Mutharika, Atu condemn Phalombe fracas: Malawi leader says opposition instigating violence

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and UDF alliance pesidential pair Peter Mutharika and Atupele Muluzi have condemned Friday’s political violence that resulted in the injury of several journalists that were part of vice president Saulos Chilima’s convoy.

    President Mutharika and his running mate Atupele Muluzi have condemned violenve

Chilima and his opposition Tonse Alliance partners were canvassing for votes in the Lhomwe belt ahead of the forthcoming presidential re-run when their convoy was accosted by suspected political thugs who pelted the cars with stones, resulting in injuries to some members of the media who were part of the convoy.

In a statement released by presidential spokesman Mgeme Kalilani, Mutharika also roped in political violence that took place at Nsundwe a couple of days ago alongside the Phalombe saga.

“The President is informed that community members from Nsundwe who recently defected from the Malawi Congress Party and joined the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) are being displaced from their homes. Some have had their houses destroyed and are being chased from the community for choosing to support the Democratic Progressive Party. Such behaviour is barbaric,” says Mutharika in the statement.

Mutharika noted that political violence has no place in a democracy and it should be condemned in the strongest terms. 

“While on the same matter, the President would like to also register his disappointment with the conduct of opposition political party leaders in relation to political violence and hate speech in the country,” he says.

Mutharika, who has been conspicuously missing on the campaign trail due to reported self-isolation over coronavirus precaution, further blamed opposition leaders for fanning political violence.

“The political violence in Phalombe and Mulanje on Friday comes on the background of opposition party leaders and their supporters celebrating and praising the violence opposition-sponsored hoodlums inflicted on innocent Democratic Progressive Party supporters who were innocently escorting the President’s convoy in Ndirande Township recently. 

“Further, the political violence in Mulanje and Phalombe comes against a background of irresponsible verbal attacks on prominent personalities and some tribes in the country at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre by senior members of the so-called Tonse Alliance.  Such conduct is inflammatory and irresponsible. It must stop.”

Mutharika called on politicians to be responsible with their utterances and avoid deliberately insulting and provoking other people in the name of doing politics.

“As a true democrat, Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika reiterates that our politics and political campaigns should be issue based. It should be devoid of hate speech, tribal profiling and personal attacks. Politics is supposed to be a competition of policies and ideologies, not otherwise.

“Finally, the President would like to emphasize that he strongly condemns violence in whatever form. His Excellency, Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika is calling upon the police to investigate all cases of violence and make sure that all those perpetrating violence in the name of politics are brought to book,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, Muluzi has also joined Mutharika in condemning the violence. 

“I would like to join His Excellency the State President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika in condemning all forms of political violence as we head towards fresh Presidential elections this year. Whether it is hate speeches, heckling of opponents, spreading disinformation to incite hate, or it is physical violence against those of a different political allegiance, it has no place in our beautiful Malawi. We appeal for tolerance and an issue based campaign,” the UDF leader said.

He added: “His Excellency President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has consistently stated that If Malawi, is to flourish as a nation, we must remain united as One people and remain tolerant of each other’s views. That means that we, the political leaders, must listen and hear all points of view regardless of where they come from. That cannot be achieved unless we are tolerant and respectful of all our brothers and sisters. 

“I trust that the aggressors of violence will be brought to justice and we must ensure that as we all move towards the elections, we work harder together to uphold the rule of law and maintain a peaceful Malawi.”

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Madando Tippex
Madando Tippex
10 months ago

The sooner this stupid old drunkard old man goes the better.

Mangochi Kabwafu
Mangochi Kabwafu
10 months ago

Useless old man and his mwana wa mbava running mate.

10 months ago

‘CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME’ goes one of the idioms of English. President Donald Trump has raised up what others envy as a well disciplined family unit with most of his children as good examples of respect for family values. The point is often the children’s behaviour are a reflection of their family values in the home. My observation seem to point to the fact that more fierce political violence has been occurring in the home areas of certain politicians or wards and constituencies which are home areas of certain politicians. While some irresponsible campaign utterances may have added fuel to… Read more »

Malawi belong to the citizens

Munthalika you have been failing to tell DPP cadets to stop violence.After your party petrol bombed UTM office did you condem that too.Nanu mufuna mavotes mumadera ena osayiwalatu,pajatu ndi 50+1% to win.So far you got less than 38 % and opposition together has more than that.Dpp is a violence party, you just blame Opposition always.For how long violence has been happening that you kept quiet.President wa tulo ngati inu sindinamuonepo. My question is how many UTM Cars your cadets have destroyed so far and how many cars other parties have destroyed belong to your party DPP? Truth should be told… Read more »

10 months ago

After reading the article header, I said here is a president who has now started condemning violence. However, reading through part of the article I was disappointed to read the accused has suddenly turned accuser.
Didn’t complete reading the article.

Mangochi Kabwafu
Mangochi Kabwafu
10 months ago
Reply to  Mtete

Waste of time trying to finish it.

The Sage
The Sage
10 months ago

Musamakane Mutharika.
Peter is the one sending his stooges. Even after this, he still blames the opposition. Useless man

Destroyer of liars
10 months ago

Atupele is condemning the violence that happened in Phalombe and Mulanje because he is scared that what happened to the Tonse Alliance in those two places will surely happen to him in the central and northern regions. Just wait if the DPP and UDF alliance will have a peaceful campaign in these two regions, especially in North Korea.

10 months ago

u said de truth and today i have comfirmed

Mr Truth Pains
10 months ago

No arrest up to now of Mulanje Saga but Ndirande and Nsundwe saga you were quick to act. The next morning we heard that a number of individuals were arrested in both Nsundwe and Ndirande but not Phalombe and Mulanje. That’s why we are saying this country is on Autopilot . The so called president is quite asleep and not leading the nation . Fake professor of Law or may be he has started loosing his thinking capacity due to Old Age. Mentality of Muntharika is at low level now. The man is too old to govern and control the… Read more »

Friend of rifles
10 months ago

Let me warn you Malawians, shortly you’ll cerebrate the fruits of war planted by your Mouli and Atupex and Dhahusi.
Short sighted leaders who are busy fooling some blind malawians inorder to steal more. Wake-up malawians don’t be myopic.
On another note why don’t you ask yourselves that Mr Bakili muluzu has started campaigning yet you know he’s been silent for quite long due to crimes he committed? Unless you are mad you’ll vote for him and believe me that’ll b the end of DPP and at of

10 months ago

APM always takes time to react to issues I believe this statement is not from him but from Mgeme & his crue posachedwapa CHILUNGAMO chioneka apa amangomuyika mawu mkamwa ndipo zoti wamva za zipolowe izi nditokayika pano APM ali ngati momwe Kamuzu analili mu chaka cha 1992 amachita kumupangila zinthu zosakhala zake

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