Mutharika commissions Mangochi Mlambe One Stop Centre: Outlines development projects for Malawi lakeshore district

President Professor Peter Mutharika Thursday commissioned Mangochi One Stop Public Service Delivery Centre, also known as the Mlambe Centre and promised more development projects in the district.

Official Launch of Mangochi-Mlambe One Stop Service DeliveryCentre in Mangochi prresided over by President Peter Mutharika.-photos by Abel Ikiloni, Mana

President Mutharika being briefed  about Mangochi-Mlambe One Stop Service Delivery Centre

Inside the  Mangochi-Mlambe One Stop Service DeliveryCentre in Mangochi

Official Launch of Mangochi-Mlambe One Stop Service: President  Mutharika signs visitors book.

Mutharika said time had come for the lakeshore district to be developed after being neglected for over three decades for political reasons during the Malawi Congress Party one party rule.

The Mlambe Centre brings together services of Malawi Posts Corporations (MPC), Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services, Department of Immigration and the Registrar General under one roof.

The President described the One Stop Centre as a good concept and that it would ease life of Malawians in Mangochi and Lilongwe where a similar structure has also been established.

“Traditionally, the Mlambe (Baobab) tree is a symbol of togetherness,” said Mutharika. “It is under the Mlambe tree where people gather to interact or sort out whatever differences they may have and in the same vein, the Mlambe Centre brings multiple services at one place to serve people better.”

The Malawi leader said the Mlambe Centre would improve efficiency of public service delivery and that people would not spend too time to access the services as was the case before.

Mutharika said from Mangochi, Blantyre and Mzimba would be the next to have the facility and that the reforms would spread to the rest of the districts in the country.

He, therefore, said apart from the Mlambe Centre, the water treatment plant and the community technical college he commissioned before, there were more projects that government would implement in the district.

“The Liwonde – Mangochi Road will be through by December and we will be constructing the Mangochi – Chilipa Road in phases until it connects to Balaka and Ntcheu,” Mutharika pledged.

“We are also going to construct the Mangochi – Makanjira Road and as I speak now, negotiations are under way with the Chinese Bank for us to get a concessional loan to fund the project,” he added.

On this note, President Mutharika said his government will have completed construction of a total of 510kms of tarmac roads by 2019, a development he said the one party government failed to achieve in three decades.

Earlier, Member of Parliament for Mangochi Central, Dr. Clement Chiwaya asked government to consider upgrading Mangochi to the status of a municipality, to which, the President said he would give feed back after consultations with cabinet.

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Wanangwa Chande Mhone
Wanangwa Chande Mhone

The whole president for a painted building, that makes me wonder how much was used for the launch trip compared to the refurbishment of the old building built by MCP……….


Anzanu akupita kokapanga chitukuko inu munkapita kokawotcha mudzi wathunthu.

Patrick Phiri

APM is saying the real truth. MCP stopped development activities in Mangochi because it’s the home of late Masauko Chipembere. For those who are too young, MCP raised down the whole Moto village in Mangochi. Just like Mangochi, MCP stopped development in the Lower Shire because of Gwanda Chakuamba. In fact, a kithen project which had started at chikwawa Sec Sch before Chakuamba’s arrest, was never completed after the arrest. Never again my brethren.

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Koma inu achawa ndiwobaizikadi mitu. Ma Post Office anapanga design ndi kumanga komwe nthawi ya Kamuzu wina wangopenta zofiira kenako kumanena kuti mcp yalamulira 31 years osapanga chitukuko pamene iye wangopenta ya Kamuzuyo. Ma Post Office wa ali posepose mu Malawi muno. Mbava ndi mbava basi. He is indeed a pathological liar.


This president is funny and has no sense of humour at all! saying neglected for over three decades for political reasons during the Malawi Congress Party one-party rule” well nothing was done for 30 years. We took MCP out of power now for 25Yrs who is to blame apart from UDF, DPP and PP? MCP already set up a lot of things in Mangochi and it is the only part that can develop the district.


Cosmetic reforms on MCP structure built by Kamuzu on 1979.

kaka ni dada

Musamanamizanetu apa, Mangochi inakhala town council nthawi ya MCP, why have you failed to develop it into a city for 25 years of democracy, pa Chitukuko kumayamika Kamuzu anagwira ntchito yayikulu because all the towns we have in Malawi were developed during Kamuzu era, which one is new? Ngakhale nyumba imene ukugonamo iweyo anamanga ndi Kamuzu, apa pokha a president mwawonetsa kuti mudaleka kuganiza ngakhale mwana atha kukusekani. My advice to you, start now to promote dzina la Kamuzu, chifukwa anthu wambafe tikukuwonani kuti ndinu olephera kuyelekeza ndi m’bale wanu Bingu.


Koma Mombera University ndi TTC ku Rumphi sakunenapo. Zo loncha loncha izi zichepe. Anyway, good effort though if done under campaign gymic, walemba mmadzi.


Whilst the One Stop Centre is commendable I still don’t understand why, in this day and age, a designer/architect would put on paper such a hideous design and building. This is 21st century and not 19th century. The building already looks like a badly constructed antique structure. As Malawians we need to leapfrog our thinking to the 4th Industrial Revolution. The building just looks ugly and there’s no other way to describe it.


In fact its the same MCP he’s busy castigating who built the building now called mlambe center, and if I may ask mwati 30 years tarmac sanafike 510 kms?mmmm ndadabwa ine just do your part we will remember you for that but 2019 someone must continue from there mwatopa inu.


Can someone please paint me a picture here, did the president said a total of 510km of tarred road in 4years? And he calls that a massive development? Do these people really know that atleast a quarter of Malawi’s population travels all over the world and they see developments in countries where their presidents don’t even see it fit to mention on rallies; what’s wrong with leaders in poor countries?


Martin, your right the president is fond of giving himself a credit on road network ,my friend 510 km in 4 years is pea nuts to be proud of. Look @ his fellow Botswana president serase khama have constricted 11,000 km in ten years meaning in 5 years he managed to construct 7000km. Aaaaaaa akutipusisaaaaa awa a DPP kubaaaaaa basiiii

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Chi building ndichakale chinamangidwaso nthawi ya Kamuzu. Pitala wangopenta zofiira kuti iwoneke ngati yatsopano. Koma achawa akuMangochi simukuwona zimenezi? Mumene amayika myala apeza kuti akulephera kumanga ndiye wayitulukira yopenta manyumba akale kuti aziti akupanga chitukuko.

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