Odillo trashes Mbendera claims on coup: ‘Malawi army is apolitical’

Malawi Defence Forces (MDF) former commander, General Henry Odillo, has rejected allegations by Chairperson of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Justice Maxon Mbendera that the army were ordered to storm the national tally centre at COMESA hall in Blantyre in order to force the recount of the chaotic May 20 ballot.

Mbendera claimed former president Joyce Banda who had attempted to annul the vote instructed the army to force a recount, saying her action mounted to coup d’état.

But in an interview with Nyasa Times, Odillo dismissed Mbendera’s claims as “unfortunate” and unacceptable.

Despitie handing over over sword of command to General Maulana, Henry Odillo is still on pay roll while at home

Handing over over sword of command to General Maulana, Henry Odillo respects constitutional order

“There were no such directive from the president and that the military presence at the national tally centre was to make sure there was peace and to offer security support,” said Odillo.

He questioned the remarks by MEC chairperson which he described as disturbing, saying that should not have come from a learned judge like Mbendera.

Odillo questioned the motive behind Mbendera’s remarks which has come four months after the elections, saying there should more than meets the eye.

He said it’s not good to point fingers at each other and especially the MDF for what happened during the May elections, stressing there is no grain of truth in what Mbendera said.

Odillo maintained Mbendera’s claims were unfortunate and complete falsehood.

The May 20 elections were riddled with a variety of irregularities and violence that in some instances led to postponement of polling in some centres in Blantyre and Lilongwe.

The situation led to the extension of the voting beyond a single day and delay by MEC to announce official results.

President Peter Mutharika, who won the controversial May elections, fired Odillo as head of the army.

Odillo is held in high esteem for “leading the Malawi army to defend the Constitution” after Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) orchestrated a failed “constitutional coup d’état” following the death of Bingu wa Mutharika in April 2012.

Cabinet ministers reportedly convened a meeting without the then Vice President Joyce Banda immediately after Mutharika’s death and plotted to prevent Mrs Banda, the vice-president, from taking over and to thrust the late president’s brother, Peter, into power in her stead.

Six ministers– Patricia Kaliati, Simon Vuwa Kaunda, Dr. Jean Kalilani, Henry Mussa, Nicholas Dausi and Kondwani Nakhumwa–dubbed ‘Midnight 6’,  held a news conference in the dead of the night on April 6  2012 on state MBC  television, telling the nation that the Vice President had no authority to act as president.

Odillo told a commission of inquiry that Mutharika had asked the army to take over power.

On 7 April 2012, when Mutharika’s death could no longer be hidden, Malawi’s Cabinet sought a court order to block Joyce Banda from taking over as President.

But Malawi army chief backed the constitutional order and stationed troops around Banda’s house to allow her take over power.

Mutharika‘s treason case on the matter was dropped after winning the presidency as he is immune to criminal prosecution.

Odillo is still on pay roll while at home after his purge from the Malawi army.

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jemba jemba kapachika
jemba jemba kapachika

waa ndiwe chitsiru taona zomwe walemba mbuli iwe etii zosamveka ngati izo pa nyi ni pa mako nga english ikuvuta lemba chilome pan yo


I did not think That Mbendera was such an a**hole. This idiot of a man should go f*** the monkey


I had respect for Mbendera, but I can see that he is another buffoon with a head full of ma blackberry. What was he trying to look for favours from Muthalika? This Judas Iscariot should be ashamed of himself big time.

Openya Zipenyani

A Odillo mumaziyesa shasha inu ndi Amayi ndiye game ndi imeneyi. Osabwebwetuka with useless defences here. Anthu odziwa za malamulo akuyiwunika nkhaniyi to see if you and Amayi have a case to answer lol! Zachitika izi dala kuti apherelezere mawu a m’buku loyera oti ‘ Ogwiritsa ntchito lupanga, adzafanso ndi lupanga lomwelo’ Pamenepa inu a Odillo ngati katakwe wa Lupanga mukuti bwanji? kkkkk


had it been he attached peter you would have made a hero. I thought he better placed to tell the truth and now the truth has been said you are calling names. Malawis educated people are indeed foolish. anthu opezera ma certificate kudzela mmalikasa kunyoza kwambiri. you don’t have facts but kutukwana. analyse what judge has said argue basing on what he said and bring solutions


Odillo is the man of people, akanakhala a Mbendera aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!


A Mbendera munatha nsuzi tsiku lomwe lija munalengeza ma results abodza lija. anything coming out of your mounth is rubish since then. you better keep qiute to save your diginity.


Mbendera akufuna kuwapachikitsa a mai pa ntanda. Mbendera munthu oipa anandibetsera voti yanga…. Amai ndiri nanu ngangaaaaaah


most of the times when some body did something wrong he acts in this manner trying to defend himsef so that he may be trust in his mind Mr Mbendera knows the truth but it shall come to pass as the scripture says in mark 4 v24,the same rules you use to judge others will be used by GOD to judge u,mr mbendera fear God dont shed blood bcoz of ur greedy

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