Mutharika appoints special committee to address 10-point demands in CSOs petition

President Peter Mutharika has appointed a special committeee to start addressing issues raised in the petition of the civil society organisations (CSOs) after their April 27 nationwide protests, State House has confirmed.

Kalilani: President Mutharika has acted on the petition and there is good progress

There were different timeframes given on different issues but, overall, the CSOs gave Mutharika a 90-day ultimatum to address all the challenges in the 10-point petition, which will expire on August 28 2018.

The special committe is being headed by Chief Secretary in the Offucevof President and Cabinet, Lloyd Muhara, according to presidential press secretary Mgeme Kalilani.

Kalilani said the committee “is looking at the issues raised in detail, gett8ng in touch with relevant government departments, other stakeholders and thepresidency for direction on the issues.”

In a petition entitled “Time to Reclaim Our Destiny,” organizers demanded that President Mutharika reverse his appointment of Rodney Jose in 10 days  as the acting inspector general of police. Jose was implicated in the murder of university student Robert Chasowa in 2011. The period elapsed last Friday, May 11 2018.

One of the key leaders of the CSOs Gift Trapence, who is executive director of Centre for Development of People (Cedep), said while they were looking forward to the President’s acknowledgment, they were disappointed to note that instead he lambasted them during his State of Nation Address (Sona) on May 4 that their peaceful protests on April 27 that they were aimed at making Malawi ungovernable.

Trapence said what matters to the civil society groups is that their grievances are “resolved and their time frame.”

He said the CSOs are set to meet this week to map the way forward.

“We are meeting this week to chart the way forward,” he said.

But special adviser to the President on civil society and non-government organisations (NGOs) Mavuto Bamusi has faulted the CSOs leaders for “rushing to make conclusions”.

Bamusi has said the President is acting on the petition.

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25 Comments on "Mutharika appoints special committee to address 10-point demands in CSOs petition"

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Mas ter

CSo for you to be known wise intelligent tell governments ways of getting electricity if rainfall fails contribute to government the money you are getting from donors
So you start your accusations
Without this your to be known peace destroyer
Know that one day GOD will punish you as you seen those who lead the 2011 demos
Never be cheated that creating
Utesi make you stay longer in life


Asatipusise awa ndiakuba awa, alira 2019.


So what Callista Bingu Wa Munthalika said is true that the man is no longer in charge kkkk


Yes. Very inconsistent. Kusinthasintha. Sadziwanso kuti anene or achite chani. Kuchita kuuzidwa ichi ichi. Anyamata ndi adzi bambo mukumseweretsa Pitala.

What he said upon arrival from UK and his Sona and what he is doing mmm ayi ndithu zosageirizana.
Kupanga njira zodyera ndalama apa. Chilichonse commission. Ayi ndithu. Just act Mr President. Act on your own.

Vuto anthu Inu simufunsira nzeru kwa Mulungu. Anthu amene mwazungulira president simupitanso kopopemphera. So where do you get your inspiration and wisdom? Kalirani?

Mwaluwa ku Masasa uko mwakulira pakuti now muli ku Likhubula???????

Kanthiti Mzandu

Who will be funding this committee?? Who will give them stationary? Vehicles used who will give them fuel. Zausilu


Map behind all these demands. Mwauponda. Don’t give these people chance to achieve their political agenda through CSO. They are there to destabilize the government but they have failed and will always fail. APM. Boma 2019

11 July 20 killings

Leave that at your own peril.


Elections are just few months from now. If the Csoz believe that APM has not delivered & will not act swiftly on theIR petition den why not just go to villages & civic educate pple not to vote for APM? The first demonstration were peaceful but i doubt if the second one will be peaceful also. If its about regim change then find a wright way. Wait for elections, or you are afraid APM will win again.

11 July 20 killings,njaunju
11 July 20 killings,njaunju

Ma CSOs awanso pena ngopepela. They know very well that the majority are in rural areas instead of influencing the majority in rural areas angotanganidwa ndi town pipo.
While we accuse pitala of being cluesless reflect on your approaches. Didn’t you say you will give petition direct to the president or vice president? Did you do that? That you will have a vigil? You have more in common with pital. Inconsistencies…

Herbert Yasini Wasauka
Herbert Yasini Wasauka

Do we need a special committee? Why not just go straight into addressing the issues. You want again to use public resources on useless a committee just like the past useless commissions of enquiry. What is in the list that needs a committee? Address the issues now. Period!!


Punic button has been pressed.

Nox Nthambi

This is a useless committee. What was the outcome of the committee that was tasked to look into the albino killings? Any outcomes from the committee may be l missed it. I am remembering what Bakili was saying that to be a president is not easy like ABCD kkkkkk tiyeni nazo bwana APM. So many issues on your table (1) SCO demands (2) SKC movement (3) convention etc.

Achinyamata osapita nkhalamba ifeyo.kkkk
Achinyamata osapita nkhalamba ifeyo.kkkk

Kaliati. Manganya. Sidik Mia. wandale.Winiko.

Cognitive DIssonance Theory
Cognitive DIssonance Theory

Do we really need a special committee to address the issue of freeing MBC from the smelly armpits of DP? Do we need a special committee to deal with the issue of blackouts, corruption, electoral reforms, unresolved murders, killings etc? This is just a lie for the president to be seen as he is doing something. poti ndipa Malawi, people will believe this good for nothing special committee..

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