Non Gamstop Brands: Pros & Cons

If we need to take a time off from gambling we can always resort to GamStop, the UK self-exclusion scheme. But in the given case we feel back in control of our behaviour and want to gamble again, the process of removing self-exclusion even after expiring its period can turn into a daunting process. Live non-GamStop casino sites such as offer that access any time as they aren’t affiliated to the scheme but, how reliable can they really be?

Differences Between GamStop and Non-GamStop Sites

GamStop is a mandatory self-exclusion scheme for UK gambling operators that allows their customers to take a time-off from their habit, especially when it comes from online platforms such as mobile gaming. After filling the register and requesting it for six months, one year or five, it takes less than 24-hours to enter in effect, making users completely unable to create or access their gambling account except to request a fund withdrawal.

Non-GameStop sites are simply not UKGC licensed operators meaning that they don’t have to comply with the self-exclusion scheme although they might offer their own procedures for that matter. This doesn’t mean that they are necessarily illegal sites as many of them are licensed from other regulatory bodies from well-known offshore jurisdictions such as Gibraltar, Malta or Aruba.

These Non GamStop operators can provide you with more benefits than UKCG licensees but at the same time going away from its strict regulation makes them have their downsides.


They are legit sites

While illegal gambling operators appear on the web every day, non GamStop sites have a valid license to operate and address their services to UK gamblers. Like their UKGC licensee’s counterparts’ they must comply at least the minimum requirements from their chosen jurisdiction to obtain their license being one of them, providing a safe and stable service to their customers around the world.

They offer better promotions

Despite gamblers having a 0% levy on their winning, operators must face hefty (21% very soon) plus other fees. In addition, they are restricted by the regulatory body to offer attractive bonuses that can entice people to gamble. Non-GamStop operators are under more flexible jurisdictions regarding taxes and regulations, therefore allowing them to offer more attractive bonuses for customers looking for extra benefits on their deposits,

Diverse payment options

Again, further restrictions In the UK gambling industry limit customers from using other payment options such as credit cards, prepaid cards or even e-wallets as a deposit method. Sites not affiliated to the scheme offer all of them while some even offer cryptocurrencies for faster and discrete payment options.

You don’t need to wait for your self-exclusion to finish

Some of us can rush too much and ask for really long self-exclusion periods when all we need is to take a break from the game. Because the minimum waiting period to remove the self-exclusion form GameStop takes at least six months, plus seven-days more to ensure we are conscious of our request, not everyone can wait for that much. In the case of customers who accidentally requested a self-exclusion, non-GamStop sites offer the option to create an account without getting affected by their star. They can still access these sites without affecting their GamStop status.


You get less protection

Not all jurisdictions offer the same protection as the UK Gambling Commission regarding customer protection. This means that in the worst case you are literally on your own when it is time to make a claim. Since the UKGC is very protective towards the access into its jurisdiction from unlicensed operators that don’t comply with its minimum standards they can get blacklisted leaving you also in the blank making necessary the use of VPNs to prevent that kind of problems.

You will need other services to prevent access to Non-GamStop sites

Although GamStop offers great protection for problem gamblers in recovery is limited to the UK territory. Because Non-GamStop sites come from offshore territories we must resort to other services and tools to enhance our protection when a sheer will is not enough to resist the temptation of a flutter.

Aggressive marketing tactics

Because they don’t have to follow any of the UKGC regulations, non GamStop operators have different marketing practices with some of them bordering unethical. There are reported cases of operators that specifically target GamStop self-excluded gamblers knowing that they are very vulnerable but profitable people because of their problem gambling.

Non-GameStop sites are a great resource for those looking to have an occasional flutter or looking for better promotions to have more fun. But for those looking for something more than a break from gambling, the best advice for them is to take extra measures to keep within self-exclusion, as it only takes one bet to lose all our work towards problem gambling recovery.

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