Minister Kazako says Govt will take CCJP recommendations seriously

Minister of Information and Government spokesperson Gospel Kazako has assured the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) that the Tonse Alliance government will take seriously the recommendations the local faith-based governance and human rights watchdog has provided in its recent statement.

On Sunday, CCJP issued a strong-worded press release in which it attacked the incumbent administration over unfulfilled promises and other ‘mis-governance issues’.

The Commission’s National Coordinator, Boniface Chibwana, who signed the statement, said it is ‘deplorable and disturbing’ that tendencies of nepotism in public appointments continue to thrive despite detestation from many quarters.

Government Spokesperson – Information Minister Gospel Kazako

“It is deplorable and disturbing that tendencies of nepotism in public appointments continue to thrive despite detestation from many quarters within the society. This iniquity only worsens social inequalities while debilitating against merit and the equalisation of opportunities for inclusive development. Corruption in government procurement processes continues to worsen with rent-seeking behaviour flourishing as the politically connected are reported to be benefiting from such corrupt acts. While CCJP applauds and welcomes the new leadership at the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), we observe that continued politicisation of public procurement and political interference in public service provision bodies will render the ACB ineffective,” said Chibwana.

He further observed that the Tonse Government is losing touch with the collective agenda to elevate the socio-economic welfare of Malawians and to improve the quality of governance, which many people embraced.

He said, instead, there are incessant wrangles among the Tonse Government political partners; all of them fuelled by greed, nepotism and partisan interests spread across the Alliance.

“Intra-party contestations and conflicts are manifested in differing politically motivated policy positions and hate speech among the respective political supporters or followers. Deplorably, this is affecting the running of public affairs amid continued socio-economic hardships facing the majority of the people amid Covid-19 pandemic. Poor handling of public interest issues is also accentuated by unclear government direction on supporting small-scale businesses and the informal economic sector. Put simply, there seems to be no policy direction and as a result, many people are losing trust in the Tonse Alliance Government,” continues the statement.

Kazako acknowledged the concerns and assured that the Tonse Government would work closely with local governance institutions such as CCJP in addressing them for the betterment of Malawians.

“We understand the language of their whistle and we can only request them to stand with us in this time of reconstructing our nation,” he said, adding that the incumbent leadership shares with Malawians the pain and discomfort this recalibration is bringing.

“But that this will not be a permanent feature. We are building a Malawi that is solid and sustainable. A Malawi that will last,” he said.

On corruption, Kazako said Tonse Alliance is the most serious government to fight corruption head on.

He said this is why they provided abundant funding to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and strengthen its capacity to ensure that it is driven by independence in its service delivery.

“It is being distant from truth to accuse government of not combating corruption. On nepotism we believe some of the accusation are just driven by misplaced perception. We are creating a Malawi that knows no tribe or region and we avoid feeding the spirit of nepotism by engaging in the discussions because doing so is actually a psychological mechanism that fertilises the very nepotism we hate,” said Kazako.

On unfulfilled promises, Kazako assured that the Tonse Alliance Government will endeavour to fulfill its promises within the five-year mandate it was given.

He said 13 months was too short for the government to implement a litany of promises it made during the campaign period.

“We can’t fulfill everything in one year, that’s unrealistic. Those that designed a five-year term issue knew very well that adequate is required to deliver. We will deliver, make NO mistake!” emphasized Kazako.

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2 years ago

Judging the way Tonse alliance is handling things, i doubt Gospel Kadzako sentiments!

Mabac Mvula
Mabac Mvula
2 years ago

Well spoken Kazapo infact yuh can’t make a baby in a month by impregnating 9 women

My Opinion
My Opinion
2 years ago

We will deliver,, make no mistake!!!! hahahahaha! this is beautiful!

Assange WikiLeaks
2 years ago

The architects of tribalism are gone. We all know what they were doing. The president was even attending tribal gatherings. That was very shameful. Almost all CEOs and PSs were from the same tribe. The quota system of education favoured one tribe. It is unfortunate to see some misguided souls talking nonsense. They think the clean up could be done in one year? People should know that some of the promises especially the one million jobs were unrealistic. It has never happened anywhere in African where the government could create one million jobs. I don’t know what was going in… Read more »

2 years ago

A Kazako, samalani malankhulidwe anu.
Mukulankhula moonetsa nyozo pa a Malawi omwe akudandaula.

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