Mutharika mocks Kamlepo, ‘abduct 7 Cashgate  ministers’: Malawi leader insists no sacred cows in fight against corruption

President Peter Mutharika on Sunday asked Malawians who knows names of seven ministers implicated in the looting of almost K236 billion from government coffers to abduct them.

Mutharika has declared that there are no sacred cows in the fight against corruption.

Mutharika said this during the official installation of Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa of the Lhomwe tribe in Thyolo.

The President challenged his critics for his stance on the fight against graft, that none of his Cabinet ministers are mentioned in the K236 billion forensic audit report covering the period between 2009 and 2014.

“On issues concerning  seven cashgate ministers, I have been demanding the names but no avail. I therefore tell you to abduct those ministers and arrest them with a orange  or green ropes and then dump them at Lilongwe roundabout,” said Mutharika.

Apparently,  Mutharika was  mocking  the vibrant Rumphi East la maker, Kamlepo Kaluwa who claimed that he has the names of  “rotten” ministers and was the one who claimed ti have been abducted and was found with blue ropes at Kwacha roundabout in Blantyre recently.

Kaluwa argues that government and police staged his abduction while the Malawi Police said it was a self-abduction.

On corruption, President Mutharika said his his government is or will not shield  anyone involved in the plundering of government resources.

He said his government has doubled the 2017-2018 budget allocation to the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) to show its commitment in ending corruption in the country.

Mutharika said  corruption is a problem in all sectors and not only  in government.

“I know that corruption is in every institution including Churches, media houses, CSOs among others,” he added.

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we are not serious muzavote ndi kuika mmipando anu asabawo dont be cheated DPP izawinanso i have never seen chipani chili mboma nkukhala 100% not in Malawi

chiphafuphafu wa bwengu

Atumbuka mwamvaaa?

Do the needful inu a mbwenumbwenu please. Name the ministers and drag them to court. Or else, shut your rotten mouths up. Fuck off your fingers from your black asses imwe wa mpoto.

nkanyiso mngwengwe

bwampini tsopano!! akuti kuwawitsa????


Media, CSOs and Churches (in that order) are topping the list of corrupt institutions in Malawi. The problem is that they are not auditted publicly.


The media,CSOs and Churches do not use PUBLIC FUNDS from taxes payers..The public eye and interest is more on public funds…Leave them alone and their members to check them out.Its none of public business..


Childish response and argument. They receive donations or grants on behalf of Malawians for the service delivery. Self enrichment using the funds is corruption.

sayimoni bayisikolo

There is no any substance in this what oldman is talking.He thinks all Malawians are daft. People are watching.Politics yake chimidzichimidzi yachikalekale akumakangana ndi mzimayi uyu ochitinsanso manyazi akubisala ku Soweto Joyce Nabetha.We need youngmen like the Macrons oti sanakhale ndi chipani koma kuphaphalitsa ma vote koopsya.We want all thieves to be arrested in your party than wasting time burning govt offices to hide evidence.Malawians are fed up with cheap politics.At least kamlepo could stand to Kamuzu while your hiding in some boltholes.Leave Kamlepo alone ngati zinthu zakukanikani.Kamlepo is not the president who is failing malawians bigtime.

chatonda Mvula
Dear Malawians, Please find here below the true list of Ministers involved in the corruption saga in Malawi with the president being quoted: Please read and then find out if what the president is telling Malawians makes any sense. thank you. Here is the article with a list: Malawi Ministers named in list of cashgate shame: Chaponda, Mussa, Goodall August 25, 2016 Wanga Gwede – Nyasa Times 47 Comments A write-up believed to be authored by President Peter Mutharika’s close relation, Chimwemwe Kajawa which has gone viral on social media and messenger sharing apps has revealed the involvement of the… Read more »
Kanthu Ako!!

This shows hoe dull we Malawians are.

This idiot starts with find below the true list, and has no list.

You read the whole thing and there are no 7 names, and Malawians expect to be takes seriously.

Chilungamo Chimawawa

Okay guys tithane nawo a china Chaponda basi. nanga si president walamula yekha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kamlepo is a politician by calling. A great son of Malawi, a statesman, a hero….you cant bring him down

Natty Prince

lnno that corruption is in every institution hahahaha misitara purezideti

Muthalika behaves like a chimpazee who who wonders while is in the same garden. Malawi shall never progress from 2014 to 2019 until Muthalika is out of power we shall see glory in the country. This is the worst president ,Malawi had ever had the decades now. If you are not shielding any one where is George Chaponda who was found with huge sums of money in his house. But you arrested a Malawian with MK1million at the airport which she wanted to buy products for her business. Let me tell you Pitala you are very useless president and not… Read more »

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