Minister Kasaila says Chakwera should be probed on his mansion: Opposition MPs on financial crimes

Minister of Foreign Affairs and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) publicity secretary Francis Kasaila has called for investigations into president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Lazarus Chakwera on the construction of his personal mansion in Lilongwe and other opposition lawmakers, saying they may be involved in financial crimes.

Kasaila : Desperate politicans calling for government to fall

Chakwera mansion under construction

Chakwera’s mansion sits on a 5-acre land in an exclusive suburb of Area 6 in Lilongwe.

“The mansion which Chakwera is constructing is worth K300 million,” said Kasaila.

Speaking on Capital FM Straight Talk programme monitored by Nyasa Times on Nkhani Digest YouTube channel, Kasaila said Chakwera should be also be investigated on the source of his money.

“We hope that the people will be fair with everybody,” said Kasaila.

According to sources who took pictures from all angles, the mansion has close to 15 rooms excluding spaces for kitchens, bathrooms and storerooms. It also has got 6 staff houses.

The politician-cum-pastor has managed to construct the mansion all in a space of one year which Kasaila said raises more eyebrows on his dealings.

Kasaila condemned the opposition for generalising that the government is blended with all thieves, saying some opposition lawmakers have questionable obscene worth.

“We have seen MPs from opposition buying expensive cars, other building mansions,” pointed out Kasaila.

“All of us are in government including the opposition,” said Kasaila, arguing that the opposition also are paid by government the same as ministers.

“We should also question how are they using those resources, it could be they are abusing those resources,” said Kasaila.

He branded opposition members calling for government to resign as “desperate politicians.”

But party administrative secretary Portipher Chidaya said MCP detractors “are all out fishing on anything that could dent Chakwera’s image,” saying “unfortunately they will not succeed.”



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Chimzimu Chonyansa

Bwana Kutsaila akumvomereza kuti bomali ndi lakubadi KKKKK

Dokiso Jere

Ife otsatira MCP tiri ndi mavuto aulemu ndi malankhulidwe ndicho chifukwa sitidzalamuliraso MALAWI. Tiziyamika kuti atsogoleri tikuwatukwanawa atipatsa ufulu wolankhula m’mene tingafunire. Opelekeza ku kanyenga mbeta asamalankhula zachipongwe ngati inu anzanga otsatira a Chakwera. Malankhulidwe Athu tikupereka nawo tsoka ku chipani chathu. 2019 sitiwinaso. Nthawi zonse tizingoti atibera -atibera. Pamene likutibera ndi khalidwe lathu.


Hahahaaa mutaunguza unguza kuti mungachite chani ndi bwana Chakwera mwati museme Chinyau?? hahaaa Ngati anaba sanabe misonkho yathu. Koma inuyo mbava zoba misonkho nde muyankhe


a Kasaila, Kanyumba kameneka kangakwane 300 million? hahahahaha I see a lot of panic on the government side. Kwavuta. madzi achita katondo. kkkkkkkkkkkk

Binnwell Kachikopa
Santana and Kasaila wake are devils kids, santana backs up everything for dpp, even dpp atalamulira a Kanyimbi santana adzayiyikira kumbuyo. Vomerezani nthawi yanu yatha, you are thieves, cowards, devils agents, liers, hypocrites. You learned nothing on the dealth of your infamous Mose walero. This is your punishment time, zikada zada, zakufulatirani, panopa anthu awona, iwe Santana talked alot of nonsense in backing up Chaponda and today you are still talking nonsense, DO YOU HAVE BRAIN SANTANA? Mulungu siosewera naye and He is not DPP, MCP OR PP. GOD IS GOD AND WILL BE GOD. DPP NEVER CREATED A HUMAN… Read more »
The Partriot
This reminds me of Chapondas ” North – South antagonism” excuse! When Chaponda got desperate after being cornered he wondered why Goodall was not being investigated? Now Mr Kasaila, only a few years ago when the cashagate was uncovered by JB , the DPP was in opposition and DPP officials went to town accusing the PP government of being thieves! Inuyo mmenemo muli otsutsa, kumaaoneka ngati angelo! Today its your turn, within two years some DPP ministers have become filthy rich mpaka kugwiritsa ntchito ma dollars ngati ma pillow! Common sense will tell every articulate Malawian that the opposition is… Read more »

Mr Kutsaila indirectly accepting that the ministers are stealing he has evidence and trying to divert attention

If Chakwera did not steal government money, where then can he dip his fingers if not the only other institution which is the church? Was the church money not for people? Did he not leave God’s work after stealing from the flock? So the anger of God is on him and as a punishment on this mother earth Chakwera will never be up but expect him to be ever Chatsika and will be going down in every activity. God will not give a chance to this man whatever the case. MCP is just wasting time if it thinks the party… Read more »
Mr Changes, which boma has fallen? Which one has replaced the fallen boma? Amenewa ndiye maloto a chumba. I would like contributors to this page tell the readers which govt can ably replace the current one. Which party shows that it can do people’s needs when given a chance? We should not talk as an opposition group because every party has its own manifesto and will go solo in the next elections. Therefore when you say DPP will fall tell us the party which will make it in replacing the DPP. Convince us what makes you think that party is… Read more »
Murupale pa Thyolo

A Kasaila, ife timaona ngati mudapita ku Sukulu. Chakwera samapita pa Capital Hill koma inuyo. Eee nonsenu ndunena nonsenu Nduna ndinu mbava. Ngati sindinu mbava bwanji simukulimbikitsa za kulemela kwa Nankhumwa. President, Mbava; DPP Mbava; Nduna zonse Mbava.

Ngati Chakwera ndi mbava koma sanatibere ife zamisonkho yathu. Inutu mumatibera direct ndipo mumafuna kuti ife tizikuomberani mmanja kuti mwatiberadi. Isaa, Moya!

Kuputsa, kugunata ngati Peter.

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