MP Kalindo says Malawians suffering ‘no need for drama’ in Parliament

Member of Parliament (MP) for Mulanje South constituency (Democratic Progressive Party –DPP) has said Malawians are suffering from social-economic woes with electricity crisis and advised both sides of the House to come up with tangible solutions other than being dramatic.

Kalindo: No drama when people are suffering

Kalindo,  who is also a comedian and known by the name of Winiko, said whenever he rises in the House to make contribution, he does so on “serious issues” because he is serious.

“It bleeds, it hurts, it pains inside that every time we come here our people expect us to bring issues that are serious but we happen not to deal with them seriously.” Kalindo pointed out.

“In 2014, Madam First Deputy Speaker, when I was coming to this august House, there was a lot of talk about Winiko. To say Winiko is going to bring a lot of drama in the House but look now it is just the opposite. Instead of me bringing drama in this House it is the opposite.

“I want to articulate this issue very well so that Malawians out there should hear.  Malawians have high expectations from us and yet we come here to conduct drama. I am in not that group because I am being dramatic,” said Kalindo.

He said with electricity woes, “Malawians are suffering” and they expect MPs to come up with solutions.

“Maybe we are doing this because we have electricity here. Can you switch off the electricity here and see how painful it is to be in darkness? Malawians are expecting us to come up with solutions as government is doing.  Government is trying to come up with solutions and yet some people are trying to bring the government down to score points just for the sake of scoring points,” he said.

Kalindo said the opposition and government should work together and find a way forward.

“These blackouts do not choose sides whether it is opposition or government.  We are all suffering from the same. Therefore, let us unite and bring hope to our people out there because this is now becoming unbecoming. It is too much,” said Kalindo.

He said all sides of the House should “ map the way forward other than just making unnecessary noise that cannot help in any way.  I am now angry. “

The First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje told Kalindo not to be “too angry .”

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Kodi zoti titapa magesi ku mocambique zinathera pati… pple were on top of it pamisonkhano………. kudya ma allowance ndi zina zotero.. pano zaka zadusa zambirimbiri.. koma kuli ziiii… no updates on the progress. . Tatiuzeni kuti zili pati.. amene mukuzisata


I think there is only one MP in the whole of DPP who is rising above partisan politics and this man is not other than WINIKO and He deserve a pat on the back. Not the ungreatiful and crooked people like Richard and Uladi. Thank you Winiko may God bless you.

Rhodwel Banda

Mr.Kalindo said the truth and we are suffering.Current regime cannot see it,they are sturbon,selfish members they bring unnecessary issues in parliament.


Well done Bon. Though not dramatizing, please Bon, condem mbava za congress zikumaba madzi Ku Lilongwe Water Board.

Dan luhanga


Alfred Mosiwa

Why are they renting instead of buying these generators?
And the cost of running them?
And for how long will they run?
Kodi chikuvuta ndi chiani kuti we must have electricity from coal?
If I were one of the policymakers, I should have spearheaded thermal power from coal like what all countries have done.
1)Malawi has good deposits that have sat idle since God created us.
2)All costs ,all this corruption with generators would be avoided.
3)It should have created jobs,right from mining,rail transport to power generation.

Murupale pa Thyolo



Am starting to like this man…he is a true patriotic man when it comes to fighting real ground issues people are suffering…he becomes so angry that he can even demostrate naked to just show sympathy to the voiceless community.


Good point Hon. Bonny Kalindo. Keep up with being impartial in the August House. I’m happy for you. My only other advice for you is that you need to get out of that camp of thieves, abductors, killers & destroyers if you want to make it again in the August House in 2019. Please extend this advice to both Hon. Mr & Mrs Kaliati.


Big up Hon Kalindo…I think it’s time that I need to be taking you seriously. Quite a mature and sensible speech. Everyone in that August house needs to be serious and not consider it as a forum where they can showcase their third rate speeches. They have zero effect.

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