accused DPP over its pledge to rehabilitate a road that connects Hewe and Rumphi Boma, saying the  remarks by Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango  that  work will start soon was not sincere.

But Mhango hit back, saying Mia should not stand on a higher moral ground as he has been hold a portfolio of Minister of Transport and Public Works in previous administration but did not deliver.

Mhango said Mia is not a symbol of transformative leadership he  trumpets as he has been one of the political nomads.

The Minister recently presented a ministerial statement updating  Parliament  a long list of infrastructure projects government  plans to embark on between now and 2018.

These included the Ntcheu-Tsangano-Neno Road, upgrading of Lirangwe-Chingale-Machinga Road, Blantyre Bypass Ring Road, upgrading of Kawere-Mkanda Road and upgrading of Rumphi to Hewe Turn-Off Road.

In these projects, Mhango reported that works had either already started, were due to start or the site was due to be handed over to a contractor.

The government has also taken on funding for several roads, among them Njakwa-Livingstonia Road, the dual carriageway from Parliament Building to Bingu National Stadium and completion of Jenda-Edingeni Road, among others.

About K5 billion was allocated to the Lilongwe Old Airport-Kasiya-Santhe Road and K4 billion to Ntcheu-Tsangano-Neno Road, according to the budget.



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Good speculations mia but know that there is a bench waiting for you in opposition side in parliament 20119


MIA is a constitutional hypocrite ! HE saved as a senior Muslim cabinet in some past regimes but never saved or represented the Muslim community well APART from just enriching himself.
Ine zautsilu ayi , bola PETER YEMWEYI


Tchaya tchaya tchaya Mia………………!! Only santana and his fellow prince of thieves can not agree with you!

Sincerely can DPP construct the following: Ntcheu-Tsangano-Neno Road, upgrading of Lirangwe-Chingale-Machinga Road, Blantyre Bypass Ring Road, upgrading of Kawere-Mkanda Road and upgrading of Rumphi to Hewe Turn-Off Road in 14 months? Mwalemba m’madzi nkhanga zaona ndithudiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

Jappie your answers are nothing!! Don’t waste your time with answering anything, if you have muscles be nusy with construction works of the above roads……………………………………..!! Mupusatu posachedwapa……….!

Chonde DPP its time to be sincere………………………………. abale munama mpaka liti?

Wapsa tonola

Cadet has injured with truth ndipo musanati


Anthu a nzeru akufuna Saulos Chilima. Mia is a greedy politician. He has been in parties and never delivered . All he knows is stealing cows from poor people of lower shire. Chakwera is a loudmouthed fake leader who likes listening to his voice. Why attending a church ground breaking event? Kusowa chochita. He is dumping Msowoya the son of the north. He will regret with his colored maniac. The only good coloured is a dead one. Anthu okwerana mu nyumba pa chibale

@Odala The facts are what I am telling you that it is MCP’s song to say ”tiwina” in every general elections yet they fail after announcing the results. Now Odala if this is not true tell me which election you won in the past five elections. DPP was accidentally out of govt for 2 years but came back into power leaving the MCP rotting in the opposition bench. What ptoof do you need that Malawians don’t need your party to rule them? We are talking of five times asking Malawians to vote you into power and five times Malawians are… Read more »

Dont expect MCP to be losing always. Pple are dynamic. DPP cant always win. Ask UDF supporter if you have a neighbour. Those were the days where a Chair was could speak to no good.

Allan sisya

Mia is a substandard politician like the minister say a political nomad. people like Mia are just there to rip off this country because the have wealth.
I can never vote for sidik Mia or chakwera because of they don’t have Malawian love in their hearts.
they just think of changing a government to enrich themselves.
cheap politicians


Bye bye DPP


Asiyeni ana njoka akongresiwo azilota maloto awo. Akhuta chimanga cha DPP amenewo
Iyo Mohammed sidik mia alibe olo support from the Moslem community chifukwa cha usilu wake. Tikanangovota lero muone mmene mukanaluzila. Congilesi lero?


Njoka ndi iyimumati president wanuyu oti anaona ma world war onse awiri chinkhalamba chotheratu


A Kenny moti Inu muli pa mbuyo pa dpp. Koma Maso mulibe ndithu



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