Mutharika admits corruption rampant in Malawi: President denies shielding ‘rotten ministers’

President Peter Mutharika has conceded corruption is record high in Malawi and is strangling the economy.

President Mutharika joins workers walking in solidarity of May day in Blantyre.Pic-Francis Mphweya-Mana

Mutharika said this on Monday in Blantyre when he participated in the commemoration of Labour Day.

“There is corruption in government, in CSOs, in NGOs, everywhere,” said the President.

This is the first time Mutharika has made a public admission on the issue after the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and other civil society organisations.

Donors have also expressed concern over rampant corruption, citing the awarding of a major water project to Khato Civils as an example.

Mutharika, however, dismissed reports that he was shielding seven corrupt cabinet ministers.

He said those with evidence should come forward and he would take action.

Mutharika however said the issue of seven corrupt cabinet ministers was concocted by a newspaper editor in colloboration with a parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman.

It was a direct reference to Malawi News and PAC deputy chairman Kamlepo Kalua.

“I am challenging them to come forward with evidence otherwise they should shut up,” he said. Mutharika also said he had directed the graft busting body, the ACB, the Fiscal police and the director of Public Prosecutions to be tough on corruption.

He rejected allegations that the state prosecution agencies target opposition members only. Speaking on issues of workers, Mutharika said he has directed the minister of Labour, Manpower Development and Sports to start talks with employers and unions to increase the minimum wage which is at K600 per day.

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mduduzi sibiya
5 years ago

bwampini tsopano????? nanga chaponda maize bwanji????? nanga mumakana chani pac itakamba zomwezo?????

Tawonga Nyirongo
Tawonga Nyirongo
5 years ago

It is a good development that our state presdent has admitted that corruption is rampant in malawi. Now we need actions from him.

winston msowoya
winston msowoya
5 years ago

The fact that he himself has conceded that corruption is aggressively outstretched in the country,he is solely to blame for the economic pandemonium now even higher than ever before.This could not have happened if Peter could have learnt a lesson from his obnoxious thief and greedy brother Bingu Muthalika who ran the nation as his own empire.Peter has for several occasions let his corrupt serviles steal public funds while he looked on.Take an instance from Chaponda on maize scandal,he kept quite as if nothing outrageous had happened. Another telling example is the awarding of a major water project to his… Read more »

Sign Post
5 years ago

Mr president,all the arms of the gvt you would like to involve, are corrupt as well. You know pretty well how deep rooted corruption is in our country so it is not going to be easy. Corrupt practices have led to people amassing wealth at the expanse of the poor and they don’t see it being evil before God. If they don’t fear God, is it going to be easy for them to stop this evil practice?However,we can collectively reduce corruption if we can understand how the Bible Scriptures have condemned such evil practice.We can pray for the intervetion of… Read more »

5 years ago

chete yeseuja nkuzatulukila ndi zokamba zake zimenezi.

5 years ago

PROF APM has on numerous occassions admitted that corruption is rampant in Malawi. Thats why we are surprised with PACs statement that for this reason, APM must resign, really? President should resign because there is corruption in his country? Laughable and yes, babyish!

5 years ago
Reply to  munya

Whether it’s laughable or not depends on the depth of your knowledge and understanding of true democracy and good citizenship.

What is the waste phenomenon in running a country that strongly signifies gvt failure? It’s corruption.

If the President has admitted lately, is the pain gone? He shld have heroically resigned, hopeless as he is. Check the style of Kagame, has or not assisted in uprooting corruption? Malawi First

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