Naked nepotism: Macra boss recruits Minister Nankhumwa’s cousin

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) Director General Godfrey Redson Itaye has handpicked two cousins to governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) strongman Kondwani Nankhumwa, who despite moving to Local Government, still calls the shots at the communications regulatory body.

Dan Datchi, a direct cousin to Nankhumwa

Impromptu interviews were called for last week as a cover up where Dan Datchi, a direct cousin to Nankhumwa was handpicked for the position of Revenue Assurance Manager.

A former FDH bank branch manager for Chichiri branch, was the least qualified for the post which required a minimum of a masters degree in finance. Datchi holds a bachelors degree from some indescript diploma mill.

There have been several dubious and irregular recruitments during Itayes tenure at Macra including the hiring of his own nephew Laston Masina, as a driver for Advisor on Digital Migration Benson Tembo, Itaye’s girlfriend Madalitso Banda who was promoted to officer grade without a first degree. She is a receptionist at Macra Lilongwe office.

Itaye, on instructions from Nankhumwa has also hired Human Resources Manger Njobvuyalema, to replace Dalitso Jumbe who is fired for rivarly over a female employee.

Nankhumwa, a former minister of Information and ICT services,  has been dictating policy issues and claiming fat foreign and domestic allowances from Macra, according to documents seen by Nyasa Times.

Itaye who boasts to have direct links to President Peter Mutharika claims he is untouchable.

The Anti-Corruption body has been investigating him over dubious procurement deals in which millions of kwachas are funneled to the ruling DPP, but no action has been taken.

Itaye could not pick his phone but his secretary said her boss was in Lilongwe on official business.

Local government Ministry Muhlabase Mughogho said she could not comment on her minister’s family issues, considering that the Macra recruitment issues involve another ministry.

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Nepotism eni ake ndiatumbuka. Seconded by ife Achewa. Do you remember how our MCP party oppressed these other tribes during Kamuzu? Awa Ahlomwe akuchepera.

Go to Eastern Produce of Malawi (EPM), Illovo, Yoneco, Alliance One, NRWB, Chombe, Ministries, Chanco etc and do headcount to see how many northerners are there.

Keen Observer

Was he the best candidate amongst all who attended the interviews? Is he qualified for the job? If yes then it’s fine but if not then we have got a problem.


Dan Dafchiyo mukumudziwa koma? Funsani National Bank


matenda matenda and matenda. angathe pa mw pano?
what shud we expect ngati ma teenager a kaliati nda dausi ali ku UK mw embassy represing us all. basi ndife osaphuzila kuposa iwo. dzikolooooo. yahaya ndi odinga mm

Indescript Diploma Mill
Indescript Diploma Mill

I know Dan. He was 2gether with my brother at Columbia University which is situated at Malawi Post Corporation and if my memory serves me right he was not taking a finance or accounting course. Ine interview imeneyo ndinapanga nawo koma sananditenge koma ndiri ndi Degree ya Akaunting’i. Ntchito tizipezera chibale basi? Ndakhumudwa heavy.


You ‘claim’ to know Dan. Yes he was at Columbia with your brother. Dan did Strategic Management. If you really know him you could have known that he has other ACCA credentials that we studied together at Malawi College of Accountancy in early 2000.
Mind you Dan was managing a bank and this job of Revenue Assurance is part of what one dies when managing a bank. Please comment when you fully know about someone otherwise taking into account that he was managing a branch for a reputable FDH Bank I don’t see him being falling short of managing this job.


Is FDH reputable bank. It is a political bank. The time DPP will be out of power that will be the end of the Bank. Know your country before you comment. Whatever happens one day DPP will be out of power. You will not rule the forever God side Peter


Revenue assurance in bank? Too much fuckery : just sit down

maganizo wa maganizo



Alomwe at its best. That’s what they know. Try to bankroll DPP for 2019 elections. Munya sitikusiyani mpaka mutatuluka m’boma. Misonkho yathu imeneyo.

The headline of this article Mr Muheya is very good but in your writings, you have failed to establish how is the new officer related to the accused. Bringing in some unnecessary issues like girl friend, driver , HR manager etc defeated the core purpose of the article because you have demonstrated that you have pathological hates among the accused people. You are destroying your future my friend. A sensible person cant call LG ministry PRO to comment on family issues. If the guy has a degree and he has gone through interviews then its fine. Unkafuna kuti alembe mbale… Read more »
Mother Malawi.

I am sick and tired with Macra News. If I were the Chairperson for Macra Board, I would nullify the whole recruitment process and ask the Ant-Graft Body to thoroughly investigate the whole process. Macra is not a personal estate whereby stupid decisions can be made will nilly and with complete disregard of the law. And you mean the CEO is still working despite all those issues that he has been implicated in and continues to do more? I always cry for my beloved Malawi as a country. Kodi paja mwati Macra CEO ndi ndani? Mpakana untouchable? Eiiiiiiiish!!!!


Umbuli ndi matenda. Most people commenting here have never been at a interview panel. It does not necessarily mean that when one has a higher degree then he is an outright winner of an interview. Several things are looked into. Ngati mukuti nepotism, tell me which tribe in Malawi is heavily nepotistic such that if the GM is wakhwithu then everybody even a gardener is supposed to be wakwithu. Inu mukuyesa a Malawi sadziwa?


It’s uttermost stupidity to attack another tribe when this is about Mulhakho. Look at the GMs in Malawi and count how many are from the tribe you are attacking. Foolishness at its best.

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