Msonda warns to reveal PP ‘ evil secrets’, claims to know ‘Cashgaters’

Former spokesperson for Peoples Party (PP) Ken Msonda has on Sunday threatened to disclose the  secrets of his former party if they continue mudsling him for his decision to join the ruling Democrtaic Progressive Party (DPP).

Msonda: Warns PP

Msonda: Warns PP

The  nomadic but voal politician made threat when answering questions at a ‘Tiwuzeni zowona’ program on Zodiac radio aired on Sunday.

According to Msonda, some PP followers are the one behind circulating pictures in the social media that he used public transport when returning home (Blantyre) from Masintha ground in Lilongwe where he was officially welcomed in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

While accepting that the circulating picture is real, Msonda said:” I indeed boarded a bus, but it was in 2014 during campaign period, and it was at Wenela bus depot in Blantyre via Mzuzu not Lilongwe.”

Msonda backed himself saying he did that because of financial problems that has hit many in the country.

“I have my own vehicle, but what I can tell you is that I know who is behind this, it is a PP follower living in South Africa but I will disclose the evil secrets of his party if he continues,” warned Msonda.

” I did not reveal the evil secrets of the United Democratic Front when I was joining PP because its followers never followed my political footsteps but these guys they should be careful, ” he disclosed.

He then shocked the listeners when he said ” I know the people who stole public funds and I already reported them to Anti Corrption Bureau, I have their list.”

Msonda said PP members were insulting him for joining DPP because they are jealous with his political progress.

“I think government should change our national anthem especially where the song talks about ‘hunger, disease and envil’ because these are the major things that have destroyed our nation,” he suggested.

He defended his decision of joining DPP was from God and not money.

Msonda is among the 24 polical recycled who joined DPP recently.

PP spokesman Noah Chimpeni MP said he could comment on Msonda’s remarks because he did not listen to ther interview and don’t know the context which the party’s former spokesman made his remarks.

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Pepani a Malawi anzanga a Msonda yavuta ndi Kwashokor yophatikiza ndi Marasmus mpofunika DPP ilimbikile kuwadyetsa Likuni phala, Soya ndi zakudya zamagulu atatu kuti Bongo lawo limene lili under malnourished liyambeso kugwira bwino ntchito apo bii a Msonda achita msala ndithudi ndukuuzani


chamisala ichi

happy chiumia tramp
what a stupid msonda ur` what pleases you now to disclose such, if its cashgate you re also part of the team what an evil selfish devil, Dpp will never by far spared from cashgate time!!!! Msonda fools like you can never be trusted A Msonda do you know your responsibility? No one will take you seriously even the courts can not take that. Is your name appearing any where that you are involved? Do you have powers to name the Cashgaters? All this time why were you quite? Think and reason properly I didn’t think you have the Nation… Read more »
Let Us Pray

A DPP pepani matotolawa. A Msonda!!!!!!!! kikikikikikikiki. DPP you are in trouble.


stupid fool no wondor his wife is cheating on him ku Luchenza uku, where was he all the time the cashgaters were stealing money, born again my ass. He doesnt have the welfare of Malawians at heart, chain your wife loud mouth

Ancient Mariner

Bodza ilooo


Mulibe ndalama aMsonda.Mukanakhalanazo bwenzi mukuwoneka choncho.khosi ngati Dokowe.Si kusowa kwa zakudya mthupi.Mukufunika CHIPONDE>

Angel of Doom

And we wonder why Malawi is so corrupt?

Just look at the comments, all pro corruption. If Msonda has evidence why is it not welcome? Is corruption only when it involves people we do not like?

We are waiting for evidence from Kaluwa, but he was held a hero for saying exactly what Msonda is saying.

Why is Msonda a fool and Kaluwa a hero?

Is it because he knows PP corrupt people whom the commentators like?

If this is the way Malawians view corruption, it is here to stay. My advice is then, Shut up about corruption, you are not serious about ending it.


Pathetic…….. were you not part of the people who stole monies from the poor? ulula because it will point back to you. please stop fooling Malawians. mukanakhala achilungamo ukana ulula kale kale zitangoyambika.

Leo li

Kaya zanu izo

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