Minister Chaponda rejects Brazil maize deal: Speaker tells MP Kamlepo to bring evidence

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, George Chaponda was on Monday forced to deny  corruption allegations on maize import deal from Brazil  when the matter was raised in Parliament.

Chaponda: I did not visit Brazil

Chaponda: I did not visit Brazil

Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, first raised the issue in his question to the Minister after he  had  presented a ministerial statement on the food situation in the country.

Chakwera, who is also president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) asked Chaponda to comment on the reports that he, personally, struck a deal in Brazil and that he allegedly demanded a cut from the deal  to import maize from that country.

“The government has given an indication that [Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation] Admarc is purchasing maize from outside the country but there has been news (on Nyasa Times) that government would import maize from Brazil in which Admarc was not even involved but the Minister of Agriculture himself  who has been  promised cuts in the deal and others are involved for their own benefits,” Chakwera said.

Chakwera refused to judge Chaponda on reports without hearing from him.

“I will not make conclusions, but would rather hear from the minister himself.”

Chaponda  denied the allegations, saying there were speculation aimed at tarnishing his good image.

The Ministers said he has not been to Brazil for the said maize import deal.

“As far as Brazil is concerned, this is news to me because nobody entered into a deal to procure maize there,” said Chaponda.

But outspoken Rumphi East MP, Kamlepo Kalua, angered Chaponda when he repeated the Brazil deal reports and accused Chaponda of being corrupt.

Kalua said he has it  “on good authority” that Chaponda visited Brazil to discuss a maize deal.

But  Chaponda denied the claims and demanded Kalua to bring evidence to substantiate his allegations that he vsited Brazil.

“He still claims that I went to Brazil and we cannot continue to work on lies from social media. In line with standing order 102, I am asking the honourable member [Kalua] to produce evidence by tomorrow,” Chaponda said.

Chaponda said the Brazil maize dea is “speculation” in the social media.

Kalua responded to Chaponda’s demand by saying he does not take ultimatums but he can bring evidence of the deal at his own opportune time.

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Goodall Gondwe, came to Chaponda’s rescue when he said the proposal to import maize from Brazil was quashed after noting that the price was too high and the next option was Romania where quality maize was found at a reasonable price.

Speaker Richatrd Msowoya asked MP Kalua to bring evidence to the House, saying   “using my power, I am ordering the Rumphi east MP to bring the evidence tomorrow Tuesday at 9:30 pm, failing which I will kick you out oftl the house.”

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Chigumula 2
Chaponda must be investigated indeed. Amayi reshuffled cabinet and removed Kasambara after the cashgate allegations. Peter poti amafuna azisunga mbutuma zinzake, he cant re-shuffle until he gets enough pressure from the public. Malawians, enough is enough. It is high time these people stop taking us fro granted and continue with these daylight robberies. Chaponda did not only have the Brazil deal, but Mexico as well. They want to bring GMO maize to Malawi. They are buying this maize from Mexico. Journalists please investigate this further. All these are shaddy deals by the corrupt Chaponda & Mwanamveka. You can even verify… Read more »

If i may ask Mr Minister, is this am seeing on the photo up there a good image of you ? i doubt if this face can say the truth .

The reason why these people use bring evidence is because Malawi is lack of journalist who work abroad to gather evidence or report on behalf of Malawians. It is time to for Malawians to hire an investigator of foreign character to go to countries abroad where we suspect those thieves have hidden stolen money. Let them pay after they are found guilty. I am sure Malawians will be shocked to know how much money these people have stolen and deposited in foreign banks. It is easy to do that but Malawians as people can not do that. If Africans want… Read more »
DPP clueless

His DPP people sounded an alarm of corruption by him (Chaponda). why blaming media now? Karuah is right, Chaponda is corrupt person, period!!!!


Indeed Kalua is very right.


We are yet to hear about another cardiac arrest of those who fail to bring evidence on false allegations.
Can Kalua really bring this? If he fails then he is an empty tin.


Thief. How can he say he did not visit Brazil yet Goodall said the price was high and opted for Romania. This is cash gate. Eat and finish before 2019 because you guys are going to hell come 2019. Immediately arrests will be conducted.

G Sasani

Let him bring evidence otherwise just talking in the name of talking without evidence is rubbish


Gasan u are rubbish. The man is the highest of corrupt person in Malawi history. He is luck he is still alive. But one day he will not enjoy the stolen money. Everything has an end.

Handsome Chaponda

G Sasani, you are foolish! Do you think chaponda can accept just like that? Munthu amakana atagwidwa akugona on camera, he says the picture was doctored. Chaponda or utampeza pamwamba pamkazi wako akhoza kukana kuti sindiyeyo koma chithunzi chako. Nkhope yimeneyi yinganene chilungamo?????

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