Minister Mia says govt to improve transport infrastructure

Minister of transport and public infrastructure, Sidik Mia says the current government is geared to improving transport infrastructure which, in turn, will ensure and support the socio-economic growth of the country.

Mia:We have already started rehabilitating the railway lines as we want to ensure that Malawians get affordable transportation services.

Mia made the commitment known Friday when he was touring transportation projects in Nsanje district.

The minister said no country like Malawi can develop without having proper or improved transport infrastructure hence the need by the current government to prioritize the same.

The minister revealed that the government has prioritized the railway rehabilitation as it is one of the infrastructures that can enhance economic development.

“It is the priority of this government to ensure that transportation infrastructure is improved in the country. We have already started rehabilitating the railway lines as we want to ensure that Malawians get affordable transportation services. This is the only way Malawi can develop,” said Mia.

The Minister assured people in Nsanje that while waiting to connect Bangula and Makhanga through Mtayamoyo wash-away, within one and half years, Bangula – Marka and Makhanga – Limbe railway lines will be operational.

“It is the wish of this government to make sure that the challenges which the district has been facing in terms of transport network are addressed. Therefore, let me tell you that Bangula – Marka and Makhanga – Limbe railway lines will be operational within one and half years while we are working on connecting Bangula and Makhanga through Mtayamoyo wash-away as it is a big project,” assured the minister.

On his part, Senior Chief Mbenje applauded government for showing total commitment towards making Nsanje district a better place to live through different infrastructural development.

He said the district in the past has been relying on railway transport as it was cheaper as compared to road transport.

“We are happy that this government has taken a wise step to ensure that Nsanje district transport infrastructure is improved. We don’t take it for granted that very soon our railway lines will be operational. We are very proud of that,” said Senior Chief Mbenje.

The Minister visited transportation projects in Nsanje district which include the construction of Nsanje – Marka tarmac road, Mtayamoyo wash-away, Nsanje railway station formerly known as Port Herald and railway rehabilitation.

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1 year ago

The roads in limbe town zomba road dual way from chipembere highway is pathetic.pls passby to see.

Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba

Please the first road that needs attention and immediate attention is from Kanengo to Chatoloma and from Mzuzu to Chiweta. We cannot have a road connecting Malawi and Tanzania to be in such a deplorable state. Chakwera and Chilima talked about this road. Next are the roads in the city locations. During Kamuzu Banda era plots could not be allocated without roads and water supply system. Go to places like Area 49 (Old), Area 49 (Dubai), Area 49 (Gulliver), Area 49 (Shire), Area 25 sector 7, Area 25 (Nsungwi – Dzenza), and in Blantyre (Chilomoni, Machinjiri, etc), Mzuzu as well.… Read more »

William Chirwa
1 year ago

The is your second coming Hon Minister you are aware already of what needs to be done so spare us your verbal expression we want action now not tomorrow thank you

1 year ago

Pitani mukakonze mseu wa Chiweta chonde anthu ambiri asanapululuke

Nsanje boy
Nsanje boy
1 year ago

Mia, you have vested interest in this project, you want to be ferrying your cattle paja umaweta ng’ómbe nde yaini ikasochela kubwela kwanu umangotolanso iwe. Aahhh akulu, musiye zimenezo kumakhala ngati munthu wankulu wachuma. And misewe ilimbe, sizija umachita mbuyo zija, kumasolola za nseu, wanva nkulu

Robson S Mwambira
Robson S Mwambira
1 year ago

All the best Mr Mia

timothy pagonachinda mbomta

Ndiye paja iwe Mia umakonda kuba ndalama zokonzera misewu ndikumuwuza contractor angokoza zakabwera mmawa. Chitsanzo ndi Jombo-Ngabu section of M1 umene ndalama zake unaba uli minister nthawi ya Bingu. Ulape iweyo

Mangochi Kabwafu
Mangochi Kabwafu
1 year ago

Great that we’ve at last a development conscious government.

1 year ago

How I wish my country had a vibrant, affordable & sustainable public transportation. This public transportation network should be railway, road, water & air. Unfortunately, all these have been ignored for far too long. If only wishes were answers 😢😢

Kambewa ngozo
1 year ago
Reply to  Malepwete

They started to destroy Railway transport is Bakili and Udf led government. You railway is cheaper than than using Road transport to bring in goods from outside the country eg Beira. Bakili wanted his own trucks and of his family friend’s to gain buy getting katangale contract.
Malawians will recall Malawi railway used to employ a lot of people but Bakili killed it.
Food for thought Mv Illala must be grounded before it kills people. Illala is just too old to be still carrying people.
Mark my words if you don’t One day Malawians will perish.

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